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Question of the Week #11 (Competition Closed)

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  • Question of the Week #11 (Competition Closed)

    Answer our 'Question of the Week' for a chance to win prizes. This is a great way to participate in the forum so that we can get to know each other and learn about poker together. This weeks question is:

    List what you think would be both a positive and a negative of being a Professional Poker Player. Explain in some detail why you picked your considerations.

    At least 40 words are needed to qualify as an entry, please give as much info as possible.
    The more detail you give the better chance you have to win!

    Post your answer below!

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  • #2
    Being your own boss would be a positive and negative of being a professional poker player, lots of players would like the freedom of being a professional but lack the discipline and motivation when there is no set schedule to work like when you are employed by another person, especially when a player would experience a downswing , to keep playing enough volume to call yourself a professional poker player when you are continuing to lose in a downswing when you have bills to pay would take a lot of motivation and discipline and to play when your family and friends want you to commit your time elsewhere when you should be doing what is your profession .

    Also being your own boss means you have no holiday pay or when you are too ill to play you would have no income being a professional poker player .

    The positives of being your own boss as a professional poker player you can play where and when you want and you are only responsible to yourself .


    • #3
      Me personally I think the pros weigh out the cons there's alot of money to be made in poker which is fantastic and you get to visit alot of country's worldwide which is amazing but don't get me wrong it takes alot of time to become a pro which also could be a negative especially if you have a family because you could potentially be away alot of the time. I would love to be a pro but I just couldn't be away from my family too long training and competing online plays a massive roll in becoming professional that's why I think poker stars is a massive platform in poker which is great but I'm happy playing as a hobby but the money also would be a plus.


      • #4
        Professional poker player is a very serious career. You need to devote a great amount of time if you want to live of poker. One negative side is that you are under constant pressure. Positive side is that you do what you love and your life is constantly getting more interesting. Also This is career where you learn all the time and one other thing,its competitive.


        • #5
          The positive part about being a professional poker player is playing the bigger entry tournaments and mixing it with the better players. Hopefully this would improve your own game, watching how the experienced players play and even being able to chat with the better players about strategy and style.
          The negative part is all the travelling and living out of a suitcase, and depending on success, maintain concentration for maybe two to five days.
          The person I nominate is 73REX73


          • #6
            I think being a pro player have more positive than negative sides.
            To be your own boss-that's what everyone wants to be!
            You will be at a lot of places playing live tours. Meet a lot of interesting people
            The negative side I think is that,when you are your own boss you should remeber to be concentrated all the time while playing,aand make the perfect(or almost perfect) decisions while playing (that's why you're a pro)
            ​​​​​​And last but not least... i'm sure that every pro player has his best and worst periods !

            ​​​​​​p.s. overall it's good to be a pro
            hope to feel it some day
            Cry me a river


            • #7
              • Self-Employed with no 9-5 commitments.
              • You have a job you love
              • The market will always be there so long as prohibition doesn't rear it's ugly head meaning you won't be short of work.
              • An ever changing work enviroment leading to constant re-evaluation meaning that it's very unlikely you will become bored and if you do there are many variations of poker to shake your stick at.
              • Self Employed - No holiday pay, no dental, no sick pay, no security.
              • Going off above you will have to do your own taxes (or trust an accountant ) work out your bankroll and your own wage which will be different month by month depending on your bankroll.
              • If you are really good you will still have bad days/weeks leading to a loss of earning.
              • Starting out as a proffessional would not be easy without a decent starting balance.
              • lots of revision on your opponants ranges/betting styles.
              • As above but I can imagine alot of nights where your brain won't turn off thinking of new ranges or tactics you could try.
              • Again loss of sleep down to a bad beat or a fold where you're not sure if you would of won if you'd called.
              errm...I don't think I'm going to be quitting my job just yet...


