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Question of the Week #22 | Closed for Entries

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  • Question of the Week #22 | Closed for Entries

    Answer our 'Question of the Week' for a chance to win prizes. This is a great way to participate in the forum so that we can get to know each other and learn about poker together.

    The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) began yesterday with more than $115,000,000 GTD! Find out how you can win free tickets to SCOOP tournaments here.

    This weeks question is:

    Which Team PokerStars Pro* will you be railing during SCOOP and why?

    At least 40 words or more are needed to qualify as an entry. The more detail you give the better chance you have to win!

    Post your answer below!

    A new 'Question of the Week' will be posted every Monday morning, you have until Sunday to post your answers, the winners will be chosen by our Moderation Team.

    The member with the best answer as judged by the Moderation Team will win, 1 or 2 word answers will not count, copied answers will not count, answers that do not make sense will not count.

    1st - 25T$ + Community Ticket
    2nd & 3rd - Win a Community Tournament Ticket.*

    The winner will receive 25T$. The Moderation Team may award more 5T$ as spot prizes each week.

    Winners will be announced every Monday morning in the Poker Promotions section of our poker forum and all prizes will be awarded within 48 hours of the winners being announced.

    *Terms & Conditions
    • PokerStars School Staff such as Community Manager, Moderators or Trainers will not be eligible for any prizes.
    • All cash prizes are awarded in T$ Tournament Dollars.
    • For the purpose of this promotion all PokerStars brand ambassadors and Twitch streamers will be considered.
    • Spam posts will be removed.
    • This promotion is run by Poker School who reserve the right to amend, edit or change the promotion in any way deemed fit without prior notice.
    • The decision of Poker School will be final in all circumstances.
    • Some accounts may not be eligible for tournament dollars or real money tickets. Poker School shall offer no compensation to any member should their account not be eligible for any prize.
    • Players must be over 18+ to take part in any PokerStars School Promotion.
    • Check out our general promotional Terms & Conditions for further details.
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  • #2
    I am a big fan of Lex Veldhuis so i'll be with him 'cause he is so emotional and funny while playing high level poker which I really like,every time he lose or win I feel like I am winning/loosing...


    • #3
      Lex Veldhuis is my number one because he is somehow to blame that I started playing poker, and I admire his play style.

      Ages ago , in the days a stream was only something containing water, we had a poker tv show. And there I saw Lex for the first time. And somehow I was proud that someone from this little country was playing poker with all that big names , at least someone told me they were big names in poker , personally I had not a clue who was who. And that was the start of me getting into poker. I didn't play it myself in those days but just watched all the shows. On occasion I saw Lex on tv and to be honest as I saw more and more poker players I didn't think he was that good. Probably that was more due to my lack of knowledge then his skills.

      For a while I lost track of him until I saw he was streaming. I started to visit his streams , subscribed and more and more got admiration for his way of play and also his funny open way of entertaining. And again I am proud that someone from my little country is doing so well and is well respected all over the poker world. It became very clear that he is well loved and respected all over the poker world when he suffered with his health a while ago.

      So yes , I will rail him if I can find the time and am sure he will be doing very well and at least entertain us.


      • #4
        For sure lex veldhuis becuase i think he is a legand and profesional player and also he could teach poker very well he has his perfect style in playing with a very good strategy i always follow his plays and he is a teacher for me but i have not seen him yet but it is one of my wishes if i could see him and wow playing poker on his table tnx alot


        • #5
          Now watching at Poker Stars Pro roster and see huge amount of Pro players missing of the client...Anyway, if "Money800" or "KidPoker" participate , they always capable of winning big.They natural born poker talents ...Shark style grind in addition with good amount of fun is always expected, if that two participate...Moneymaker is absolute legend and Negreanu...Well don't mess with Negreanu super intuition and card reading ,is a beast ...


          • #6
            Lex veldhuis!!! He has a winner strategy and he rock alot. I’m a fans or VELDHUIS.. ; )


            • #7
              I am going to watch Spraggy because he is very entertaining. His interactions with chat is pretty funny at times. Also, he has won a few tournaments in the past few days, so he may win some SCOOPs while he is on a heater.


              • #8
                I will be railing for team PokerStars Lex VeldHuis , I have already started . Ofcourse I watch some others streamers , like spraggy , but I am addicted to Lex . He can teach me a lot more than he has already taught me . I try to learn new thing all this time by watching his streams , how he bets , on what patterns and boards , and now with the SCOOOP is a great opportunity , cause I also want to play SCOOP satellites and SCOOP games , so I have to learn from the best . And Lex is the best , he has a lot of experience . He is an awesome guy , he can also entertain me while I learn , I never go bored with him while I watch streams for hours

                Good luck Lex .


                • #9
                  As a Canadian I've always loved watching Daniel Negreanu aka kid poker I've always tried to base my style of play like him. His style is so fun to watch as well you never know what he could be holding making him very dangerous to all.I really hope he is playing the big SCOOP tourneys and will be routing for the legend. Thanks guys


                  • #10
                    LEX is the man for sure! that guy has me intrested in the game more than any other. i think the standard in which he plays is remarkable.


                    • #11
                      Lex Veldhuis, a fantastic pokerplayer. First I saw in to the High Stakes Poker show.
                      But my absolute winner was Felix Schneiders, also known as xflixx (Sorry Lex ).

                      The instructor videos and twich streams were also featured on Pokerschool hungary. I looked it all and learned a lot. He's a fantastic poker player and instructor. Explains in a clear and funny way.

                      An important thing I would like to mention and thank you is setting up the Bet slider shortcuts bottons.
                      For example, I can tell you a long time ago there was a video where I could see the Felix setting of the Bet slider shortcuts bottons, and I have been putting mine down like that.
                      I've been using the 2.5 BB 3.5 BB 4.5 BB preflop raise since.
                      Until then, I didn't think half-blind would be the raise.
                      If you have live stream xflixx, will be happy to watch.

                      English is harder for me, but still I can learn a lot from it.

                      Thank you.


                      • #12
                        I will rail a few of them as you can learn from each of them if im not busy playing myself I hope Jason Sommerville will be on but im hoping to play some SCOOP for the very first time depending on how the satellites go (0/3) so far but 2 were tickets.
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                        • #13
                          I like all team pro but i watching good players xflixx and pig .Also Jamestaples good player . Pig is funny and good motion in stream. Pigs lucky days so i watch he winning scoop. Xflixx is goodman because share his winning money . Good luck all players.


                          • #14
                            PokerKid for sure. Negreanu has many interesting stories, excellent jokes and the most of all, he is always positive wether he wins or loses. His play is brilliant, especially reading hands of an opponent. I would try to mess with him a bit to see him on action.


                            • #15
                              I am fan of Andre Akkari. He is very disciplined player and frequently manages to get to the money. His story very clearly shows that if poker is interesting for you and you take your time to learn and improve you can be among the best players in the world. He started playing relatively late compared with another players and started from scratch so his success story is great inspiration for me.



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