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What I learned in TBO2

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  • What I learned in TBO2

    Hello everyone. Upon reflecting on my experiences in TBO2, I thought I'd share a few of my observations and general thoughts regarding the event...

    1. The level of play was outstanding. We all took a few bad beats and even gave a few bad beats. It happens. A year ago, I would have thought some of the moves I saw in TBO2 were bad beats. I now understand them to be part of no-limit hold'em. Example: Hukilau went all-in from middle position with $17k. I was in the SB with 99 and about $100k. At this point of the tourney, people were stealing blinds at least 8 out of every 10 hands. I called, he showed KK, I caught a 9. Sorry Hukilau. But, like I said, that stuff happens to all of us. I was called all-in by 55 and got busted at the final table. Oh well, it happens.

    2. I've been reading a lot about how NLHE is all about playing your position effectively. This could not be more true. About midway through the game, I began to build my stack not by showing down the best hands, but by only getting involved when I had position on shorter stacks. I was dumping hands as good as QK suited when I was out of position against bigger stacks that open-raised me. If they didn't raise me, I pushed all-in. Otherwise, I'd fold (even to just a single bet).

    3. As far as I can tell, I only made one monumental mistake. I made a pot-sized raise with AQ, was re-raised by the BB (he went all-in, about half my remaining stack) and I called. He showed down AA and I went from $130k to around $30k with only 40 people left. I definitely should have folded after the reraise, considering I was only 20 players from being in the money.

    4. All it takes is a 'chip and a chair'. After the restart, I was down to $24K with 40 players left. Using some of Sklansky's strategy (from Tournament Poker for Advanced Players), I got aggressive for the next couple of hands. I had to, I would have been blinded out. Once I built up a stack of around $100k, I went back to my conservative, positional strategy.

    5. No matter what you do, some one is going to get ticked off. I don't understand why SanRamonSlim had a problem with my play. He made some comments as he was getting busted out regarding my play, as if I were a maniac or something. I strongly believe I was playing very sound tournament strategy. I hope he comes to realize that someday as it will make him a better player.

    Finally, congratulations to everyone!!! It was a great tournament. I learned so much from the 9+ hours of play. TomHawk played a great game. Sure, he busted me out at the final table with 55, calling my all-in, which would have crippled him had he lost the hand. But, like I said, that's poker. Maybe he's playing a strategy I'm not good enough to understand yet. Or, maybe he just got very lucky. Regardless, he did win and he deserves our deepest congratulations. Way to go Tom!

    Sorry for the long post. I hope those of you that played in the tournament take the time to share your experiences and what you may have learned by responding to this post.



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    Welcome to the circle of winners,

    Your tournament finish and your game analysis from this post.

    A few things you brought up:
    a. Play position strong, be careful if you are re-raised.
    b. If they let you run over the table, their fault.
    c. Pick fights with small stacks.
    d. Only match up with big guys when you have the goods.
    e. Remember to change gears.

    Seems like I've heard that before. Oh, yeah, Champions use that as their mantra. I guest you're on your way.

    Play well when you use your sponsor points.
    f. Remember this is a game, some luck will be had by all. I hope yours is at the opportune times.