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live encounter with fossilman

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  • live encounter with fossilman

    Last month, I had my first tilt with Fossilman , from whose posts
    on 2+2 I've learnt a good deal.

    We were playing in a supersatellite in which $200+30 buys 1000, then a single rebuy of $200 nets 2000 more in chips. A side point: there were 55 players in the super, but we wound up with only one seat because a dozen or so players foolishly(IMO, anyway) chose not to take the add-on.

    Greg had just got moved to our table, and as so often, I hadn't played a hand in the twenty minutes or so since he'd come calling.

    In early position, I picked up kings, and, with the blinds at 100-200, made it 800 to go. It was passed round to Greg, who promptly
    moved in with his 1800.

    Here, I thought a moment. Being familiar with his sound, reasoned advice on 2+2, yet knowing he was capable of being tricky,
    I knew he didn't have to have aces(I excluded kings, with my two) for his move. Also, I took the fact that he didn't know my play into account, therefore he might be trying to blow me off a hand. When I called, he showed 9-9, which was a surprise.

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      I hear he's dreamy.......


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        He was probably gambling that you would either lay it down or call with overcards in order to get a stack.


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          Having played with Fossilman way too many times, he probably made a bad read that you didn't have that good of a hand or you were drawing to try to move you off it as he's somewhat shortstacked at this point in the super. Were you in late or middle position when you made that raise?

          Greg is a pleasure to play with but he's a real nightmare to short stacks when he has chips and tends to gamble more when he's below average chips. (over the top with AJs - AQ, middle pairs)

          Shh...don't tell him I said that