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The quiz is imposible

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  • The quiz is imposible

    I tried about ten times and i always i get only 60percent... Im depressed i think i will never complete it... Can someone give me some advice? On what articles should i focus more.

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    Finnally i made it for 73percents.....


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      Now im going to make first deposit.


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        good luck


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          Originally posted by TheBlad3s View Post
          Now im going to make first deposit.
          Welcome to the forum Blad. umbup: I'm probably too late, but make sure you use your code to get the sng tix. Let us know if you have any questions on the league.


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            Sng quiz

            i agree, i play heaps of sit and goes and win with what i already know and what i am learning and everytime i take the test i fail too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF im not stupid but agree it makes you feel like you are playing it all 12/08/11 12.37am


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              All I can tell you is all the answers are in the courses. Read and reread them and take notes on what you think might be in the qiz (and even stuff you think is probably not)umbup:
              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                I disagreed with a lot of the stuff put into that section and quiz


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                  stuff in quiz

                  The stuff as you put it in the quiz's are a begginers guideline into the world of poker , the basics if you will , at advanced stages of the game IE : your level of play the lessons get more complex so hang in there . for people starting out it is good to get and understand the basic foundations of the game . these programs are designed to make you a better player . ignore them at your own peril .


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                    trouble changing my playing style

                    I have been playing at pokerstars for more than a year. I decided to give poker school a go. I haven't passed the SNG quiz yet, but I have been back into the fpp tourneys to practice what i have just learnt and i get out straight away every time. I try to put into practice what they are saying and it just doesn't work for me. I have always been a "limper" and have never been aggressive. And now trying to be agressive is not working for me at all. I was having fun the old way and making a bit of money too. This way will just cost me money i thiink!


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                      Hey Reptile, welcome to the forum and PSO. umbup: Personally, I am not a fan of limping at all. To tell you the truth, every time I see an open limp, a little part of me wants to ask the player what he's doing? I can't say I never do it though, as it can be a deceptive move when you hold a monster, and sometimes it just feels like the right play do to based on table dynamics and the current situations you're facing...though that is pretty infrequent in my play. But that is just me. Each player has to play their own style, but you should do your best to learn why it's important to be aggressive, and when you should. You've found a great place to learn. Start looking through everything the site offers, including Live Training and the archived videos, blogs, the library and the rest. Take your time and don't think you have to completely change your game to begin with, just have an open mind to maybe pick up some things to better your game with.


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                        I believe I got 77%


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                          Originally posted by tmlms13 View Post
                          I disagreed with a lot of the stuff put into that section and quiz

                          The Course and quiz is set up for beginning players as a baseline starting point. If you have already played and evoveled your play to suit the games you are in thats great.

                          But... always a but i know the Quiz was set up by the same group of people who wrote the course. So when i did the courses (all of them ) i did what i do for all of my online courses. (and do in the Classroom too.) i made notes. It helps the information sink in. I highlighted what i thought was important or what i was being told was important and used those notes when i did the test.

                          At the time i was a truely awful player who would play any pretty looking combo of cards in any position and the course did help me look at my play, and start making a move to correct this.

                          For my own personal learning style I found the live trainings to be better where i could watch players passing KJo as it is junk. Listerning to the resons over a number of this sessions and looking thought the video archieves really helped my game.

                          So remember it is meant as a start point for beginners not a guide to be the next SPACEGRAVY.

                          Grade b
                          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                          13 Time Bracelet Winner



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