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Saneigy vs Buschman

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  • Saneigy vs Buschman

    She is a class player, but the cards didn't fall for her.

    I was very lucky to catch str8's, flushes, top pairs, domination hands when she did hit.

    It was a close match and I thought I had lost but made a miracle come back.

    One play, I have KK in small blind and Trap call. She has AA in big blind and trap checks. Rages flop. She goes all-in and I have her covered and think it's over; I win. Yikes, trapped by a better trapper.

    Good play, Saneigy.

    Next player, please.

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    Yikes, trapped by a better trapper.

    I thought my only chance if any at all, would be this sneaky strategy but I never could get you to bite! Well, you did 1 time as you said with KK and me AA but that was it!! The rest is history as they say...

    :wink: Thanks for the kind words, I lasted longer then I thought I would LOL! It is great experience for me, after all you are one of the best!!! Not just in playing the cards right but all aspects of your Poker Persona, perfection in motion. You are a graceful winner and modest too Buschman Thank you for the game...

    How bout double or nothing? Hehehe...

    SANEIGY :arrow: :wink:

    PS HAPPY HOLIDAZ!!! HO-HO- ops: HO...


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      When I return from WPO, I'd like a rematch. 8)

      I talk to my man and you talk to your WOMAN. We'll have to see what the negotiated contract stipulates on rematches. :

      No bitting, scratching, only one gun and one knife per combatant. Hummm, maybe steel cage match. Adequate supply of chocalate purchased in advance (cancel choca-holics membership). :doubt:

      Whose allowed to trap (I think only men are allowed this contemptable, devious device, especially against better players). Women have intuition to balance it out. I'm looking for an edge (luck will not get it every match). Block out view of blinking baby-blues (almost cost me the first match). Even better make baby-blues play blindfolded. I should have edge then. :shifty: