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  • NLHE Quiz

    I have passed the quiz yesterday but I do not know is there anything else I have to do in order to receive 10$.
    Also, I tried to access Bankroll builder promo forum but it says that I do not have permission to do so.

    Can someone tell me what to do?
    Thankfull in advance


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    Can you be more specific?

    I do not know of any promos giving away $10 that are currently running on PSO and the only thing I see as Bankroll Buider is Ahars videos!
    They recently changed the VPP requirement on some of the videos and that might be your issue as you may not have enough VPPs earned.

    Maybe Im missing something,but I see you are in the open league so cant imagine any promos
    running besides signing up for pokerstars through a affiliate.


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      Welcome to the forum. We'll inquire support. As cookies said, if you can be more specific, we can assist further.umbup:
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        I think there was a new player promotion about a month ago which had a whole series of freerolls for one week from your first $10 deposit but this was a Pokerstars promotion not PSO.

        Hope this helps


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          We are awaiting word.
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            Thanks guys.

            What I am referring to is in the link below. I do not know if that was old promotion that expired but I accidentally stumbled upon it, passed the quiz and that is why I opened this thread.




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              hmmm I tried to enter the link to the bankroll building forum and it says I am not an admin


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                Looks like it is a new promo and it has most likely not been launched yet.
                Sometimes they set up the website before they launch to work out any bugs.
                Im sure we read something about it soon.

                Worst case we all spam Dave,Ahar and Honus pm box and ask what they know about
                Im sure they would love that!


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                  Any update on this?
                  I still wonder how you where able to find this


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                    Hi everyone,

                    please excuse our late post on this topic.
                    You stumbled upon a new promotion, which is currently avaiable for a test group of users at this stage. For those that have not received an invitational email they are not part of this group.

                    When more information is avaiable it will be posted here.



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                      Any one esle feeling less special after reading this?


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                        they should have tested it on U.S.A. players

                        sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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                          NLHE Quiz promotion

                          I to have done all that is required for the bank builder promotion. If it was all a load of **** Its bad marketing! and very bad PR.
                          I hope that all my efforts to complete all the courses is rewarded with whats promised, as I was (am) really enjoying the experience of PSO and the thought of it all going to pot would be a real shame. I to went through every thing as told to on the page here:


                          I have just looked again and seen they have added at the bottom in the last day or so the following.

                          'This promotion is invite only. You'll get an e-mail if you are eligible to participate. Users get invited in batches. So you might be able to participate in the future.'

                          The above statement was not there a couple of days ago!

                          and so much for this as well !

                          Read more: Get on the right track with Bankroll Builder promotion – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells


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                            Aspect I dont like about it is its not up front and we only here about now because a member posted about it. The PSO needs to be more willing to engage than stand back and let the fire rage.

                            Even if this is being tested I hate the idea. Nothing like copying a idea of a site that a member
                            spammed other members email boxes with.On top of not telling us how this member was able to access members email accounts! I think that is a big detail that needs sorting out.
                            If their database was hacked then they should be notifying the customer base.

                            I also hate how this forum is turning into bloggers heaven,half the challenges dont even finish and now we are going to spam the forum with more posts like this and give the member a reward?
                            How about rewarding members that have something worth reading with something that new members can learn from! No they rather give incentive to new members to jump through some hoops to get a cookie.
                            So how is that going to damage live training? Its going to fill the class up with people going through the motions to get to their money! So I doubt they contribute and in fact attract people
                            that cant shut it for a second well the instructor is talking.

                            Its a big fail all around.

                            How about people now whinning about where their money is for this,like we have to read at the end of the month for the league..I love the gong show PSO is creating,love it!



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