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Ongoing issues

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  • Ongoing issues

    Can we please get a official response to why pm rights where shutdown,when a few members had received the members spam through email? Seems to be a lose nut in this story and I have asked for clarification on more than one occasion. I know it may not seem like a issue but our personal information and protecting our accounts might be something a few members take seriously. If I am off base at least nip this in the butt and we can move forward,but the way this is being dodged is really leaving a few of us unsettled. Issue two Can we please not turn mod posts into drone posts! It might as well be the same person posting or a bot if they are all going to lack personal flair or character. I have been watching mods in training and interacting with a few that are already mods and I get a real cold feeling when the responses are lacking any personal touch. I can pick off your mods in training just by looking at their posts and I have to say it is not going to attract more members. People like to see a person for who they are and when this is voided they have no connection to the mods.In turn they have not connection to the forum.For quite a few members they already feel that if they are not part of the ole clique that they are wasting time posting.So a little more mods like Dan would go a long way or at least loosen the leashes. Issue Three On a Sunday you expect this forum to be buzzing and it is not.How many members are there againe Langolier and SpaceGravy together should blow the forum off its hinges,but instead all I see is crickets and mods bumping the post about it. That is so sad and I would love to be able to pick SpaceGravys mind and Im sure 1 on 1s would be way out of most of our bankrolls. So suprised that the forum is not taking to it. Same context the weekly promo is only getting touched by regulars and it is still under a dozen applications. Think that speaks volumes to how we as members do not feel comfortable linking our poker hobby to our social media for family to and friends to pass judgement on. I come from a gambling background and remember bookies calling me to ask if now was a ok time to talkat opened my eyes to how many people had to keep that side of them under wraps and so I think the social media aspect is killing the promo.Sure you will get applications but not as many as you would with out it. A free roll attracts how many people and this promo attracts less that a dozen!Something is screaming out issue. Of course I got other issues but I dont want to water down these three points.
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    I think Isee has raised some interesting issues here.

    Issue 1

    This is PSO's final staement to the OP posted by Darkman61 on 28 Oct .

    ''Hello everyone,

    We are happy to announce that the PM tool is back up and running.
    Over the weekend, a user from our Spanish community attempted to send a PM containing spam to users in other communities. These PMs can not be viewed in other communities, but the corresponding notification email was sent and contained the original Spanish language content.
    Please be aware that sending spam messages though our PM system is a violation of our Terms & Conditions and doing so can result in an account ban from the PokerSchool and a report of the incident to PokerStars.

    Kind Regards,

    PSO was right to suspend the pm facility and to inform members as to when it was available again. Again an explanation is given as to WHAT happened and also to remind everyone that this is a violation of T&C. Standard stuff, fine. I did not receive one of these emails so it sailed over my head a bit, but I if I were to receive one in the future that would give me cause for concern. SO,IS my email and other personal details within PSO/Pokerstars secure, HOW was this allowed to happen and WHAT has been done about it to ensure it does not reoccur.

    Issue 2

    Clearly all the mods do have different personalities and one would hope that where possible a mod with a particular skill, strength or designated assignment (eg Dan for New Members) would respond to an appropriate post.

    My suggestions would be as follows.
    Has PSO considered retitling the role? The word Moderator in itself implies, and only implies, a restrictive or controlling message to those that post. PSO Adviser, PSO Mentor, PSO Coach or even something whacky like PSO Worker Bee might be a more welcoming title. Still have the Moderator of course, but only to appear when they are actually moderating or at worst having to shut a post down as it is way off base.
    Mods don't always need to have the last word. I realise that an official tying up of a post can be a good message to send out to the members but if a newbee has asked for advice they do not need to be usurped by a mod telling them that they (the mod) are a better player, this is again by inference. People don't always read what's there - there is stuff between the lines that we read too.
    I think the clique thing is very hard to address. When 10 or more people get together after a period of time they are going to group off - it's human nature. What Mods have to do is treat EVERY post with respect and answer it if necessary or more importantly to encourage further posts from that member or debate. Taking respect for example, I am always impressed with their attitude when a post comes through with several spelling mistakes. They are not mentioned and that is right because they have understood the content and do not need to judge the language.