              • #8
                It's not only a career, a normal career, but also a comitment into having another style of life. Clearly you don't only have to be a good poker player to do this, but also to manage your day to day activies in a total direction. Maybe a time-management book is something that is transforming a poker player into a professional poker player


                • #9
                  The positive is that you are acknowledged in a community of other professional poker players and fans. You get to travel around the world and compete for life changing stakes. The celebrity status must feel good as well. The negative is that lots of your time is consumed and you have a chip on your shoulder to make sure you uphold your rankings and your personal brand. Sitting in a chair for long periods of time can't be great as well. But hey, if you love what you do then it makes everything worth it. I want to be a professional poker player one day.

                  shaleta is my choice for the $5T


                  • #10
                    The advantages of being a professional poker player are freedom and possibility of winning big money. As a professional poker player you can work whenever you want, wherever you want, and don't have to work for anyone else. This is something many are only able to dream of. Many people who work wish to be able to have this type of freedom, being able to work when ever they want and wherever they want. Additionally, with being a professional poker player you also have the ability to win big amounts of money. These winnings are more then what most people will make in there entire lives. Having that kind of money is something that many dream of but will never be able to achieve working a typical job.

                    On the other hand, the disadvantages of being a professional poker player are inconsistentcy and stress. Professional poker players are typically not consistent with their winnings. One day they might win a lot, the next lose a lot. There's a lot of variance in poker, leading to inconsistent results. This on its own creates a lot of stress for professional poker players on top of the stress you get actually playing poker. Having a consistent full time job makes it very easy to plan finances. You'll know exactly how much you're gonna make by a certain date. You'll know exactly what you can afford and how you should spend your money. But, playing poker, it's very difficult to plan. There's no way of knowing whether you'll lose money or win money. You can plan it to some extent but if you lose everything you've alloted for playing, you're gonna need to deposit more. It's challenging to pay bills when you don't know if you'll have the money or not. This makes it especially challenging to start a family and have kids as it's a pretty costly to do so. On top of all that stress a person might get thinking about everything above, a professional poker player might also get stressed from the game of poker itself. With the swings you can get playing poker, it can become extremely stressful seeing your money diminish due to variance. This is something that professional poker players consistently have to deal with.

                    As a whole, being a professional poker player has its advantages and disadvantages. Not everyone can be a professional poker player because not everyone can deal with the disadvantages.


                    • #11
                      Hi there,
                      The positive part of being a pro is that you mastered the game and you actually became a pro.
                      The downside would be that everybody knows you and anyone could study your televised games to learn more about you.


                      • #12
                        I honestly don't know how people play poker as a profession. Perhaps people get lucky early on, decide it's a lot of fun and beats working for a living but then as the grind wears them down, they become unhappy. I don't see too many pro poker players who are genuinely happy, positive and upbeat people. They are often broody, snarky, abusive, and most likely depressed. Most of the time it makes me feel unsatisfied. I do enjoy the game, but the reality is you will lose in tournaments most of the time, make a small amount of money some of the time, and win rarely. It's a recipe for depression. No wonder so many pro's say they will quit after a big score.


                        • #13
                          I think being a pro player have more positive than negative sides.
                          To be your own boss-that's what everyone wants to be!
                          You will be at a lot of places playing live tours. Meet a lot of interesting people
                          The negative side I think is that,when you are your own boss you should remeber to be concentrated all the time while playing,aand make the perfect(or almost perfect) decisions while playing (that's why you're a pro)
                          ​​​​​​And last but not least... i'm sure that every pro player has his best and worst periods !


                          • #14
                            What negatives? I've got a million kids so travelling would suck, but who says you need to travel at all? Being a pro player just means you make your living off of poker. You can do that from home anyway, either by being good enough to earn the money directly through cash games and tournaments, or as a streamer. No holiday pay? Does not matter if you're making enough money doing what you enjoy. I've been self employed so long that things like holiday pay, and sick days aren't even an afterthought.

                            Up side? All upside. Deadlines, nope. HR nonsense, nope. People you can't stand talking to at work, mute 'em. Squeezed into a cubicle, nope. Drive / buss / walk / bike in bad weather to get to work, nope(unless you leave the window open).

                            Sign me up.... now.


                            • #15
                              I think to be a professional poker player to be really patient in my game. Never have to think about playing poker to entertain yourself seriously with your bet in game. It always changes depending on the way of playing the same table. Set specific goals for the day. Do not play too much. that's all i tho.



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