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Question of the Week #14

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  • Question of the Week #14

    Answer our 'Question of the Week' for a chance to win prizes. This is a great way to participate in the forum so that we can get to know each other and learn about poker together.

    For this week's question we want you to think about what is the most ideal poker game for you. If you need help deciding check out this article:

    What is the best poker game for me?

    This weeks question is:
    1. Which poker game is best for you?
    2. Why did you choose this particular game?
    3. How will you improve at this game?
    At least 50 words are needed to qualify as an entry, please give as much info as possible.
    The more detail you give the better chance you have to win!

    Post your answer below!

    A new 'Question of the Week' will be posted every Monday morning, you have until Sunday to post your answers, the winners will be chosen by our Moderation Team.

    The member with the best answer as judged by the Moderation Team will win, 1 or 2 word answers will not count, copied answers will not count, answers that do not make sense will not count.

    1st - 25T$ + Community Ticket
    2nd & 3rd - Win a Community Tournament Ticket.*

    The winner will receive 25T$. The Moderation Team may award more 5T$ as spot prizes each week.

    Winners will be announced every Monday morning in the Poker Promotions section of our poker forum and all prizes will be awarded within 48 hours of the winners being announced.

    *Terms & Conditions
    • PokerStars School Staff such as Community Manager, Moderators or Trainers will not be eligible for any prizes.
    • All cash prizes are awarded in T$ Tournament Dollars.
    • Spam posts will be removed.
    • This promotion is run by Poker School who reserve the right to amend, edit or change the promotion in any way deemed fit without prior notice.
    • The decision of Poker School will be final in all circumstances.
    • Some accounts may not be eligible for tournament dollars or real money tickets. Poker School shall offer no compensation to any member should their account not be eligible for any prize.
    • Players must be over 18+ to take part in any PokerStars School Promotion.
    • Check out our general promotional Terms & Conditions for further details.

  • #2
    The best game for me is 6-max cash Pot Limit Omaha. This game suits my adrenalin needs. It is full of big pots, outdraws, redraws and endless opportunities for bluffing. The four hole cards are the equivalent of being dealt 6 NLHE hands every time, opening up more playable situations on every deal. Skilled players don't have to fold as often as in other games and winning players can have VPIP statistics that exceed 50%. That means you're in the game battling, manouvering and deceiving all the time.

    The game keeps my attention constantly. It is great practice for other forms of poker because understanding blockers, bet-sizing, position, board reading, reads on other players, potential exploitation and equities are a must even at the micro stakes. The extra hole cards, the increased playability of hands and the pot limit betting structure brings waves of information the intensity of which you don't see in other games. That provides greater opportunities for players that want to work hard and love varying their game. An additional excitement is that the added complication means there may not be 'the correct' way to play PLO and it is harder to solve.

    For someone who fancied an exciting change, loves experimentation and discovery and wanted to pep up their poker game, and felt they needed an intensive course in board reading, player reading, practicing bluffing, the application of blockers, bet sizing and position, Pot Limit Omaha was the choice for me.

    Getting better at Pot Limit Omaha is about learning and then practicing different concepts and there are a lot of those in this game. The process for me is learn the concept from books, articles and videos. Then apply and practice the concept in real game play over and over again, then seek confirmation and clarification by posting hands in the Pokerschool Forum or Discord channel. Gradually as I develop a better understanding of more concepts and how they interact I will get better by challenging myself against better players.

    I know this is a game where one can truely become one of the best with both hard work and play. What could be better than that.


    • #3
      Which poker game is best for you?

      woopeee firstly let me say thank you to the school for my T$ from last weeks unlucky#13 question I had just lost with KK versus JJ picked up T$0.15 only to find T$5.15 added to my account I was down $2 this month so now im up $3! ok sorry back to topic in hand

      I win more at cash games (used to lose lots) but i prefer No Limit HE tournaments used to be SNG 9 man and 45 but now its MTT's not turbo not rebuys definitely not hypers(ugh yuck ), i used to watch on tv SNG so thats why i liked them but took decision couple years ago to learn MTT's, eventually will include rebuys

      Played some play money knockouts and I really like them they are super thrilling yet not adding them to my schedule yet

      Why did you choose this particular game?

      Was thru trial and error really I tried everythng and ruled out some immediately, then found which I enjoyed if I planned on doing this long term and then soon realised one stood out and it chose me kind of fell in place and felt "right"

      I find tournaments exciting but im patient so prefer non turbos (zoom cash games are ok maybe my second choice)

      How will you improve at this game?

