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Question of the Week #15 (Closed for Entries)

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  • Question of the Week #15 (Closed for Entries)

    Answer our 'Question of the Week' for a chance to win prizes. This is a great way to participate in the forum so that we can get to know each other and learn about poker together.

    For this week's question we want you to think about what is the most ideal poker game for you.

    This weeks question is:
    A friend is asking you for advice about the best way to learn how to play poker.
    What advice would you give them in 40 words or more?

    At least 40 words or more are needed to qualify as an entry. The more detail you give the better chance you have to win!

    Post your answer below!

    A new 'Question of the Week' will be posted every Monday morning, you have until Sunday to post your answers, the winners will be chosen by our Moderation Team.

    The member with the best answer as judged by the Moderation Team will win, 1 or 2 word answers will not count, copied answers will not count, answers that do not make sense will not count.

    1st - 25T$ + Community Ticket
    2nd & 3rd - Win a Community Tournament Ticket.*

    The winner will receive 25T$. The Moderation Team may award more 5T$ as spot prizes each week.

    Winners will be announced every Monday morning in the Poker Promotions section of our poker forum and all prizes will be awarded within 48 hours of the winners being announced.

    *Terms & Conditions
    • PokerStars School Staff such as Community Manager, Moderators or Trainers will not be eligible for any prizes.
    • All cash prizes are awarded in T$ Tournament Dollars.
    • Spam posts will be removed.
    • This promotion is run by Poker School who reserve the right to amend, edit or change the promotion in any way deemed fit without prior notice.
    • The decision of Poker School will be final in all circumstances.
    • Some accounts may not be eligible for tournament dollars or real money tickets. Poker School shall offer no compensation to any member should their account not be eligible for any prize.
    • Players must be over 18+ to take part in any PokerStars School Promotion.
    • Check out our general promotional Terms & Conditions for further details.
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  • #2
    another easy question.....why don't I win this every week

    all you have to do is rail me playing this game and do the exact opposite

    Plain and Simple Folks!

    But seriously..........................


    There is so much here!

    And it is all Free!

    Yes I said Free!

    and you also get tons of opportunities to win Free stuff while you Learn!

    This is a Win Win Folks!

    Be it the articles, courses, live training, feedback from the forum, etc.... there is so Much information!

    Like I have said.................

    You can learn and get Free Stuff at the same time.....Win Win!

    Cheers All
    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

    7 Time Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      PRACTICE, PRACTICE and even more PRACTICE!

      The best way is really playing (you could for sure read some books, watching some tutorials, earn advises via social networks, forums, etc ...). You cannot never learn more like than practice. The more you play, the more you learn and I know what I'm talking about. If you don't mind spending some time with learning - you can just go for it either. But all you learn you need to try by yourself! No better way than start playing and continue earning experience & fun :-) Cheers, your MadAdoStars


      • #4
        I agree with effsea the best way to learn about poker is to take of advantage of the free resources on offer here at PokerStarsSchool . If you are a new member take advantage of the Initiation League and try and get your bankroll started while you practice what you have learned from the school .

        Post hands in the forum you are unsure about .

        Do not rush, learn the fundamentals of the game you are playing as solid fundamentals will be successful at the micro stakes and in freerolls .

        Do not try and copy some fancy play you saw a famous professional do on tv or a stream before you have learnt the thinking behind the move , keep it simple to start with .

        If you learn what hands to play from what position and when to deviate from them you will be ahead of lots of players .

        Practice what you learn at the school, even if it means playing freerolls .


        • #5
          Great question. We should take some time to consider the type of person our friend is. Is the friend a patient or a more spontaneous person. This will impact on whether s/he is willing to do some preparatory work or whether they are more likely to want to start straight away.

          We should also consider their ambitions at poker and which game and format they think they would want to play. Some might like the idea of playing cash games and others might like tournaments.

          Once we know more of how our friend is thinking, we can advise on a clear pathway to playing the game of their choice.

          First they must understand the rules and structure of their chosen game. This can be achieved by asking other players, playing a few hands with the friend and a real deck of cards, directing them to a simple strategy book or to online sites such as the Pokerschool site which has all the information on how to play their game.

          Next there is no better way to learn the game than by starting to play, and so they should open an account with Pokerstars and deposit a small amount of money. We should point them to the many promotions offered by Pokerstars, that come when you first deposit money.

          IMPORTANTLY we should try to find a way for them to get a positive experience from playing. It would serve no purpose for them to deposit their money and then lose it all quickly. So as we are their friend and provided we are capable of winning a low stakes format we can sit at their shoulder and play a few hands with them.

