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Where are our teachers?

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  • Where are our teachers?

    Just wondering where are our Great Teachers in the hand analysis section?

    it's been hours since our Great teachers analyze a hand.

    Just curious, this is new

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    we're now not allowed to reply to them for a given period of time, also can't be first to reply to any that aren't assigned to us.

    Sorry, doing the best I can.... If I could respond sooner to them, I would and so would the others.

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      huh? so they allocate who gets to answer? lol


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        Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
        we're now not allowed to reply to them for a given period of time, also can't be first to reply to any that aren't assigned to us.

        Sorry, doing the best I can.... If I could respond sooner to them, I would and so would the others.
        just want to know how long will it take?


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          if it's one assigned to me...... a number of hours.

          Anything else, a day (or after someone else answers first..... whenever that is).

          After it's there a day, I can post to them..... I think

          Believe me, I won't forget about them and will reply when I can.

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            Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
            huh? so they allocate who gets to answer? lol

            JW told me to look at his response in the Tank Roomik and I lol'ed because I thought it was a level.


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              I could go to 2+2, post a hand, and get a good response in 10 minutes. I can understand why this new rule has been implemented given what I've read in a certain member's pm's to me lately, but it's ridiculous. The reason we have hand analyzers is so that they can... watch forums patiently? Huh?

              I can't believe we're having our members' posting rights restricted specifically in cases where they want to help other members.


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                EGYPTIAN PROVERBS (wisdom's in Thumbnail) Thee greatest teacher is your self ! All Thee Bestumbup:
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                  Ummmm.. Hi. Kinda-ish long-term member, mostly-reasonable-though-sometimes-knee-jerk-WTF IS THIS ALL ABOUT??

                  I'm astounded that some BS like this is something you would put in place while you're "re-organizing and making the forum better for us all(thanks for your patience)"

                  Hey, PSO staff people that are actually in charge of things... WAKE THE EFF UP. You're just about to blow it for everyone. One more thing along these lines, and this ship is going to sail without anyone on-board.

                  I don't know who is dictating to PSO-Staff(oh, hey, where did he go? and did anyone ever figure out his name???) Seriously, this isn't the type of community(the thing you claim to be trying to build) that you can jump into, fling things around, and then do something like prevent hands from being analyzed by your own hand analyzers. YOU WILL DESTROY what you are trying to build with this type of shizz.

                  Other members have been trying to tell you for months. I've personally been staying on the sideline... Your "improvements" to the forums are absolutely terrible. And, no, I will not wait another couple of months for you to finish them so I can decide whether or not they serve this community better.

                  This new forum format roll-out was a disaster. Admit it.

                  Any forum change you make in the next few weeks is just sweeping up what you already broke.

                  Look, I love the idea of PSO, and I have much love(awww) and respect for many of the members, but I think that the new company dictates are driving this thing way down the tube, real quick.

                  PSO "employees," what do you want from this "site," "community," "business," "job," "etc.."

                  PSO members, what do you want? Expect?



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                    I'm really not quite sure what the new policy is, if it has been announced or communicated in any way I missed it. But then I didn't know what the old policy was, or even if there was one.

                    So I certainly would not consider this an 'improvement' and I'm not sure it was needed.

                    - HOWEVER -

                    When I request my own hands to be analysed I am far more concerned with the quality, clarity and depth of that analysis than the speed at which I receive it. These are hands I have already played - that are probably slightly difficult or unusual spots and I doubt I will urgently need to know what to do in that specific situation again within the same session I am involved in.

                    So for me the speed of response is not the most critical aspect.

                    I also read lots of other peoples posted hands, and occasionally give my own 'peer' thoughts and opinions - which admittedly are often bunk but will quickly get debunked (and often derided) by the more experienced non-PSO staff who regularly contribute in this forum. The PSO-staff hand analysers will always (in my experience) discuss the original post and comment on any aspects brought up by the other forum users who have replied.

                    I don't think this will change too much either.

