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Multi-accounters on pso !!!

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  • Multi-accounters on pso !!!

    Here are some from 5:00PM PSO:




    jimbolang(all Canada)


    kolobok362 (russia)
    kolobok8052 (russia)

    This is just a sample of the idiocy going on via PSO and out there in the Pokerstars community in general.

    It is unreal to me that there is not one staff member of PSO or Pokerstars that handles multi-accounting.

    Hire me, I will gladly get these pieces of crap of the system. It is unfair to anyone who just has one account, it is unfair especially in Cash Ring Games if these players are sitting two or higher to a single table with mulitple computers.

    Seriously, can PSO and Pokerstars do something about this. I have another post in here with a guy playing 7 ACCOUNTS in one PSO event. 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When i first started playing $250 NZ nightly giveaway Pre joining PSO, there was A top NZ police officer (by insignia in Avatar), Same Avatar but diff ID names ( 2 accounts i seen, diff times/tables same avatar), I didn't record it as i didn't know PS Rulz then. (in'till i read them later) he may have not done too, who knows Point is some people of all walk's life do it (if they do by not understanding/read rulz or do it to ripoff PS & players (premeditated) ), All Thee Bestumbup: ♠♦HighTimes♥♣
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      how on earth does a player with 2 accounts register twice for the 5pm game, when some regulars here can't get on once?

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      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        Hi Skiny, As always players vigilance on these matters are very important and welcome. Any suspicions of multi-accounts users should always be reported to and I'd encourage you to do so. Regards, Raiser umbup:


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          I am sure they have configured multiple computers, or multiple sessions somehow.

          Any member that ever states they cannot register to these is not being truthful. If you are at the screen with it up at X:44, and click the second the bar appears, it is almost impossible to not be registered.

          I think what is more likely is that the people that cannot get in, are trying to do so after X:45 and, well, that just doesn't work most days.

          I have never, not once, NOT been able to register. Never. And I am over I think 300 of these now.

          The key is X:44, not X:45........

          But if PSO and PStars cracked down on multi-accounters, imagine all the free space that would create? On my off wek in February, I am going to compile an Excel sheet of all the ones in that Weeks Open Games. It will be in the hundreds if not thousands, book it.


          Deaner, the new Multi-Accounter Police since there isn't one.


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            I have a template that I adjust after the start of the 6am (uk) game EVERY morning. Support are so used to it I think they'd email me if it didn't arrive by 6.30am


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              Oh. And have a look at "thinkxxxx" in the upcoming game


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                Good on ya Dark, I just sent a list of over 100.

                Got to go get ready for this last Open, I need about 350th or better to sneak into top 80 I think !!!

                GL man to you and Ed !!!


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                  51 minutes since I sent security an email about the mutli accounter


                  with a header that said --- LIVE NOW

                  No response, and he is still playing, WITH THE SAME AVATAR !!!!!

                  Why not have a live security agent instead of a useless chat moderator ??


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                    Dman, I reported think#1294 Mexico

                    Did this last week.

                    Yeah, P.S. should hire a few of us.

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