    Issue 3

    I do think that the New Member per week could be good idea to encourage people to open up about their poker life and times. I think a monthly MOTW (that would be a MOTM to the pedantic) might have been a better idea giving people a bit more time to prepare their presentations. The only point I tend to disagree with Isee on is if people want to share their poker hobby with their friends or workmates on social sites that is their perogative. I think that Poker is now more acceptable to the masses with the many TV shows and interviews with Poker Pros. Liv and Boris Becker were on BBC Breakfast news here in the UK after she won her EPT so that is pretty mainstream. As for the sessions with Space Gravy, Dave and any other top player maybe Pokersatrs needs to attack their promotion of these events from another angle. Plug PSO at the Pokerstars hub which is the playing area. No offence to our current trainers who do a great job but if Daniel Neg or Liv Boree were to be persuaded to a Q&A session or training vid that might capture a large number to the PSO site and maybe 20% would stay on after the initial excitement.

    Anyway I am now off to get my reinforced helmet. I do hope some of you respond to Isee's post. Yeah he ruffles the feathers a bit from time to time but Poker is not always about peace and love now is it?!!!

    Good luck players



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      The most disconcerting thing for me is the possible email hack, I want to know if our personal details were accessed. If he had access to spam all of our accounts what else did he have access to? Having the pm function shut down for a few days with no real message as to why for more than 24 hours is unsettling, and the official response that we received did nothing more than gloss over the problem.


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        Hi guys,

        in the moment I'm a 'lil bit short but I will go ahead and answer your questions in detail within the next days. Just to clarify things up front: No E-Mail Data was hacked and no personal details were accessed.

        Detailed answer is coming asap.



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          Thank you


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              Hey everyone,

              I finally found some free time, sorry for the delay but I'm on vacation right now

              First issue:
              The PM feature was shut down because a spanish user of tried to send PMs to users of other communities (for example PSO and others were also affected). The PMs contained an affiliate-link to pokerstrategy and were simply an advertisement for their site. These PMs were not accessible from users of other communities, only
              Although you had never received the PM's our system thought you had received them and sent our notification-mail for incoming PMs. Inside these notification-mails the whole PM body (the PMs you never received) was displayed. This bug is fixed now!

              To make it clear one more time:
              There was NO data hacked and NO personal data was accessed!

              We shut down the PM tool to fix this issue and implement additional security measures.

              Second issue:
              Our whole moderation team is still in a learning state. It's one of my duties to train our mods and the probation mods on how to handle different scenarios. The main part of forum moderation is "moderating discussions" (including being friendly and helpful in a professional way) and taking care of the forum itself (forum structure - a new one is in development right now, technical side, etc). Of course moderators also have to make sure everyone is following our rules.

              Our moderators will show up in a more professional way but they are not drones and will work individually when making a decision. Every moderator has the rights to perform actions on his own mind and you can contact any moderator for any problems you might have and everyone will treat you in his own unique way. In the forum every moderator is still able to post his own opinion and use his own words and you can try to build up your relationship with any of them.

              As I've announced before we will publish a whole team overview with additional details very soon.

              Third issue:
              Right now our forum traffic numbers are increasing and we will try our best to improve it's numbers in the future. Unfortunately building a community and increasing traffic numbers is a long process and cannot be done in a short period of time. If you have any ideas on how to attract more people and improve our attractivity you can write your feedback inside our forums and we will gladly read and discuss it with our users. Don't be shy

              As always: Thanks for posting your feedback. If there is anything more let us know.



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                Originally posted by Deleted user View Post
                Same context the weekly promo is only getting touched by regulars and it is still under a dozen applications. Think that speaks volumes to how we as members do not feel comfortable linking our poker hobby to our social media for family to and friends to pass judgement on.
                I agree gumshoe. I was intrigued by this promo; was actually considering a first blog despite knowing I am a lesser light (5 watts at most) and no one wants nor needs to hear from me as far as poker goes, but the social media aspect turned me away


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                  Really hate to look like the guy driving a semi into this promo,it is a good promo and I hope everyone
                  prospers from it.

                  Whatever grows the community I am good with.Will no longer raise issues like this in the forums.

                  My issues have been ignored and there really isnt anything else I can do about it.



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