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Answers are needed.

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  • Answers are needed.

    this "New PSO" is starting to really piss me off.

    I'll post this, but not sure how many times I'm going to have to rewrite it (someone watching every move I make here, making sure I don't cause a backlashing from others to PSO.

    whoever runs this joint, needs to start taking the responsibility, and the flack that comes with the job, instead of making others do the dirty work,while they take off for Poker tourneys half way around the world.

    I'm also getting sick of the lack of respect and dignity which the admin here displays.

    It's a known fact here, that PSO will sidestep any and all controversial decisions, as it's "none of our business". WAKE UP PSO ADMIN , THIS IS A FORUM, NOT YOUR PERSONAL PLAYGROUND TO SCREW WITH MEMBERS ON A DAILY BASIS.

    Getting rid of the best your team has to offer??, another boob move IMO.

    I've had 1 foot out the door here for a while, only to bring it back in because of Mods like Dan, wish I had the cash, I'd start my own damned forum, and let a real man like Dano run it.

    I'd guarantee you'd see a flocking of other members to the site, probably 80% of the real difference makers here would up and go.

    Leaving me this Question to myself.

    How many more: members, All-star mods, or Trainers do you replace before we all decide to follow them elsewhere, leaving only the "modbots" and the Euros?? (whose economy is going down the tubes).

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    l'm still in shock......just don't know what to think

    1st joe quits, or did he? one the fairest mods out there,

    than they axe dano, you could not have a better employee/person out there,

    just maybe because they are from the us, making room for there friends maybe?

    Yes this is me thinking, not knowing for sure,

    But these moves have me wondering,

    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

    7 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Stake speaks the...

      5 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Alright guys,

        thanks for your opinion and feedback, it's appreciated! I will *close* this thread anyhow, because there is already another Feedback Thread and this is simply not a constructive criticism. As I've announced before changes are coming and you might not like everything but we are all working very hard to improve this place and offer you more service/value in the end.

        On a personal note:
        Even when I am on vacation I generally work my normal time, no difference between being on Bahamas, Vegas, NYC or my hometown.

        Thanks for being part @ PSO.




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