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Wriggley's vs Winston

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  • Wriggley's vs Winston

    Those of you who do not smoke have make it chrystal clear to those of us who do, that smoking is not acceptable at most poker tables.
    Even if smoking is permitted by the casino, we cannot escape the
    frowns, comments, lectures, jeers and downright insults by those who feel it's in our best interest to assert their opinions about smoking towards us. Ok...we get the message!
    Here's one for those who think it's acceptable to snap, crackle and pop gum ..... it's rude and annoying and not acceptable either.
    I signed up for a Woman's only Tournament at the 4 Queens in Las Vegas during it's special 2 week series of poker events. It was my first ever tournament. Many of the famous poker players were present. It was a thrill for me to meet and talk to several of them including Eric, Scottie, Pete the Poet and the Rambling Gambler.
    The list of woman present was impressive too and it was an honor to sit at a poker table with them. However, as the cards flew, the snaps of gum began to interrupt my concentration. One woman was actually blowing bubbles and cracking it just before it becan to fall out of her mouth. She was not alone. At my table alone 2 others munched, crunched, snapped, crackeled and popped at break neck speed. Instead of admiring their statis as

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    Wriggles vs Winston

    as professionals I was appalled by their lack of consideration.
    If smokers are not allowed to smoke at events then those who chew gum should also leave their habits in their pockets too.

    d.a. Bree


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      i prefer bubble yum lol

      how do u know that the gum chewers are not considerate smokers in disguise?
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        Interesting post d.a. and it's a good point.

        Although a non-smoker of about 10 years, I find that even if players at the same table are smoking, the air-conditioning in most casinos is generally good enough to deal with the smoking issue. On a couple of occasions I have asked smokers sitting besidi me if they would mind moving their ash trays to their other side and not have them between us, I have asked politely and have been treated equally politely, it's not been a problem.

        But I'd agree that some of the habits around the table of some players, (both smokers and non-smokers) is little short of appalling. Drinks get spilt, food is chomped, exposed when they're talking, crumbs etc. dropped and then left for somone else to clean up.

        Anyway, smoking at the table doesn't bother me as much (as long as I'm not having the smoke blown all over me) as some of the above and what you've described.

        But hey! I guess we all have to learn to live and let live.

        Shoeless Joe

        "Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I"


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          Not only is smoking irritating, it can give others cancer who don't even smoke!

          I'm sure someone smacking gum is a bit annoying, but at least they are not slowly killing you .

          Amazing to me in this day of modern medical advances and knowledge about our bodies that anybody would choose to keep on puffing away. Bad breath, yellow teeth, hacking constantly, lung cancer... just a few of the downsides to smoking. Now let's list the upsides... hmmm can't think of any.


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            ...just a few of the downsides to smoking. Now let's list the upsides...
            Depends on what you're smoking?

            What bothers me are people who yawn or pick/blow their nose or dip snuff and use a cup for a spittoon or talk about others' play or ask to see all hands at showdown time or call for new decks/setups or comment on how bad their luck is with a particular dealer or don't toke or...

            And if you throw cards at the dealer at a table where I'm sitting you will get an earful and a visit from the floorperson.


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              wriggle's vs Winston

     we are, talking about smokers again!!!!
              Aha...I doubt it simply because we (smokers) have been
              pistel whipped into submission. None of us wishes to visit that thrashing place again. If one is a considerate smoker chances are, one is keeny aware of the potential of others to call us on unacceptable behavior and will avoid unwanted attention to themselves. Nooooooo, I don't buy that idea.
              Shoeless..... relentless assult on my ears is not what I call live and let live! By the way....I lit a woman's butt on fire as she passed my poker table. In horror, I watched sparks fly from her dress as she walked past me. I was trying to be a considerate smoker, cranning my neck, holding the cigarette out in the hallway and making sure none of the smoke trailed into the playing area. It was hardly the result I expected!


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                :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ROFLMAO


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                  I wasn't aware that passive bubble gum chewing could damage your health.


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                    bubble gum chewing can seriously damage anyones health when i catch the idiots that keep spitting it on the floor

                    i and many other wheelchairs do not want your gum in our wheels or on our hands after you finished with it
                    and if i see anyone spitting it on floor i am certain if you dont pick it up your health would be on a serious downslide


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                      ironside - you need to get yourself a wheelchair with some James Bond features. Oil slick, guided missles, arm rest mounted machine guns, etc.

                      Nobody will dare leave gum in your path!


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                        Iron, how old is your wheelchair?

                        Get a new one. They have bubble gum avoidance systems.


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                          wriggley's vs. Winston

                          OK... Some of you keep wanting to make this a health issue.
                          My point is this. Those of you who do not smoke have succeeded in your demands, banning it from most places, including most poker rooms. Poker has historically been equated with drinking, smoking and prostitutes. LOL..smoking seems to be the only element missing from todays modern poker atmosphere. whatever! Anyway, this conversation was meant to point out an equally annoying condition which exists in the poker rooms and has, until now, gone on without
                          provocation from those who are really aggreviated by it.
                          Once again...If smokers are expected to modify their actions in order to play poker, the gumchewers who don't seem to have a clue, should also be accountable.
                          :evil: d.a.Bree


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                            quote: Poker has historically been equated with drinking, smoking and prostitutes.

                            Yeah!! Bring back the prostitutes!!!



                            p.s Gum chewing and bubble blowing is annoying


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                              The upside to smoking??

                              Having a smoke keeps me from going crazy and pimp slapping whiney lil bastards who b1itch about smokers!




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