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Question of the Week #26 | Closed for Entries

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    No distraction, and a clear, strong, meaningful goal is what drives me to the end, It also reminds me to double check my choice in calling when am in doubt. Than Final table is all about patience and of course PokerStars algorithm willingness to give good hands :-)


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      Good sleep. A good run a few hours before and a 30' meditation just before the game.


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        "If you made the Final Table of the Sunday Storm, how would you stay focused?"

        The same way I approach most of the final tables that I have ever made.

        First, I remind myself that it will all be over in about an hour. So enjoy the moment; it does not come often. Then I tell myself over and over not to look at the payouts in the tournament lobby - as it will have a negative affect on the way I play.

        Then I will look at the payouts in the tournament lobby anyway..., sigh.

        Then I strategize to slowly loosen up my starting range as we get short-handed. Then I will look at the payouts in the tournament lobby again.

        Then I vow not to spazz out and tilt during heads up, because I always do. Then I will look at the payouts in the tournament lobby to check how much second place wins.

        Then I focus on the peeps to my left for opportunities to steal blinds light. Then I look at the payouts in the tournament lobby yet again.

        Then I focus on the peeps to my right for opportunities to re-steal their pre-flop raises. Then I will look at the payouts blah blah blah...

        It takes a while to get a sense of how anyone plays post-flop - unless they always bet, always check/raise, never bet, or never bluff. Time passes quickly. Oh, I will check the payouts in the tournament lobby once more, and slap my head on the temples.

        It is the slapping that keeps me focused.
        5 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Stretching a bit helps the circulation after sitting for hours in front of the monitor. Helps you get alert too. Wow. If I do get on the final table in Sunday Storm Special considering we are all good enough to make it to this table I´d give my best and not make silly or crazy mistakes since: Yes there is still an element of luck playing but I think the key to pushing yourself up in these increasingly paid places are finding chances that you can use against your opponents... You guys agree?


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            Well, whenever I make it to the final table l get a pretty big adrenaline rush (which has so far only happened 3 times on freeplay tournaments) - and funny enough I get really good then. I’ve always said that I’m incredible in adrenaline rush situations, the situations where people either freeze or get scared or nervous - my brain gets on like 110% focus! (That’s also the reason why I’m on all of my friends’ “apocalypse teams"). So I would have probably got through it on pure adrenaline. However I also realized I need to have a good music playlist and it helps me be focused... Currently it’s a mostly Queen and they’ve always been very helpful...

            I mean, classic things apply too, good hydration, some healthy snacks (current favorite: home grown strawberries), maybe a little caffeine....

            Oohh and my little helper - I have a cat named Luna and she knows nothing about poker! But will gladly keep me company and listen to my musings about it!


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              1. Most important for me is a good sleep, that means 8-10 hours, if possible, if hnot a lot of coffee then a good breakfast, that would be some croissants, coffee, eggs and ham. For the dinner i´d like some sushi and then that´s it let´s go and win the table During the play i guess a great variety of drinks, for example water, tea, juice, etc, would be the best for me. I think no alcohol should be clear and no drugs either, but each to his own ^^


              • #22
                First of all, I'd avoid the temptation you have to play other tournaments at the same time, also I'd have to be in my room or somewhere away from distractions, life can get in the way sometimes, any plans made will be rearranged, I want and need this in my head! So I will stop at nothing to get it


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                  First thing I would do is to use the timebank given (2-3 mins) to go to the balcony and get some fresh air. I would also stretch my muscles a bit and make sure I am sitting down comfortably. I would also top up my glass of water - staying hydrated is important. I am pretty sure that I would not feel tired, sleepy or bored - reaching final table in Sunday Storm would give me such a rush of adrenaline that it would keep me focused and awake. I also would play some instrumental music at low volume in the background to relax and not to feel overwhelmed by the fact of playing for big money. And most importantly - I would try enjoy this moment as much as I can and make the most of it as that would be the biggest achievement in my poker history and might not happen again!


