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Tourneys broken?

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  • Tourneys broken?

    I registered for the 10am EST 100K Depositors Freeroll today, and when the tourney began all players were marked as sitting out and they are all sitting out still, so everyone is just folding around the table. I noticed this is happening in a lot of tourneys that just started. I'd be pissed if I paid a buy in and this happened.

    I tried logging out and back in, and now I can't even log into the client anymore.

    Something is wrong for sure.

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    it's working for some, not for us canadians tho
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      Same here. My prem game i got disconnected and cant log back in. The game is still playing though
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        I tried to open the cashier but it wouldn't open, so I restarted the client and I can't log in either. Hope they fix it quickly. ....


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          you can log back in, takes a few min. tho

          l'm watching them take our chips....hiccup

          it's most likely for my own good

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            is this the latest improvement ?
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              same here in few min i will be blinded out


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                cash games are effected too,

                i'm reluctant to enter anything without news,

                any official know something we don't ?
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                  I did see a moderator in chat say that due to internet routing issues some people are having trouble logging in.


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                    Now in the 100K freeroll, I am seeing some disconnected players being "treated as All in" when they fail to reconnect. One guy has over 2000 chips and it says "All in" for him even though he has put no chips in the pot. He still has his cards too. Not sure why this is happening, usually disconnected players go to sitting out status when they fail to reconnect.


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                      Im having alot of the same issues, no problem earlier today, played for a few hours but had to leave, so signed out for a while..

                      Cant get back in now though...

                      Has any one emailed support??

                      I started a thread about the same issue then found this one, lol, ooppsss



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                        Yes, I emailed support and this is their reply:


                        Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

                        PokerStars is currently experiencing some problems with players logging in,
                        create accounts, review their cashier, amongst others. We are reviewing the
                        situation and we hope to have this fixed shortly.

                        We will be considering refunds for materially affected players. "Materially
                        affected" means you missed a considerable number of hands and lost a
                        significant portion of your chip stack due to blinds and antes. If you
                        believe you were materially affected by this issue, please email us with the
                        following subject line:

                        "REFUND: T#_________, $X+Y, User ID"

                        Where "________" is the Tournament ID, "X+Y" is the buy-in of the
                        tournament, and "USERID" is your PokerStars User ID.

                        For example, "REFUND: T#123456780, $20 + 2, KidJoker"

                        For multiple tournament refund requests, please note additional tournaments
                        in the text of your email. For example:

                        T#123456780, $20 + 2
                        T#123456781, $10 + 1,
                        T#123456782, $50 + 5

                        If you do not know the Tournament ID, you can find it in the PokerStars
                        software using the playing audit feature (if it does not work at this
                        moment, you can review it later on when the issue has been resolved). From
                        the PokerStars Lobby screen, select:

                        'Requests -> Playing History Audit...'

                        Please also be aware that your refund request may take a few days to be

                        We appreciate your patience and understanding.

                        Kind regards,

                        PokerStars Support Team


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                          ................................. and of course PSO Network won't come in and say something


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                            same here

                            was playing in the daily big 5.50 couldnt bet when clicking buttons
                            so i restarted comp thinking it was just lagging
                            cant log back in since then


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Sandtrap777 View Post
                              ................................. and of course PSO Network won't come in and say something
                              Hi Sand,

                              People should keep a record of date, time, tournament id just in case you have any further problems.

                              As for the log-in issue I have already replied here.





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