      By studying & playing, Im thinking of getting Negranus course but its a lot of buyins out of my bankroll
      Ive got plenty of study material to keep me going though as over the years ive invested in courses and books as im determined to improve (found out though books are not for me)
      Im currently working on ranges and bluffing so watch out haha

      Thanks again

      please give the T$5 to mmmyesplease
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      • #4
        I prefer tournoments and zoom. Tournoments beacause its funny and you learn how to play with several playars. Zoom beacause its fast and nobody can cheet. I improve my play by studing and reading articles and watching videos and watching online class all in poker school and also with playing more times. But free tournoments has a big problem that some bodys play bad and risk fully but its also good


        • #5

          SPIN & GO MAX is the best. In this game, the winnings always fluctuate It is a game that chooses the best prize among three options. In addition, the number of people fluctuates, with 9 people at most and 3 people at minimum. The other party also changes. The limit on the number of hands to play is variable When the specified number is reached, all-in is forced. It's a very exciting game. For a limited number of times and a blind rise, it has to play well within a limited number of times. If you play these skill games, you have to play well and earn chips even if your hands are weak. As the number of players changes, you become more flexible. Because the other party is different every time, you can also observe the other party. You need data analysis skills to win. Flexibility, situational judgment, observation ability, analysis ability, you will be forced them within a limited number of times. Thank you very much.


          • #6
            It's honestly gotta be spin and go for me, Im a huge fan of the bounty builders and the thrill that is involved, but the BB is so easy to play on repeat, every game is different and regardless of the stack your always in with a chance, also I tend to do well in bursts when I'm on top of my game, it allows me to build enough of a stack to participate in bigger tournaments, also if your concentration levels are low its a nice game to play quick and easy on the brain


            • #7
              I have not yet decided which poker game is best for me , I am still trying to figure that question out .

              I like Multi Table Tournaments , but get fatigued around the four hours of play mark, so the Masters League is just right for me while I try to improve my fitness .

              I find I have more success in Spin and Go's rather than Sit and Go's and like being able to take breaks .

              When I play cash I play nine handed Zoom, but this only runs most days at 2NL, I will have to transition to six handed if I want to move up in stakes .

              I will continue to use the resources at the school to improve my games and hopefully find one to concentrate on and move up in stakes .


              • #8
                My favorite games got to be the hot/hotter tournements of 0,55$, i love the big playing field with a chance to get a really good payday! the adrenaline when it gets to middle/late stage with the blinds rising trough the roof and asking yourself every hand again, when am i going to make a move here without getting shoved on or when should i shove myself? The reason why i choose the 0,55$ hot/hotter is because it has a big playing field with a lot of action because of the structure of the tournement. Right now i'm trying to improve on the calling/betting ranges so i can use my chips more carefully, also a big part of the later stage would be when to shove.... Personally this freaks me out a little bit being scared to get hero called for my tournement life. Luckely Lex Veldhuis is kind off my idol and he plays a ton of tournements to learn from!


                • #9
                  When trying to decide my favourite poker game, I always consider the following factors:
                  -What do I enjoy the most out of playing poker?
                  -Do I prefer the excitement of the short term, or the promise and reliability of the long term?
                  -How much time do I have?
                  -How much disposable money do I have to play poker with?
                  -Do I like a lot of action, or more of a steady game?

                  All this factors lead me to me to one answer NLHE.

                  Its not that I don't enjoy the other varieties in menu. Pot Limit Omaha for example is an amazing game and a hell of a lot of fun. Stud games are good too, for honing memory and strategy skills. Even old school five card draw has something to offer.

                  But in the balance of things NLHE has it all in just the right proportions. The game moves at a good speed, the hand rate is about the best for any version. The variance is about right, enough to keep you on edge, but not go too crazy like Omaha. And personally Hi-Low games short circuit my brain-------LITERALLY.

                  But jokes aside NLHE offers me simplicity within the complexity of betting, The different philosophies about the different hole cards, is 88 a blessing or curse. It just gets your juices flowing.

                  Any way you look at it, NLHE is a very well balanced game and Maybe that is the reason Doyle Brunson calls it the Cadillac of poker.And which I'm proud to say is my favorite game.

                  ​​​There is a reason we see similar faces in the final table of major NLHE events. It's called learning from mistakes and improving themselves. So these are the top ways that Im trying to improve my game in NLHE.

                  Firstly Like everything in this world, NLHE also requires practice, practice, practice in order to succeed. Rome wasn't built in a day and we also need to constantly dedicate ourselves and in order to finally start crushing the table.

                  My other recipe to improving my game is Reviewing my game: Many say it's a waste of time and energy but I'm not one of them and I consider it to be one of the easiest way to learn from my own mistakes.

                  When I am not juggling thousands of hands on Stars, I am spending countless of hours reviewing my own hand histories and finding ways to improve.

                  It is really a very simple formula:
                  Find out what works and do more of that and Find out what doesn't work and do less of that

                  And finally my personal favorite is going through NLHE poker videos course which I think is one of the absolute most efficient way I improved my NLHE game.

                  The best part about poker video courses is that i get to essentially look over the shoulder of some of the best poker players in the world and see exactly how they think.

                  There really is no substitute for this kind of instruction. You get to see the game how they do and learn from all of their vast levels of experience and history of success.


