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Question of the Week #26 | Closed for Entries

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  • Question of the Week #26 | Closed for Entries

    On Sunday, June 16th, PokerStars will celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Sunday Storm with an extra special edition of the event. Find out how you can win your entry for FREE!

    For this week's 'Question of the Week' we want to find out from you the following...

    This weeks question is:

    If you made the Final Table of the Sunday Storm, how would you stay focused?

    At least 40 words or more are needed to qualify as an entry. The more detail you give the better chance you have to win!

    Post your answer below!

    A new 'Question of the Week' will be posted every Monday morning, you have until Sunday to post your answers, the winners will be chosen by our Moderation Team.

    1st - 25T$ + Community Ticket
    2nd & 3rd - Win a Community Tournament Ticket.*

    The winner will receive 25T$. The Moderation Team may award more spot prizes each week.

    Winners will be announced every Monday morning in the Poker Promotions section of our poker forum and all prizes will be awarded within 48 hours of the winners being announced.

    *Terms & Conditions
    • PokerStars School Staff such as Community Manager, Moderators or Trainers will not be eligible for any prizes.
    • All cash prizes are awarded in T$ Tournament Dollars.
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  • #2
    I will stay focused like the lens of that brand new 4k Ultra HD cameras, man...All the pixels on the table, you know what i'm talking about...
    I predict around 90k entries and the tourney lasting around 10+ hours ,so if i handle it till the final table ,i will stay focused like those cowboys, whom they tortured with the sticks on the eyes ,under the sun ,at the desert, in the western movies ,and still will worth it ,because other option is to stay same focused way, about years ,to a regular job, for such a money ... Best of Luck !


    • #3
      Proper preparation for such tournament with high amount of players is very important. You need to be fresh both physically and mentally so that you can play your best game for hours. To stay focused on the final table you should just continue to do what you have done to reach this stage. Most important is to remain calm and not allow the emotions to overwhelm you and ruin you game. Good music and having something light to eat also helps me to stay sharp. short break for a few minutes if you see that your focus is shifting is also important and helpful.


      • #4
        Assuming I got in, I'll tell the story of my SundayStorm final table:

        By the time this happens, we are already dawn.
        So I'd wash my face for the first time to refresh, because then I have more than 10 hours of play behind me and I'm very tired.

        (And I can't eat chocolate, don't ask why, because my godson Matthew said. (I put this sentence at the request of my godson because he didn't believe I'd put it in. ) I apologize to everyone ).

        The refresher must be all kinds of. This may be a good green tea or coffee if you are very tired I'm.
        But not too much because it can disrupt a person and now the point is the perfect focus.
        Then I open my window to let fresh air in at dawn. The mosquitoes were already retreating.
        I'll put on some good music to the music player
        Maybe Mozart (I heard that Mozart music is a best music for learning.) sure help.

        Maybe I'll pick up a snack (not chocolate). It can be apple, banana or some light meal that doesn't load because all my strength may be needed.
        So I am ready for the final table with hopefully fresh, maximum focus.


        • #5
          I would probably put some music on in the background and really focus good on my table...even if im running another tournament might even have to sit-out or give less focus on that one just so i can focus on the sunday storm... i would also really take those 5min breaks to good use to clear my head so i can come back with a clear mind

          Think the music will by the key to make me stay focused on the table and maybe a pair of chips it the other hand... to help me relax

          I bet some adrenaline will come the further you make it.. haha

          Also a nice coffee when reaching the final table will also make me stay even more focused... cant go wrong with a nice coffee right?


