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QQ Raise Pre-flop

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  • QQ Raise Pre-flop

    $30.00 PSO NLHE Sat. 1st Hand. I'm UTG +1 with QQ. I make a 12X ($600) raise, all fold to BB, who calls. flop is 64A rainbow. BB moves all in, I call just to see it. He has A3o. How big a pre-flop raise is prudent/correct in this situation? I hate to slam All-in, but it seems that that is the only way to get any respect here at PSO.


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      Thanks for the explaination!


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        you cannot win a tourny on the first hand
        for the first hour relax the money is deep
        folding winners is not a crime
        dont over bet a hand early betting the pot or 3xbb is enough even with AA if you feel that a player has overtaken you on the flop fold it

        yeah i hate folding AA when a 3 flush hits or 3 face cards but its the right play even if you are ahead its better to fold a winner and lose a little than to call and lose it all (even if you have a chance to double up) in the early part of a tourny doubling up is not that great a help infact here in PSO you dont need to have more than about 9k after an hour of play to still be in good shape and even then 5k is still enough to do ALOT of damage with.

        once you have lost chips dont throw more chips away chasing them wait for the right time/postion/hand/player and get them back.

        in the big one 2 i was under 5k after i made a bad play with 2 pair (after i knew the other player made his flush on turn) this could have cost me my place in the event but it was early still the first or second level of blinds
        after losing a large part of your stack you need to wait for the NUTS as players will try to attack you as your short stacked and when you do get the NUTS make them pay.