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                    To sit on the Sunday Storm final table, some elements of the game must be fully realized, because this will be a real poker marathon with over 100.000 entries. In my opinion, these three elements have the greatest impact on success:
                    1. The player must have the necessary level of knowledge,
                    2. The player must be maximally focused until the end of the game,
                    3. To be lucky is an indispensable element.
                    The first element is crucial, but it is futile if the other two do not exist throughout the game. We need to really evaluate the likelihood of winning a hand, and try to get the more chips on the winning hands, and to spend as less chips on the losing hands. I think that a quality fold is the most difficult decision in the game, and that it makes the most striking difference between amateurs and top players.
                    Try the earlier to notice the characteristics of each of the players at the table. Do not playing stereotypically, be „enigma“ for opponents.
                    The second element is unavoidable in order to reach the final table, but how to remain focused on the final table?
                    The same as in the earlier stage of the tournament, but it is even more difficult because we play for two consecutive days at least 7-8 hours, and the tiredness is getting bigger. Do not try to work on a computer anything else, just play one table - the Sunday Storm table. It is necessary to have a pleasant ambience for the game. Do not allow anyone to disturbed you, it's the best to be alone in the room, comfortably located, with relaxing music and a pleasant drink. Use the pauses to relax, and primarily going to the toilet, as this can severely disturb the concentration if we forget it.
                    Do not let the losing hand throw us out of the rhythm, be patient, but also brave.
                    Someone said that luck follows brave persons. Luck has a huge impact on our success, but can we manage the luck? We probably can not, but we can play bravely, maybe our luck touch us ...


                    • #25
                      My way of staying focused would maybe slightly differ from others. I like to play a specific genre of music (would like to keep that to myself) and also a cup of tea to sip away at.

                      Also using the breaks to your advantage by maybe a few minutes outside or open a window to refresh my eyes and body.

                      I do have some little routines and bits and bobs but will tell you after I win the Sunday Millions to maybe help future generations of PokerStar players!


                      • #26
                        Final table not mention. We play our skill and vision. We hope your luck is badly haha. Tight play good but risky . Many players use hud . We need change strategy. But its triky moments. We hope made final table.


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                          There isn't going to be any ''How'' in existence in the question above - when i make it to this Sunday Storm's Final Table - simply because the getting that far would be such an adrenaline-booster that this on it's own would keep me focussed right up 'till the end.
                          No tips, no tricks, just nature performing at it's best i guess ...


                          • #28
                            If I make it to the final table of this weeks Sunday storm.

                            I will stay focused by......

                            1. making sure I use the five minute breaks when they come up to take that break from the computer and streach.
                            2. I will not be in any sit and gos
                            3. I will not be doing any work on the side
                            4. I will not be watching the Jays game
                            6. I will put on familer music (without lyrics)
                            7. I will make notes on hands (both those i am in and those I am not in.)
                            8. I will play my game as presumably that is what got me that far.

                            Grade b
                            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                            13 Time Bracelet Winner


                            • #29
                              First thing i am going to do is call my mother and tell her im gonna invite her to dinner later in a day. This will help me forget the pressure i am undergoing. After 10 hours of brainstorming on tournament u gotta turn to the new page, so i would get myself together and cheer myself. I wouldn't look at payouts so i don't get too tight. I would go for the win. I would turn my playlist on. Ask my roomie to get me hot tea and leave the room so i won't get distracted by his opinions (he is bad at poker) I would start writing every possible clue i have about other players and try to figure out my strategy vs their 3-bets. I would stay focused by enjoying the fact that i had enough skill to get there and i can improve my poker game.I am never tired by poker, more i play more i want to get better and where is the best place to get better than final table of Sunday Storm 8th anniversary.


                              • #30
                                Turn off my phone and close the internet browser. Also go into incognito or just close the PC apps for communication. In other words isolate myself from everything that can distract me. After that try to play my best game and have fun!



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