                    So as far as I can tell we still have the same quality hand analysers we had before, and I am very grateful to have their insight and experience to call on. I trust these guys to give their best advice for me to consider and act on as I see fit. It might be a little delayed, but I can handle that. I'm still trawling through hands from months back in any case, looking for interesting facets that I have not considered as I have been oblivious to a lot of considerations that I would have missed in my own play.

                    We'll have to see how it goes, so I reserve judgement, but really I don't see this as a major concern.

                    Good luck all

                    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                      Well played last night ED - was'nt been rude got a chat ban for a week m8. So gg umbup: B Hope u got 5pts. B


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                        I'm kinda lost as to the logic of this...also well aware that sometimes logic has little to do with a lot of things....

                        That being said, I have learned so much from reading the hand analysis of other's hands as well as my own.

                        As the analysis will still be happening with the same folks doing it (and I have no control over it anyway) I guess it will be OK.

                        Just one more change to digest and move on from


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                          LOL........there's no logic when it comes to PSO forum

                          They want to attract traffic to this forum, but are doing the opposite
                          They really should look at 2+2 and take notes
                          You've got mods who are willing to do what's logic, but then SUPER mods say otherwise or PSO STAFF dictates illogical rules.
                          Dictating who should respond to what, dictating where threads should be, what's next?
                          Did someone say dictatorship?

                          We haven't see PSO staff lately (not mods) commenting on all the forum problems, why?

                          It's a daily ritual for me to come here and read up on hands analysis, how people are doing with challenges or goals, new learning articles, videos and promotions. This forum needs better organization.


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                            and since when does PSO ever rush for anything??? Must I remind that these are the same people that it has taken them 3-5 days to update standings, 3 days to update blogs, or how about the banner at bottom right here, "10th Ann. Sunday Million"...2+ weeks ago...
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                              Originally posted by Stakehorse75 View Post
                              and since when does PSO ever rush for anything??? Must I remind that these are the same people that it has taken them 3-5 days to update standings, 3 days to update blogs, or how about the banner at bottom right here, "10th Ann. Sunday Million"...2+ weeks ago...
                              While all that may be true Stake when it came to the HA section JDean and JWK damn near tripped over each other in their willingness and capability to dispense good,solid analysis to queries in a very timely fashion. Oriholic and Lang weren't exactly AWOL on this either. At least before this nonsensical yoke was placed on all of them. The two single most educational sections of the Forum (at least those that EVERYONE can access as the video vault is now segregated by who has what VPP's and who doesn't),Hand Analysis and Bankroll Management,let's examine what these splendiferous "improvements" have done to the Forum... Hand Analysis: The analyzers are now told which hands they can respond to and which they can't and when. Simply stunning. What's next Stars? Are peeps going to have to ship money or have a requisite amount of VPP's to have their hand analyzed? Is that what this is leading up to? Bankroll Management section: Simply no longer exists. Instead it's lumped in with everything else in the Poker Education and Beginners Questions section. So we can no longer have a stand alone BR Management section,as we can't be cluttering up the new and "improved" Forum as that would take up valuable space that is needed for the much more important Promo spams and the VIP Club (completely essential given the dearth of poor,wayward micro grinding Platinum Stars and better who have nowhere else to go...). What's the new and "improved" Forum without a little more status segregation after all? And Trap is 100% correct. Where is anyone to tell us why these things are being done,or to answer our questions? Nowhere. Want to be told to embrace your 'inner LAG" so you can donk off your BR in that all-important pursuit of VPP's? Effing-A got THAT base covered junior. The empty,meaningless "just be patient" posts (and no I'm NOT blaming you MODS for posting them,just following orders as to what you can and can't say I'm sure...)? Check-a-rooni. The promo spams telling us about great new tourneys to replace ones that were already popular (love the idea of a KO tourney,LMAO. Well that should help the,customers...find their "inner LAG" more easily umbup? Yeah they nailed that one to. So I just want to say congratulations to Stars for taking the SINGLE BEST THING GOING in on-line poker (and despite your best efforts it STILL is,at least for now) and effing it up for no good reason. Or is there? Hey Jocko,what's the silvery sound of merriment I hear in the distance? "It's US Buster!!!" CHA-CHING!!!



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