          • #6
            oh that is a nice and hard question it would be great to make it to the final table,
            after that i should use all the break to make coffee put some good music like Brahms Hungarian dance again and again.
            And waiting for a good hand but i will pay a lot of attention to the other players to see how they play and if i can see the week spots of them


            • #7
              At the final table i would already be very focused but to continue I would stretch, do some yoga, drink water or coffee, maybe put some music on and put a do not disturb sign on the door hahaa

              Also at Final Tables ICM becomes very important so its best not to be tired you need stamina as well as skill so focus is key here


              • #8
                With the tournament breaking at level 42 after 7 hours of play I'm thinking we might not be at the final table at that point. So with an overnight rest and play resuming the next day I would get in some physical exercise before the game to bring down the stress a bit. I would eat a good lunch with no sweets that might make me drowsy and then I would have a coffee as the game resumed to let the caffeine raise my heart rate just a bit. From then on no music, browsing, turn off the phone etc. Ultra focus on every move...eye of the tiger. If Pokerstars allowed sound I would growl


                • #9
                  I would just relax and chill and put my headphones on. Turn my phone off and just vibe out to some good music. Some old school Eminem would be good and get me in a good spot mentally. That’s hat I would do if I made the final table


                  • #10
                    Both physical fitness and calmness of mind are very important in order to maintain focus.
                    Physical fitness cannot be built in a few days and so it is important to work on this constantly, regardless of the fact that one has to play a big tournament or not.
                    Assuming I would make it to the final table, I would furthermore prepare myself by doing lots of meditation, both before and during the tournament. Meditation can be done at any place and at any time, contrarily to what many people believe and it improves both calmness and focus.
                    Apart from those 2 things, a healthy dose of caffeine in the form of some delicious hot Latte's should help me to maintain utmost focus and maximize my chances to get a good result.


                    • #11
                      Greetings to everyone, of course I would like to be on the final table sunday storm anyversari. It's important to focus on the opponents, be patient. Think big )) And never give up!
                      I believe in myself and with a little luck maybe I will win the first place. The right decisions at the right time are important. Quiet heads and probably streaming the first big snack on the pokerstars.))
                      Good luck to all


                      • #12
                        I would be patience and bide my time study my fellow players on the table then get ready to strike and win,


                        • #13
                          How would I stay focused?

                          I would not have any problem staying focused once I made the final table Because...……...…………

                          Once you made it to the final table that is where the Real Money is

                          So no problem at all staying focused!

                          I would not hear a thing around me......I would only keep my thoughts on the game,

                          oh and maybe I may wear earplugs

                          cheers all
                          Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

                          7 Time Bracelet Winner


                          • #14
                            Blue light. The Sunday Storm is going to take hours to crack. If I survive the first day I will already be sleep deprived by the time I move into the second day and it is difficult to predict at what time of night we'll get down to the final table. It will be the longest and deepest run I have ever made, to make it both physically and mentally draining. I believe this will apply to everyone not just me.

                            So I'm going to need an edge to be able to concentrate and remain focussed. That edge is going to be blue light. This is the high-energy visible light around the wavelength of 400-500 nm. It is what makes the sky look blue. Exposure to this through the eyes makes us more alert, awake, energetic and focussed. It also helps cognitive function and memory vital to being focussed. Without it we start to shut down brain functions, feel tired and in need of sleep. Some blue light is emitted from our computer screens but that is not going to be enough so I'm investing in some LED lights for the room I'm playing poker in. This should trick my body and mind into thinking I'm in the middle of the afternoon not the middle of the night. Between Day 1 and Day 2, I'm going to exclude blue light totally by going to bed behind my extra thick bedroom curtains.

                            Manipulating the presence and absence of blue light at the right time will make it seem I'm playing through the day when I'm most alert rather than through the night. That is how I'm going to stay focussed.


                            • #15
                              If I made the final table of the Sunday Storm , I would use counting and deep breathing exercises to help me stay focused . Counting to ten helps to engage the logic side of my brain when the emotional side starts to take over and if I was at the final table of the Sunday Storm I my emotions would be running quite high . Deep breaths would hopefully calm me down as I can imagine I would be very anxious .

                              I would also take full advantage of the breaks to refresh myself , by getting away from the computer screen and standing up , using cold water to refresh myself .

                              I would stay hydrated by having continuous drinks of water .

                              If able to I would stand up from my chair and do some stretches .

                              How long you can stay focused will come down to what you do prior to the tournament not just on those two days , so if you want a chance at one of these long tournaments you have to make the choices in your lifestyle prior to the event because other players will be .



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