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more video interactive practice

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  • more video interactive practice

    I would like to say hello to all the poker players in this forum and especially to the ones that are looking to better their game like myself. The reason for this post is because i just finished another one of the courses in the pokerstars school and really enjoyed it. I also found it really helpful and was hoping that there were many more similar to it. I am specifically talking about the section SnG. During the course there were a few interactive videos that basically gave you a choice and then commented on the choice that you made, either right or wrong and helped you correct it. I personally found them very helful since i am more of an on hands idividual and more visiual. If it were possible to have thousands of these videos instead of a dozen i think it would greatly improve many peoples games. If there is a way for this to be done then i would really apreciate it(i think a lot of others would too) thanks for reading and i hope some moderators can shed some light on this subject

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    Hi aga,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Like yourself, I started off on the courses and really enjoyed the interactivity of them as well. I have an opinion as to why there are not as many as you would like, but really what you are looking here is some feedback from PSO about the reason for that.

    Therefore I am going to move this to the PSO Support Centre and flag it up to the administrative staff on the site.

    In the meantime, read this thread which will provide you with a multitude of areas where you can grow your game. I would recommend the live training, the videos by Spacegravy for SnGs and basically any of the videos from the Langolier, our head trainer here at PSO.

    I will get back to you on the other point when I hear something back myself.

    Good luck with your game and thanks for joining the site!




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        thanks topthecat, i have been going through all the videos and it is helping me (i think) it would be really great if you can get some people from the team to put some more of those interactive videos together. i mean it will be pretty much the same thing over and over, but isnt that what poker is all about, repetative situations. I think that by creating scenarios and people going over them constantly will basically embed some situations in the back of their brain, so it will eventually become natural to their real game. thanks again and i look forward to hearing from you guys


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          I am glad to hear you are finding the material useful and we appreciate your valuable feedback which we will take on board. Currently the interactive parts within our courses offer a basic poker education. After finishing those courses you should consider using our interactive live-poker-trainings to improve your game.

          Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables

          Ed (flophitter)


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            Hey Ed,

            thanks for replying. i have been doing so, going through some of the live training courses and also through some of the videos that are posted from chris moneymaker etc. They are also very helpful. I must say tho that the interactive videos are a lot more helpful, because you are given the chance to make the choice you believe is correct rather than listening to someone go through a tourny they played(dont get me wrong im sure these guys are here with their videos for a reason But i personally found it more interesting and helpful after taking the MTT course and going though the interactive parts. I dont know if thats just me. I know that it will probably take some effort in putting more together, but im sure that with a team like pokerstars it should be a piece of cake, and from the actual computing aspect, in my opinion shouldnt be that difficult since there are videos already made(maybe guessing a small change in the scenarios/programming of the already existing ones) Also another question, i did see this one in another thread, but i cant seem to find the answer that im looking for. I passed all the quizes, but not with 100% success, and i would like to know where i went wrong, so i can fit the secnario in my mind properly. Can we see our mistakes somewhere, or can we receive an email from the team telling us where we made the mistake. Thanks for listening/reading


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              Hi aga,

              Again many thanks for your input and yes some of the points you have raised will be considered for the future.

              I would again suggest attending the live training sessions as well as watching the videos. Another good area to get feedback on your decision making is in the hand analysis forum. Remember even though you make the correct decision it does not guarantee that you will win the hand.

              As for the quizzes PokerSchoolOnline will not publish the quiz questions that you answered incorrectly simply to prohibit cheating.

              Many PSO members also so have Home Game Clubs and this is another way in which you can learn more about the game and interact with other on the site.

              Best regards,




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