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Win a big bang ticket - tell us a poker joke

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  • Win a big bang ticket - tell us a poker joke

    From today we are giving you 3 Big Bang tickets every week. The only thing you need to do is to participate in our forum by leaving a comment about the weekly topic.

    Every monday or Tuesday a new topic will be published. At the end of the week, by Friday, the best 3 comments will be awarded with a Big Bang ticket. The winners will be announced on Saturday.

    You can post as many times as you want in order to have more chances to win.

    Topic of the week:

    Leave us a comment with the best poker joke you know. This is mine:

    What are vampires playing poker for?
    -High stakes.


  • #2
    A guy was playing 10-20 holdem and was stuck about 300 dollars when he looked down beside the table and saw a little green leprechaun. "Quit playing poker forever right now and I'll give you a pot of gold worth a million dollars.", said the little fellow. The player replied, "Let me get even first."


    • #3
      what is difference between a poker player and a politician?
      poker players sometimes tell the truth!!
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      • #4
        If you're a guy, you know you play too much Poker if your dreams involve nuts instead of breasts
        Bracelet Winner


        • #5
          Whats the difference between online poker and live poker?
          You can cry after a bad beat online and no one will laugh at you!


          • #6
            What's the main difference between a 14-inch pizza and a poker player?
            The pizza can feed a family.
            Bracelet Winner


            • #7
              A man walks into a bar and sees a man and a dog sitting at a table playing poker.
              He watches the two for a while and then he walks up to the man and says :" that is a very clever dog you have there ". " Not really ", replies the other man " When he has a good hand, he wags his tail ".


              • #8
                Got a new poker playing dog called him Ugi,
                keeps stealing all the low value cards though.
                BAD ugi
                5 Time Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  how do you get a pro poker player off your porch pay him for the pizza


                  • #10
                    The Talented Poker Player Test

                    Only a talented poker player can say these 4 words really fast and really loud, without getting tongue twisted. Ready? GO!!!!

                    EYE YAM STEW PEED
                    15 Time Bracelet Winner


                    • #11
                      Poker has the only river in the world you can drown in more than once.


                      Why is “a man” like a deck of cards? Because you need a heart to love him, a diamond to marry him, a club to smash his head in, and a spade to bury the bastard.
                      15 Time Bracelet Winner


                      • #12
                        The only time I have never been Burnt playing Poker is when I am stirring the coals in the fire
                        Last edited by colinmcn; Thu Nov 01, 2018, 05:00 PM.
                        3 Time Bracelet Winner


                        • #13
                          JWK, The Langolier and royalraiser are stranded on a desert island find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. JWK, wishes he was off the island and back home. The Langolier wishes the same. royalraiser says: ‘I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here'


                          • #14
                            "That bastard husband of mine wanted me to sleep with the landlord because he lost the rent money playing poker," the housewife told a neighbor. "You didn't do it, did you?" "I have to admit I did -- though with certain misgivings, I might add. What I haven't done, though, is tell my husband the rent is paid up for six months!"


                            • #15
                              If you dont realisse how is the losser of the table in the first 30 min than the losser r you



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