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PokerStars Zoom Poker Beta **OFFICIAL DISCUSSION**

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  • PokerStars Zoom Poker Beta **OFFICIAL DISCUSSION**

    Try the Beta Version of Zoom Poker

    Zoom poker is our new, fast-paced ring game format. It’s just like your favorite poker games, except your opponents change every hand. This is because you are playing against a pool of players rather than a fixed set of opponents on a single table.

    When you fold in Zoom you are immediately moved to a hand at a new table. You can fold at any point in the hand when you are facing a bet. You can even click the ‘Fast Fold’ button, which allows you to fold when it is not yet your turn to act. This greatly speeds up the action, because you can move on to the next hand before everyone else finishes playing their hand.

    The beta version is available for you to try now. You can find Zoom tables under the new ‘Zoom’ tab in the PokerStars game software. Simply choose the stakes you want to play and you’ll be dealt in.

    More on How Zoom Works:

    * Choose your game and stake level in the Zoom lobby, located under the ‘Zoom’ tab. Click ‘Join Game’ to get started.

    * You’ll be asked to choose your buy-in amount and the number of tables you would like to play. Zoom is much faster than our regular tables, so we recommend you start with just one. When you get more comfortable, you can join up to four Zoom tables at once.

    * When you click OK, you will be randomly seated with a set of players from your chosen game. Your first hand will usually be from the big blind. For every subsequent hand you will be seated randomly.

    * If at any time you don’t want to play your hand, and you are not facing a bet (i.e. you have an option to check) then use the ‘Fast Fold’ button to fold instantly. If you clicked ‘Fast Fold’, or fold at any other point in the hand, you will instantly be dealt into a new hand, with new opponents.

    * Players are seated randomly for each hand, and the blinds are then set depending on who among the players has been the big blind least often.

    * You can also watch the end of a hand by holding the CTRL key when you the click Fold button. If you use ‘Fast Fold’ however, you will be unable to remain on that table and watch the end of the hand (the ‘Fast Fold’ button is specifically there to move you quickly to another table).

    * There are also options available to try different Zoom table animations. You can find these by clicking ‘Options’ > ‘Table Display Options’ > ‘Zoom Animation’.

    Initially Zoom will only be offered in ring games for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, at certain stakes only. Further stakes, game types and tournaments may be added in the future.

    Player Feedback

    PokerStars is always keen to improve new game features by listening to your feedback. Therefore please let us know if you experience any issues while playing Zoom, or if you have any comments. Simply contact with your feedback.
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    This isn't a NEW idea, Full Tilt had RUSH Poker up and running for over a year before Black Friday, exactly the same concept.
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      This type of game is for Gamblers only.

      If you don't go to showdown, you don't get to see the result of the hand.

      You are unable to get reads on opponents, as you are at a different table each hand.

      Lots of players play shove or fold, makes the Astronomer freerolls in the earlier stages, look like regular Poker.

      Just three of the drawbacks of this type of game.
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        Originally posted by Bill Curran View Post
        This isn't a NEW idea, Full Tilt had RUSH Poker up and running for over a year before Black Friday, exactly the same concept.
        Nice to see that Stars/,in their never-ending quest to improve things here for the sake of the players and the sake of the players only, are now lifting their ideas from a site that has such a stellar record of doing the same. umbup:


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          I enjoyed this style of poker, as it allowed me to play TAG without having to wait for a lot of hands to finish. As the table rotate on a fill up basis from a player pool you do see same faces again, although not as often as a normal table. Yes this does make it hard to get a read on a player and the same is true of them getting a read on you.

          I know a lot of poker players feel a hud is cheating but Poker tracker did adapt their hud to read the fast RUSH tables and I'm sure will do so for Zoom too.

          At the end of the day as with any kind of poker if its not for you don't play.

          Grade b
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          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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            It is what it is. Meh.

            It's pokerstars using business information from a defunct rival that was seemingly a good way to drag players into faster play/faster rake.

            I don't like the look of it - I won't play it unless and until I can find a way to exploit it and be profitable - just like any other poker game.

            What I don't really get is - why should this be promoted in PokerSchoolOnline before it is even available. It's not as if the people here who take the game seriously are chomping at the bit to get into this type of scenario.

            Until the school teaches me how to win cash from this game I will bide my time.

            When I know how to exploit it - fine - bring it on.

            Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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              I'm hoping the site puts this game onto the play money side too. For those who play for real cash, the play money side might offer players the experience without the losses. Best of all, you could learn how to exploit this style of play.


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                great way to generate rake and that s about it
                gl y all

                ps did like it when i knew nothing
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                  I'm sure I'll be spewing a few dollars on this. I loved playing a similar game on another site... However, my favorite was the "R*sh" tourney with multiple entries.

                  I hope Pokerstars is considering a tourney version of ZOOM poker as well.

                  PS: I hope the name "ZOOM" is just a working title, too! I know you marketing gurus can come up with something more appealing. Warp, Blitz, Hyper, clickfest, anything. Even better, make a protional competition out of it...

                  I'll be playing either way

                  Roland GTX


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                    Originally posted by EdinFreeMan View Post
                    Until the school teaches me how to win cash from this game I will bide my time.
                    As someone who played several hundred thousand hands of Rush when it first came out, I can probably put together a class to address the differences between Zoom and regular tables. I have tried the test version of Zoom and it plays the same.

                    It's not entirely true that you can't get reads, but it definitely helps to have a HUD if you're playing above 10NL. I'll address that in the training.

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                      I've never understood why people get upitty when they think that a poker site is trying to generate revenue. IT'S A BUSINESS!!!! OF COURSE they're trying to generate revenue. And Clearly Rush poker was a popular feature on Tilt, as I'm sure ZOOM will be on PS.

                      I might give it a shot for kicks here and there, but it's probably not going to be my cup of tea. But still, to all those that do like it, then I'm glad PS is catering to them. I WANT Pokerstars to generate revenu! Cuz if they DON'T they we'll be in the same boat as all the Tilt players!!!!

                      Anyway, just my 2 cents.


                      • #12
                        Since I never had a chance to play FTPs version I really cant speak on if I am looking forward to this or not.
                        I do worry that this might kill the normal cash games to a extent.My real worry is that VPPs are going to be worth less in the zoom format,which would really suck. Im hoping the rake changes couple months back where Stars just thinking ahead. To tell the truth I thought this might have been the case back then. Knowing they would have to win the player base back,they would need to release something big and nothing is bigger than this.

                        Look forward to that class Dave as I am sure there are some tricks to it.


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                          zoom zoom zoom easy comes easy goes for my vpp's this is goodumbup:


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                            Do they have this for only NL? Or all variants of poker?
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                              Originally posted by pokerstar671 View Post
                              Do they have this for only NL? Or all variants of poker?
                              Originally posted by CannonLee View Post
                              Zoom Poker – Coming Soon! You’ll find a list of Zoom game ‘groups’ in the PokerStars lobby. Each group will show the game (e.g. Hold’em), the stakes (e.g. $0.25/0.50) and other info. Stay tuned for more details.
                              When it's rolled out check the 'game groups' in the lobby. Raiser umbup:



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