          We should feed them inspiration and there are tons of inspirational information online from Pokerschool's Winners Wall to graphs posted by good players of their winning. I'd tell them about 'Cumicon's graph he posted of his PLO play where he won $7 million playing 1.3m hnads of PLO, that I found so inspirational.

          At first this could be at the play money tables, this gives them the opportunity to re-inforce their knowledge of the game rules without risk. But we need to point out these games are not realistic and that real money play is different. For a more spontaneous person we may need to start at the real money tables.

          Once we have played some hands together, we should begin to encourage them to complete the poker courses and associated quizzes at Pokerschool and then to go through the hands we have played together to see if they can think of ways they could improve how they played. If they are not sure we can point them to the Pokerschool Forum and Discord channel where they can get advice from other members and staff.

          The next stage is for them to start to play very short sessions of poker at the lowest stake, maybe at limit rather than no limit to reduce risk. In between sessions they should read more of the articles, watch strategy videos, review their hands and perhaps buy a couple of books aimed at beginners.

          After that, there is no limit to how far they can progress with hard work and practice.


          • #6
            The best way to learn how to play poker is to play poker .
            The more you play the more you gain.
            There are a lot of books/articles from which you can learn a lot of things.

            But the main idea is to play and have fun


            • #7
              First of all for sure i would say that he or she should use poker starsschool and read all articles and take part on online classes and wtch videos and learn all corses and pass all exams beacuase i have done all of this advices and i think it is the only way to learn and improve your playing and finally he should play more and more. And also take part on free tournoments


              • #8
                The two things that have benefitted me the most in my poker playing are what I would pass on to my friend. First, complete all the online classes, in order, on the PokerStars website. Take all the quizzes seriously, and not just something to get you free tickets. Then apply those lessons while playing online and concentrate on not deviating from the lessons you learned. The second thing would be to attend the live training videos hosted on the PokerStars website and pay heed to become a solid tight aggressive player who wins often, and not the loose aggressive that loses a lot.


                • #9
                  I learned through watching the pros and just adjusting my game through what they were doing like Negreanu,Somerville and staples I would also play poker against people who were friends and at similar and we would learn to play together and then my fundamentals would become stronger also I would play in different situations like sit n gos cash games and freeroll tournaments


                  • #10
                    First of all I would find some friends that play poker and join them at a live game observing, find some recommended books for beginners,
                    Join pokerstars and play for play money (this way you are not risking anything and if you make a huge mistake you can learn from it!) once you have played for a few hours study your hands!

                    This is a great way of seeing how you did and adjusting, take poker quizzes, join pokerstars school (wealth of information!) when you are ready to play for real start at micro stakes and work your way up whilst still studying.


                    • #11
             my mind the best learn to play poker is a school and play much poker for fun.when the player consider it is ready deposit and play poker to small with small prizes are diferit to poker big prizes.the players are advanced and the new player lose chance to win
                      have a nice day!


                      • #12
                        A week before one of my friends ask me exactly the same thing.My answer was that you propably overestimated your abilities, played way too many hands, and maybe even have afew superstitions.I told him that its 3 steps that you have to follow.1.METHOD.You should consider what you actually need,you must learn from your mistakes,see your bad calls or folds.2.BOOKS.Books are nice because it's pretty easy to take them around with you and use them anywhere: on a commute, on a trip, or in your home. You may even be able to get them for free by utilizing your local library.3.VIDEOS.Videos are great because they can be effective learning tools for many different types of learners, and because there are so many options.Successful or well-known players quickly began filling this market, and there now exist many poker training videos for free.Now that iam thinking POKERSCHOOL combines all this steps.


                        • #13
                          Best advice according to me is to be prepared mentally that you will need to invest serious amount of time and efforts before seeing any results. You need serious discipline (bankroll management) and clear goals to follow. When you are mentally prepared best would be to start playing micro stakes and simultaneously read some books/watch videos to learn the basics of the game and from that start to build your own strategy and concentrate on the game type that suits best for you and in which you are most profitable.


                          • #14
                            In 2019 there is many ways to learn poker play. You can just watch twitch best streamers (Lex, Spraggy, J.Somerville, Jaime Staples). You can try your first move in Pokerstars school league (it's good for begginers). Or just play with friends and ask about hands on the Pokerstars forum (what you can do better, what mistakes you should avoide etc). Improve, adapt, overcome!


                            • #15

                              Before I learn about poker, I think it's about motivating poker. Attitudes towards learning are very important. Why do you want to play poker? I think it is good to organize. If you clarify the purpose, you will know what you have to do. Next, visit the PokerStars website. You should find something that suits your purpose, including poker schools. If a friend wants to be a pro, there are also things that the pro teaches. That's all I can say to my friends. Teaching people is not something an amateur does. Later on you will only need to accumulate knowledge and experience as you practice.



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