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Weekend Live Training Freeroll

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  • Weekend Live Training Freeroll

    Just received this e-mail, about a promotion I had entirely forgotten about:

    ************************************************** **************************************************

    Hi EdinFreeMan,

    thank you for participating in our trainings in November.

    As an appreciation for your interest we awarded you with a ticket to a special "PSO Live Training Freeroll" on Sunday 27th November, 14 ET.

    25x "Step 1" tickets are to be won.

    Good luck at the tables,

    Team PSO

    ************************************************** **************************************************

    Hope to see a lot of you there.

    Good luck

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

  • #2
    nice, take it down Ed


    • #3
      I have one too, see you on the felt!!

      Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        *Moved* Congrats Ed and everyone participating in this PSO promotion. umbup:


        • #5
          Good luck Edin should be a great way to build a roll up.


          • #6
            Hi I did too...where i can registered in???


            • #7
              Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
              nice, take it down Ed
              He has to take me out 1st


              • #8
                Originally posted by themexican80 View Post
                Hi I did too...where i can registered in???
                Easiest way is to go to the main PS client lobby, requests/tournament tickets.

                It shows up there as 1x PSO Live Training. Click the dot and the tournament shows in the box below, then 'go there' takes you to the specific tournament lobby.

                It appears that you cannot register until 1 hour before kick off.

                Good luck

                Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
                4 Time Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  Nice game tonight guys.

                  Was good to play against some of you for the first time, and also very interesting for me to play in a tournament that didn't have a high proportion of donks.

                  Congrats to those that got tickets, commiserations to those that didn't

                  Hopefully see you at the tables again soon.


                  • #10
                    who won? and how much?


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
                      who won? and how much?
                      top 25 got Step 1 tickets

                      PokerStars Tournament #448356149, No Limit Hold'em
                      89 players
                      $187.50 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
                      Tournament started 2011/11/27 19:00:00 WET [2011/11/27 14:00:00 ET]
                      Tournament is still in progress
                      1: jysteruk (United Kingdom), still playing
                      2: steve hitzic (Serbia), still playing
                      3: BandShooter (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      4: mindemoyamom (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      5: FreeMoneyxxx (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      6: akselerons (Latvia), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      7: Yawni (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      8: jovialgent77 (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      9: spadace (Portugal), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      10: 1MoreVictim (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      11: zZ.Ma$kin.Zz (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      12: robinxt (Netherlands), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      13: annie_22at90 (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      14: DREAMCOAT (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      15: DoctorFrisbe (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      16: bearxing (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      17: idodgedeuces (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      18: Tomcrockpot (United Kingdom), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      19: fishe7 (Latvia), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      20: wolfjaguar (Spain), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      21: Casey521 (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      22: effsea (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      23: AJEI (Dominican Republic), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      24: pedro76pt (Portugal), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      25: GraceGirl777 (Canada), Tournament Ticket (Step 1)
                      26: brkn80 (Canada),
                      27: PLaws62 (Canada),
                      28: Mankwe (South Africa),
                      29: gunmart (United Kingdom),
                      30: Futhork (Denmark),
                      31: electrux_hcb (United Kingdom),
                      32: 11mitch1 (United Kingdom),
                      33: r0ck.carver (Canada),
                      34: diamonds410 (Canada),
                      35: sbpr421 (Canada),
                      36: wetmoose 613 (Canada),
                      37: m.bisland (United Kingdom),
                      38: 19honu62 (Canada),
                      39: arkadi88 (Israel),
                      40: CardPlayerPT (Portugal),
                      41: olssi (Finland),
                      42: EdinFreeMan (United Kingdom),
                      43: Brizer73 (United Kingdom),
                      44: Ennian (United Kingdom),
                      45: 73REX73 (United Kingdom),
                      46: DownLow300 (Israel),
                      47: MobbyDickKK (Macedonia),
                      48: bruski44 (Canada),
                      49: webo3000 (United Kingdom),
                      50: gmanwicksy (Canada),
                      51: ravenqueen76 (Netherlands),
                      52: KayZT (Canada),
                      53: MEVpaul (Ireland),
                      54: kiroman68 (United Kingdom),
                      55: abdi122 (Canada),
                      56: shirshot (Canada),
                      57: TrustySam (Canada),
                      58: hamburglarid (Canada),
                      59: chipster195 (United Kingdom),
                      60: BentHenry (United Kingdom),
                      61: wangstaSA (Austria),
                      62: MacaRonin (Cyprus),
                      63: royalraise85 (Ireland),
                      64: Watnochips (United Kingdom),
                      65: deadeyz (United Kingdom),
                      66: Django66 (United Kingdom),
                      67: Briany84 (Ireland),
                      68: carnietaz (Canada),
                      69: brooklin46 (Canada),
                      70: topthecat (Germany),
                      71: stevesilence (United Kingdom),
                      72: xylophone68 (Canada),
                      73: darkmajik365 (United Kingdom),
                      74: DiveAllIn (United Kingdom),
                      75: Barlin63 (Netherlands),
                      76: L0GlC777 (Canada),
                      77: sashask (Latvia),
                      78: CannonLee (Philippines),
                      79: Sandtrap777 (Canada),
                      80: chuckkky (Australia),
                      81: horsewoman72 (Canada),
                      82: BawMe (Canada),
                      83: doobie818 (Canada),
                      84: jimmybonds23 (New Zealand),
                      85: Klunk (United Kingdom),
                      86: suclaw (Dominica),
                      87: EasyChips4U (Canada),
                      88: pokerstar671 (Philippines),
                      89: Magalhais (United Kingdom),


                      • #12
                        #26 brkn80......ouch


                        Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

                        7 Time Bracelet Winner


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by effsea View Post
                          #26 brkn80......ouch



                          Said to table I'll go.

                          Was BB with KQo,SB was larger stack and raised to 3x If I remember correctly,I shipped an extra 800 or so to put myself all in.He turned over A5o,the board ran out with no help to me.Was fun none the less.

                          Good luck to all who grabbed a step 1 ticket.


                          • #14
                            Congrats to everyone that got a ticket. Good luck in those tourneys umbup: Brkn... been there, done that way too many times in other tourneys. Better luck next time

                            6 Time Bracelet Winner


                            • #15

                              brk,,,tough,,,ummm,,,err ..cough,,,,break ,,,,there man,,,,cough ,,,,cough,,,, I just donked out early so as not to stress over it,,,



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