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  • chat policy

    I'll trt my luck here with this . Have had chat priveleges revoked for a month ; my own fault . But when I queried PokerStars support as to why players that abuse me have no action taken against them when i make a compaint there answer was that the chat moderators basically have discretion as to how they implement chat policy rules . I also pointed out that when players who regularly ignore the English chat only on the tables , and abuse players in a language other than English , which some of us can actually understand , again nothing happens . Alas , when I suggested that chat policy should be stringent and not left to the whim of the moderators , and be applied to all languages , all of a sudden I get an email reply saying they cant deal with this issue because I have sent it from an unregistered email address , which is totally not the case .

    Over the passed couple of months I have had alot of correspondence with chat support and general support at PokerStars and to be quite honest their attitude is wholly unprofessional .

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    Questions about issues like this that arise during games should be addressed to


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      email support, or wait for Michaelj the stars specialist to answer in this his forum


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        Trumpin joe I have to agree with his 1 point ..often I have encountered the "english only" difficulty in tournaments and the mod is just ignored!!! but does nothing to stop it IE chat bans close player chat et al..... It's like the security guard at walmart ...."STOP" ...or I'll blow my whistle and yell "STOP" again.... any way my 2 bits's happened often enough that I'm mentioning it.....

        ps frasier .... don't freak on the chat bar and u won't be banned..... class my friend's everything because it's so rare today.....
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          Thanks for the reply TrumpinJoe

          I guess if you had actually read my post it would have been quite obvious I had contacted

          support about these issues .


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            Think Stars is in a tight bind on this issue,on one hand you have English speaking players wanting fairness at the table and on the other hand players that feel like they are being discriminated against because of their language.
            Watching the milestone hands last month or however long ago that was,I noticed a lot of players that didnt speak English short changed because they did not know what was going on when it hit their table. I felt bad for these players and I have also seen comments like
            "Why only when a Brazilian talks and never when the Russians talk a mod shows up"!

            So people are frustrated all the way around the board.
            Best advice I can give you is to have google translator open when you see chat.

            Quite often they are talking about where they are from but sometimes they do mentions softplay.
            So it gives you a leg up by being able to know the words and of course contact support if you find anything.



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