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General feedback thread: Let's improve pso together!

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  • General feedback thread: Let's improve pso together!

    Hello everyone,

    as a few people are posting feedback all over the place I think it's time to create a feedback thread to collect all of your opinions and ideas on how to improve PSO!

    We will read and evaluate all of your ideas/comments as long as they are constructive. So please go ahead and post inside this thread instead all over the place.

    Let's improve PSO together!

    Thanks a lot,

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    Originally posted by PSOGefallener View Post
    Hello everyone,

    as a few people are posting feedback all over the place I think it's time to create a feedback thread to collect all of your opinions and ideas on how to improve PSO!

    We will read and evaluate all of your ideas/comments as long as they are constructive. So please go ahead and post inside this thread instead all over the place.

    Let's improve PSO together!

    Thanks a lot,
    Sorry, dude. You're well over a year late on this.

    There was a prior feedback thread that was routinely ignored.

    Why would this one be any different?

    Hey, maybe PSO members HAVE learned something...

    We've learned that when we have a problem, we have to make sure we voice it "all over the place."


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      Hi mcrissinger,

      sorry to hear about the old feedback thread but I haven't been here last year and we simply should give it another try. When you are posting things "all over the place" there is simply no way we can evaluate your feedback and discuss it with higher management.

      If you want to improve PSO please take your time and word your feedback in a mannered and constructive way inside this thread. It will be read and discussed internally.

      Thanks a lot,


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        ok 1st Is this for real this time? I posted in the PSO support thread in a constructive manner. Should I now re-post it here so it can be heard or since it's a sticky are you going to go there and respond as well? If I do need to re-post should I just post links to the original or should I paste it here and actually make a duplicate post? Also, is this just for the PSO forum or are you taking replies about improvements all together and if not are there any plans of someone re-doing that sticky also. And lastly, what about suggestions that would involve both the PSO and/on Pokerstars? Could those be addressed here too? I look forward to your response. evil:
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          Originally posted by PSOGefallener
          It's my job to improve the PSO forum quality and I will invest a lot of effort to evaluate your feedback and discuss it internally.
          I really think it would help to make discussions less internal. Not really knowing the people who run the place is one of the things that makes community members feel alienated, and I think there'd be more respect for the work that PSO's admin does if it people could see it being done. I recall that Joe and Brian got a lot of heat in the forums when the majority of their posts were warnings and thread closures, but they seem to have more respect in the forums now that the majority of their posts are more on the level of other PSO members.


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            Hey joker,

            thanks for your questions:

            1.) It would be awesome when you could provide links to the postings I may have misssed.
            2.) Feel free to post any feedback of the whole pso site.
            3.) For suggestions regarding PokerStars you are better advised to email directly to PokerStars, but we are also featuring a PokerStars Discussion forum.



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              OK Chris I understand that this will make me the odd ball of the group but after being up playing cash poker since yesterday morning I'm feeling generous. Let's discuss ways that the PSO and Pokerstars could retain more of the American base that they have left. Will have to admit that last June would have been wiser and that you've lost a lot of them already because I see them on the other sites I play at. I made a suggestion that the PSO and Pokerstars would benefit from this because when Americans are allowed to play again the more of us that you had retained would equate to less work building this base back up. So my 1st suggestion was to lift the restrictions placed for attending live session and playing videos. I will confess to you that I am fully aware of an easy way for all Americans to do these things already and without being a member of the PSO or Pokerstars so I see no point in these restrictions. Further more it is unjust to say we need VPPs while knowing that acquiring these are impossible for Americans at the moment. To say that we can when we come back is even more of an insult to us because why would we want to wait an indefinite time period for this when there is a simple solution to get around these restrictions. Play chip games and learning is all we have here and to be honest with you I have no desires to become a play chip millionaire when I could be applying these lessons to actual cash games. Even though they wouldn't be played here our loyalties would remain here as most of us have come to think of this place as our home. My second suggestion is about the PSO having fun play chip MTTs just for PSO members without any league involved so we Americans can play a large tourney with the rest of the members here as we did before Black Friday. We have made a lot of friends through the PSO skill league and it would be an appreciated gesture if we could do so again. You see it's my belief that if these other sites that Americans are going to become more popular the non-American friends who miss us will start to follow us to these other sites just to play with us. I know this to be true because I have seen it already multiple times so by not having this it could not only cost you the American base but it could also diminish your non-American base resulting in more losses of rake. My last suggestion for this post is for the PSO or Pokerstars to make an American only play chip MTT that would include add chips to the prize pool because.... well hell man if we're going to play playchip games then the least that could be done is help us all become play chip millionaires. P.S. when this new thread is made for the Pokerstars suggestions could someone from Pokerstars regularly check in to give an answer instead of the way it is now which to me just seems as if it's being ignored? evil:
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                Just for you PSOGefallener


                The fact that if everyone in the league got to play only 1 a day, there would still be a shortfall of at least 48,000 + players that won't get in. How is this fair??

                Its not possible for every player to even play 30 games, let alone be competitive(for top 50 payouts). You're bright, do the math!

                10,000 x 6 x 30 days=1,800,000 spots in tourneys

                100,000 players x 30 games=3,000,000 spots needed for every player to play 30 tourneys

                Read more: <45 seconds PSO - Page 2 - PokerSchoolOnline Forum
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                  Originally posted by PSOGefallener
                  Hello, @Santrap: Please don't forget that I am living in a different timezone then you might. When you posted your questions I had dinner and went to bed straight after. It's also weekend right now and even tough I am working 7 days a week I also need some time for my stuff. Regarding promotions: Every community has it's own specific and some global promotions. Right now we've introduced the Member of the Month and the Knockout Tournament (which runs tomorrow) for this month. The spanish or italian or german community are featuring their own promotions as they might fit better in those markets. Please stay tuned as we are always working on new exciting promotions. Regards, Christopher
                  Christopher, I understand you living in another time zone and I would expect you not to work on weekends and nights. But since you took the time to go on a thread and respond to Topcat, why not take the time to respond to OTHER threads? I agree that other sites might have their own promotions, but what's wrong in giving us our own PSO promotions? Did you run out of ideas? If you do read other threads, than you would of notice some suggestions and again, if you did read them, it would of been nice of you to acknowledge it. I'm just curious, have you realize this forum as barely any traffic from regular members? (ain't talking about guests) Same for the training sessions? Have you heard about the complaints about how this forum is set up? Why is it that every month there seems to be problems with the leader board? Do you have a team (think tank) or do you dictate? When I mean a team, I'm not talking about the MOD's or the training team. In other words, if an idea is brought to you, do YOU decide, talk about it in a team or give it to someone higher up? I didn't feel like typing it all over again, but why don't you respond to this thread?! Since today is Saturday, I don't expect you to answer, but I do expect answers on Monday, so for now, have a nice weekend umbup:


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                    I was thinking about the open leaue and had some other suggestions that would in part help the problem some playes have.

                    Instead of running a single league run 4 (or 5 ) set out in time blocks (block 1 would run 6pm 8pm 10pm and 12pm games ) block 2 run 2am 4am6amand 8am games And so on.

                    Each member can only compete in one block for the month the one they play in first maybe.

                    That way we can catch differant people in the differant zones or working differant shifts. This would also allow for an increase in players (increased games per day. )

                    then the top 150 200 or so can join the prem league.

                    Just a thought. i would appriciate other members adding to and improving on this idea?


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                      I agree there should be blocks of games and a limit on how many games you can play a day I think a max of 4 games a day is sufficient, what do you all think? also how come we are not allowed to look at anyone from intellis game stats? this is very frustrating, and it gives a feel of us against them instead of a merge, I dont know about the rest of the PSO community but I like to know my opponents, not being able to see there stats hinders that, I think its unfair that they can see what we have done throughout the month in the PSO, but we cant see what they have done


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                        I like PSO so far. I mostly stick to the NLHE bit, especially the hand analysis, but I try it get to as many live training sessions as I can, and I watchy the video archive. I don't always take something away with me, but I just enjoy seeing how others do. The biggest learning point is the hand analysis, both getting them on my hands, as well as dishing them out on other people's hands

                        My big beef here is the way the blog system works. When I started out, I decided to keep a regular blog, and so far I'm doing an avg of about 1 post per 2 days. Unfortunately that sometimes means I have 2 or 3 queued up for approval. Now I get that people don't have the time to do that 24/7, but I do wonder if this is the best way to go at it.

                        How many blog posts do the mods deny? If this is a decent amount, then maybe this is the best way to go. If the number is extremely small, then is it worth the effort? I know I've started keeping the blog offsite too, so they go up when I send em, not 2 days later.

                        Alternative suggestion (but probably hard to set up): a flag or somekind which the mods can change: flag set means blog posts need approval - flag not set means the blogpost gets auto-approved. The mods can then change the flag if a blogger consistently makes posts that get approval without issue.

                        Also, but that may be just me - I find the restriction-jump for videos and live training from 20+ to 150-+ a bit steep. Why such a huge gap? I've been playing about as much as I can this month, and I'm falling short of the 150. Can players at the lower stakes (I'm doing $1.50 buyins) also reach the 150 a month? I'm at 100 SnGs, and only 121 VPPs... But that could be just me...

                        Just my 2 cents

                        keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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                          Easy hit the nail on the head as far as I can see. PSO hasn't been merged with Intellipoker so much as it's been infested by it. And not for the better.

                          You want to hear the real truth Christopher? You want real feedback? Seeing as it would appear that Top has been poop-canned for pulling the curtain back a little I find the very opening of this thread to begin with to be laughable myself. But I'll list some of my/our suggestions/grievances anyway.

                          First off as an American I'm going to get this off my chest. Why don't you take a good hard look at this school Christopher? Pre Black Friday the largest and most participatory cadre of players here were American. Post Black Friday we're at worst second behind our friends to the north. Same goes with Mods and hand analyzers,trainers,video contributors and everything else. EXCEPT these days the very hierarchy of the PSO site itself. It appears that's the new contingent from Intellipokers bailiwick.

                          Well you know one thing you all forgot to bring to the dance Christopher? Actual Forum PARTICIPANTS. Where are they? Sure,a few have trickled in but very few. Certainly not enough to supplant the peeps who have left because they feel like they are no longer wanted here by the lords and masters of the site.

                          So as to what can be addressed and what continues to's a few things.

                          1. Joker already touched on this in his post but I'll revisit it. The VPP price to view some of the video content. How in the name of all that's holy could it possibly hurt Stars precious bottom line in any way to waive that stipulation for American players during our forced hiatus from real money playing status? We know it wasn't Stars fault this happened and really are all (for the most part) thankful for the way Stars dealt with this. But the last 4 months or so the seeming attitude towards Americans here makes me wonder if under the new honchos and their bean-counters (who seem to be the prime mover and shakers in the new power structure) if we would have been compensated if it were left up to you guys. We have mostly stayed faithful here and it's not a lot to ask for a sign of good faith on Stars part in respect to the videos.

                          2. The whole over-arching scenario of having to "pay" VPP's to view certain videos leads me to my next point...the segregation of the School and Forum by a class pecking order. Player A,who is probably much further along in his/her poker development CAN afford to watch Video X,having the requisite VPP's,whilst Player B,who probably needs the lesson they can glean from said video more than does Player A,CANNOT,because Player B is VPP deficient.

                          Then there is the VIP Area. Platinum Stars and better only. Yeah because PSO needed a stand alone area for the tidal wave of nosebleed players that come blowing through here to meet. That's been a real smash there. Maybe you guys should send Daniel,Randy,Grayson,Vanessa and the rest an e-mail. Sure they would be devastated to know what they're missing out on.

                          I get that Stars and by extension PSO,is a business first and foremost. We ALL do. But when I first came here I was made to feel a part of a community much more than I was made to feel as just a commodity. That is most decidedly feeling like the opposite now as far as the new leadership's attitude towards us.

                          3. The layout of the new and "improved" forum. Busy and cluttered does NOT equal improved. Too many sections that are basically repetitive and several threads that are useless (again,see VIP Area).

                          All this while eschewing something the old Forum had and is quite possibly the single most important section you can have in a poker school for the beginning and less experienced players--a stand alone Bankroll Management section. The very idea that a BR section could be overlooked given all the other things you did manage to shoehorn in here makes one wonder,given all the modifications to the site on VPP/FPP acquisition on rings,the adding of rake to .10 and .25 SNG's,the bait and switch on the Depositer 100k promo and other "tweaks",if Stars even WANTS a section devoted to proper BR management. Or does that not coincide with the sites efforts to cater more to a bevy of good little ATC shove bots?

