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  • WRGPT....

    How many of you are signed up to play in this tournament?

    Just curious.

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    what tourney is that?


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      I'm signed up, and have been playing the practice round.

      I don't know if people are just goofing around in the practice round, but I've seen some strange plays. Blinds at 25-50, nobody limped, and someone raising all in (10K) with QJo... to win 75.

      Something like 950 people are signed up I think.


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        tell me tell me

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          It's a tournament played by email throughout the next few months. You have upto 6 hours of 'office' time to act on your turn.

          They are in the practice stage now and it should start for real next week, maybe this monday, I don't know. Either way, there is not much time left to sign up.

          A lot of RGPers and some famous players are in it. Nolan Dalla is, as is Chris Ferguson as far as I can remember.


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              Originally posted by minpin
              I'm signed up, and have been playing the practice round.

              I don't know if people are just goofing around in the practice round
              Do ya think

              The practice round is just to get used to the commands and stuff.

              I currently have QQ UTG 3 handed, having been re-raised the minimum preflop. Flop T87 with 2 hearts. 1200 in the pot. I'm so out of practice, I haven't got a clue what to do

              It's the first hand no-one went all-in preflop


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                i ran across this someplace a few weeks ago. i was wondering what it was. looking through the loooooooooooong list of names i see 1 pso'er that i recognize (of course it was adam schramm and it was at the top so u couldn't miss it)

                i see a few from my b&m and a few that i just met lastweek at fargo


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                  It's interesting... reminds me of playing chess through the mail. One move every few days.

                  You definitely get a LOT of time to think about your move, waiting for people to act sometimes takes several hours.

                  It's a cool concept - I'm looking forward to it starting and actually being able to play a hand


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                    i am #1141

                    good luck noodles and minpin

                    see ya at the final table


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                      I've signed up, have no clue as to what to do. Keeps saying I am on vacation. Any help would be appreciated.

                      There is an Andy Chang at my table wonder if its the same one thats at PSO.

                      Thank you in advance.



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                        You have to send an email with your code in the subject line, and the email body saying'BACK' in caps. Though, I don't know if you need to do that as the practice round has started. It starts for real next week sometime.

                        Go to the link in my previous post on this thread. All the manuals and stuff are there.


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                          I'm in it and enjoying the practice round. A couple of things to keep in mind about this tourney

                          It can take a day or more to complete each hand (one took 2 days)

                          You need to take the time to learn the helpful advance commands, as these can really keep the action going smoothly

                          There are over 800 players currently registered

                          Last WRGPT took over 8 months, from what the RGP posts say

                          Looks like it may be a lot of fun. Winning it is one of the great bragging rights in the poker world, if the old posts are any indication

                          I don't think you can still register, but if you want to, check it out NOW. The guy who runs it says he's gonna start up the real tourney on SUnday or Monday (13th or 14th) so HURRY!!



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