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Question of the Week #22 | Closed for Entries

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  • #16
    I´d like to see (Daniel N.) KidPoker play online. Ive seen him play real poker games and he´s a great sport and also diabolically entertaining while giving a lot of info on how to play the game and how you can vary your play. Could definitely learn a whole lot from him. Spraggy is also one of my pics since i saw his stream recently and he does his thing quite well. Both play and stream.

    Both players inspire me a lot to give the study and the grit that is due to the fun but challenging game of poker!


    • #17
      During SCOOP I will be railing Igor Kurganov as he is a top Russian player in PokerStars team. I am somewhat novice in poker, hence why I am on this forum. I won't pretend I know a lot about him, other than reading a couple of his interviews and knowing he's a big name in poker. So basically I will be railing him because he's my compatriot even though he's based in London. I know there is a separate Russian section of poker star online school, but I am registered on English speaking subsection and part take in EN MTTs.


      • #18
        As a fellow Canadian, I have to cheer on Daniel Negreanu. But not just because of that! We all know that he is a great player... I often wonder just how does he see through the backs of those cards anyway?


        • #19
          Howdy Folks,

          For me, all of Them!

          I rail more than I play, this is just one of my ways of learning,

          I want to see all the styles of play, not just one or two of them,

          To see how the Big Boys and Girls do it!

          These folks are there for a Reason...…..They are Good Proven Winners!

          Hoping that's where I will be one day

          Hey.....if your still doing that pay it forward thing....

          Please give it to joy7108

          Cheers All

          Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

          7 Time Bracelet Winner


          • #20
            Daniel Negreanu (kidpokerNJ) for sure , i am a big fan of him , Daniel is one of greatest poker players and have a unique style , i watched a lots of his videos playing and that is unbelievable how that he could manipulate players even if he dont have a good hand and i lick also his humor always mack me smile watching him,he enjoys playing poker it's not all about the money to him dosnt matter if he win or lose Daniel has that gift of gab and confidence for me he is numbe one


            • #21
              I will definitely rail for Daniel Negreanu, as he is my favorite poker player and he is from Romania just like me. Daniel is my favorite because he has proven that he is one of the best (despite he isn't no. 1 anymore on the money list) and also because he is a showman at the table, he is just funny to play against as it looks like and through all the show he is pulling off he is getting reads on his opponents. This guy is the perfect balance between human and poker player and knows hot to take advantage of that.


              • #22
                nkeyno is my number one because he is somehow to blame that I started playing poker, and I admire his play style.

                Ages ago , in the days a stream was only something containing water, we had a poker tv show. And there I saw Lex for the first time. And somehow I was proud that someone from this little country was playing poker with all that big names , at least someone told me they were big names in poker , personally I had not a clue who was who. And that was the start of me getting into poker. I didn't play it myself in those days but just watched all the shows. On occasion I saw Lex on tv and to be honest as I saw more and more poker players I didn't think he was that good. Probably that was more due to my lack of knowledge then his skills.

                For a while I lost track of him until I saw he was streaming. I started to visit his streams , subscribed and more and more got admiration for his way of play and also his funny open way of entertaining. And again I am proud that someone from my little country is doing so well and is well respected all over the poker world. It became very clear that he is well loved and respected all over the poker world when he suffered with his health a while ago.

                So yes , I will rail him if I can find the time and am sure he will be doing very well and at least entertain us.


                • #23
                  I like Spraggy Style how to play, young ambitious, I think he will do something in the SCOOP. I know that everyone is tipping on Lex, most people follow him while playing .. I am always for those fewer favorites from the shadows )) I hope that they will win a 1st place, if not me: P good luck to everyone! ))


                  • #24
                    Jamestaples is how I got really interested in playing online poker, Stars in particular. Very rational and sharp still entertaining to watch. Running good is caused by playing well big time.


                    • #25
                      Lex Veldhuis! (Original i know ) Gotta support the dutchies Been watching him when he played online and when he just came to twitch staring his streams
                      Been watching him during my tournaments sometimes on the background trying to learn a few things from him since he makes some crazy places in these scoop tournaments..
                      And the other special tournaments, Hope to have a chance to play one of these big scoop tournaments in the near future just to feel the adrenaline while playing a 55$ scoop
                      and coming top 30! would be amazing to have a chance at that, but first i got to grind my bankroll up


                      • #26
                        I will definitely be railing Liv Boeree, she is the first (apart from Daniel Negreanu) Pokerstars Pro that I have learned about when I started playing poker over decade ago. I found out about her when I was learning how to play Texas Holdem and she has been my inspiration and motivation since. I would always admire her for this amazing hero call with 55 during 2010 EPT Sanremo final table that gave her the victory and the biggest achievement and money prize in her poker career!


                        • #27
                          I like tuning in and watching the pros who are having a deep run in a tournament.
                          So depending on the day and tournament could be watching any of them.
                          I do like Lex Veldhuis and Fintan and Spraggy and tune in on twitch from time to time.


                          • #28
                            I always rail Lex Velduis. I often watch his streama and find them really good to learn from. Overall though I like to rail him because he is the one who consistently plays the PLO tournaments, my favourite game. I don't have the bankroll to play alongside him but try to see how well he does in the hope I can reach that level.

                            So here I am railing him now in the SCOOP 28: $5200 6 max High Roller $750K GTD. He's sitting in 36th out of 83 left. Go Lex, top prize $168K.


                            • #29
                              Hi. Which Team PokerStars Pro will I be railing during SCOOP and why?

                              Well done to PokerStars for adding Arlie Shaban to its list of sponsored players. He earned it, deserves it. I enjoy Arlie’s vibe and positive energy, his ups and downs. Real. Plus he is playing (most of the time) at stakes that I can relate to. Good on PokerStars for sponsoring someone who represents that portion of its client base. Also, he is fairly consistent with his streams.

                              Good luck to everyone on the felts.

                              [PS. Going to also use this spot to say how cool it was that PS gave so many people a chance to play a $25K (including Arlie).]
                              15 Time Bracelet Winner


                              • #30
                                I'm not familiar with poker teams.
                                But I'm sure Lex team will not take the first place.
                                The uncertainty and the greatest charm of this game.
                                My vote goes to a team that will have the least community voices.



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