                  If I win please donate T$ to gigabat


                  • #10
                    My favorite game is the Texas Hold'em. For me poker is not just about winning ,it is also about enjoying yourself in the company of both accomplished players and amateurs. I feel like this game brings the best of both worlds. Most seasoned veterans still play in this game mode and most beginners start with this. You can interact on Poker Stars with both types of players. It is generally great as you can get tips from the experienced players as well as pass on some advice to the new beginners. To improve at this game would leave me with 2 options. I would definitely have to keep progressing and playing with better and experienced players to open up my eyes to new strategies, plays and etc. Another option would be to keep playing with everyone and as the golden rule says, if you put in 10,000 hours you will eventually be a professional at it. These are my plans to get better at my favorite game, Texas Hold'em Poker


                    • #11
                      The truth is that i don't have still discover which is the best game that suited for me. At this time i deal with the lowest spin n go because i had the opportunity to watch the game play from xflixx by his youtube list spin n go videos.I adapt his strategy on my hand and the truth is that this work fine.I choose this type of game because i like the fast action that provides spin n go , has flexible type and also like the tactic adjustment game. I will improve my game creating harmony between the game tactic and in my game tactic for the best result with repairing my mistakes.


                      • #12
                        Which poker game is best for you?

                        The best poker game for me are the bounty tournaments (Texas Holdem). There was a period of time that I was considering Zoom tourneys as the best (for the great speed of the game and quick action at hands), but with the time I realised that I value more the chance of earning extra money by eliminating other players rather than the fact that I do not have to wait for others to finish hand if I am not participating.

                        Why did you choose this particular game?

                        The possibility of winning money before even arriving to the paid places is very attractive. In fact the payout structure of these type of tourneys usually is not generous and unless you finish top 50 you do not earn much. Therefore if you are skilled, patient and lucky enough to gather elimination bounties then it really pays off much more. I am aware that this also brings the risk - many players think alike and they are tempted to join all-in hands more often just for the chance of getting elimination bounty. It can be frustrating sometimes seeing your AA getting loosing to 37 off-suited (just because the guy was trying his luck to get the bounty). Despite these disadvantages I still consider this type of poker game as the best!

                        How will you improve at this game?

                        There are many ways to improve, from observing the best players and studying some poker tutorials/cases to just get yourself involved in the game and make the most of it!
                        I prefer the last one and there are few rules that I try to stick to and improve on: be patient and never push on tilt, right cards will come up eventually, observe all the hands and opponents on the table to identify/learn their strategies and technics, do not take too much risk when you are shortstack, but try to keep the healthy balance between the hands you participate and you fold. I could go on but hey, I do not want to reveal all my tricks ;-)


                        • #13
                          This weeks question is:
                          1. Which poker game is best for you?
                          2. Why did you choose this particular game?
                          3. How will you improve at this game?
                          1) definitely I will pick HORSE game as a best for me!
                          2) first game format in which I managed to reach ITM place (old-good 50$ freeroll on FullTilt) and I think that also first one in which I played final table for the first time!
                          3) sadly I should say that it is quite hard to improve as far as it consists of multiple game formats at once. But I think that there is a huge potential in Razz and Stud games so far, I just love play them all !!! Glad to be a part of best community so far.
                          ID: MadAdoStars


                          • #14
                            I think i best for stud game. Next razz and omaha. holdem game is sit and go. spin go max is good profit but bankroll not enough. stud razz is not regular game so buyin minimum 1 usd. i do not enough good play omaha. i have 14usd . i forget my bad play anither games. So i play micro sit and go holdem. Now only play restart.


                            • #15
                              What is the best poker game for me?

                              This weeks question is:
                              1. Which poker game is best for you?
                              2. Why did you choose this particular game?
                              3. How will you improve at this game?
                              Its been good few months that I am playing poker constantly and for sure I know OMAHA ,HORSE, STUD POKER and High and Low doesnt suit me atall basically none of the poker games suits me except for No Limit Holdem as Ive been playing it for a while and learnt quite a bit yet still not enough hence I am writing this .

                              1- The game that one feels suits me the best is as I said no limit Holdem Turbo and not more than 200 entrants, this is because I can not control my aggression and patience and always get bamboozled its just matter of time so the less ppl the more chance I have otherwise I am bound to get caught with my constant bluffs. I must say I have had very good success with my style of play. I won $5.00 on a social event with Pokerstasrs and with that I enterd $5.oo KO Sit&Go and basically knocked out 7 and missed one damn loooooool and made around 25 dollars and fooled around and got near 70 dollars and decided to go for it and entered $55.00 satellite for daily high roller event with every entry a tremendous buy in of $1050.00 vowww its huge and I knew there are some wolves go for it yet still went for it and in this satellite there was only 1 ticket so one had to get first position out of around 20 entrants , believe it or not I did it and became first and beat Digiti something in heads up . It was incredible feeling never never ever have i felt it , it was like having sex none stop after getting ticket until start of tourney which was $70K I just can not describe what i was feeling i was in sky flying. Any how tourney started around 16.00 GMT and love to say I lasted and beat them all and collected over $20k but then i be lying as i got bloody knocked out afetr 2 hours and had time of my life even though I got kicked out and truly want to experience it again and wish it on all of you ppl whom are reading my story.

                              2- practice practice and more practice

                              3- I think by reading books and articles from reliable source plus again practice and experience as I know if i managed to play an high roller event i will go much further than my last week and only tiume i ever entered



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