                          4. Simple frigging interaction between yourselves and the peeps here. Having yourself and Cannon just come in here and declare "Official" discussion thread this and "Official" discussion thread that and then getting little or no interaction in said thread from OFFICIALS (find your "inner LAG in a thread about the new VPP parameters on rings...are you effing kidding me???),is just a joke.

                          The ham-handed way in which the requests/demands of how to post in the HA section is another example of the disconnect. How about not just telling people not to post the hand outcome but actually walking them through the how-to's of eliminating the hand's result in the Replayer? Is that too much to ask?

                          5. The Staking section. Nice roll out here. Really,stellar work.

                          Cookies and Roomik flat out TOLD you that this was going to be a Charlie-Fox of epic proportions and why but you all just plowed right ahead. And then left it to the peeps to work out on their own,after making the whole section look like a bunch of monkeys trying to build an H-bomb.

                          Should PSO get directly involved in staking disputes or even be the one's to shine the light on players with questionable staking and/or horse issues in their pasts? Of course not.

                          But it IS your forum and you CAN lay out concrete ground rules in how staking procedures within YOUR Forum will be conducted and if peeps are unwilling or unable to comply you CAN close their thread and/or suspend/ban them from YOUR Forum. Instead of just throwing up a Staking section and saying "here you go kids,have at it".

                          Here I/we will even help you...

                          First have a section within the larger section for prospective stakers only. They lay out what games they are looking to stake,what the conditions are,what the splits are and what they are looking for in their horses.

                          Second a section where prospective horses announce their desire to be staked and their qualifications to be staked.

                          Third a "Contractual" section wherein potential stakers and horses communicate with each other and enter into their agreements.

                          Fourth--the results area. EXACTLY as Dman laid out for his new area with marvin. If staker X has found some horses then staker X has a section to their own with each horse where they communicate as much or as little as they wouldn't care to do via PM. Everyone else STAY OUT. Period,end of story.

                          Fifth--a general discussion area for people who are not directly involved in any of the above four sections where they can make comments congratulating stakers and horses and root them on and what not. Stakers and horses can pay as much or as little attention to what goes on in there as they want.

                          This section can also be where people who either can't be or don't want to be directly involved with the process can post discoveries of past improprieties of potential stakers and horses. This IS a community after all,we should be able to have each others backs.

                          I'm going to stop here,for now. But Christopher I think it would do you and the rest of the people who are calling the shots to think on this...

                 have a solid and ever shrinking core of participants in this School and Forum who have proven their dedication time and again. If they want this to work more than you all do,and for all appearances that certainly looks to be the case,that says one of two things---either you aren't the right people for the job or you aren't taking the right approach,which could be the same thing.

                          Truly hoping that you and your cohorts can figure this all out and figure out that you need to be earnest in soliciting the very members of the school's input for something more than lip service while you still have time.

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                            Here is what I would like to see happen with PSO.

                            Go back to the old system of one league and must have a PSO ticket. Get rid of the monthly
                            prize pool and split the prize pool into all the tourneys for the month.
                            This way we can practise running deep in a MTT with actual meaning to it. Where patience is
                            still key but shoving a quality hand is not punished by negetive points just no money like a real


                            Keep the two leagues but the priemer league is like I discripted above.
                            (Priemer league having better times/ More tourneys as the existing does not work for me.)
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                              1. Get rid of the "Open League". Go back to requiring a membership in the school, this would get rid of all the freerollers who are just chasing pennies and might even result in an increase in forum traffic.

                              2. Limit the number of games per day. This would give everyone a more equal chance at the money, we can't all play six tourneys a day, and a balanced lifestyle demands that you have other interests (family and jobs come to mind).

                              3. Bring back the bankroll management forum, there are peeps here who desperately need this forum to teach them how to play responsibly. I understand that it's better for PS if they just keep depositing and blowing their money, but I think you have a moral obligation to at least offer them an alternative path.

                              4. Respond to member concerns in a timely manner, and cut long time contributors a little slack. Things haven't been all that rosy around here lately for some of the members who have been valued contributors for a long time.

                              5. Promote the fact that the school is free - I played for almost two years thinking I couldn't afford to pay a poker school, I had no idea it was free.

                              The membership here is feeling kind of ignored, the merge with the other sites has caused some bad feelings. We don't have access to the other sites, but they have full access here. This seems like a kind of favoritism, whether it actually is the case or not.

                              I can appreciate that this is a difficult job, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. Such great things could be accomplished here, if only...

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