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Bummer, I missed da Big One II

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  • Bummer, I missed da Big One II

    O Well, not like I wooda hadda chance with all yooz gud players here..

    J7s is a good hand in early position.. Right??

    Oy vay, it's been a while!!

    Der Poguemeister :twisted:

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    Good to see you back. Maybe I can win a few more chips (hope you kill a few of the other players off before the final table) and we can meet in the finals. 8)

    I don't want you at my table until the end. :wink:

    I like the divide and conquere theory. You knock out most of the players and bring me some chips. :roll:


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      Welcome back back.

      For those of you who have not played Pogue: He can see into your soul, man. Just like Phil Hellmuth.

      Seriously, he can read a player quicker than anyone I have ever seen here at the school.



      • #4
        i aint had a laugh in ages welcome back pogue
        now all i need to do is find out which table your on to see you go ape when your AA gets called by 72o and you bust out.

        wohoooooo there is a god after all

        ps thought you went off to play pool maybe the mosconi cup reminded you of us europeans kickinh your butt

        anyone in the USA know the score? or is it like the ryder cup lets forget it was played untill the next time you win it.


        • #5
          Nope Ironside...

          I have found out pool is too dangerous.. Men's pro player got his eye knocked out in a freak accident.. I am still gonna play pool, but when I moved, movers broke my pool table. Waiting for the Army to reimburse me for the table, so I can buy another..

          Good to be back..



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            Pogue!!!! Welcome back man. At least when I stop posting, I can do so with the knowledge that trash talking in this forum will not be lost


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              It is good to see you back!!
              It was gettin boring without ya.
              I'll look forward to playing at yer table!
              Later Man!


              • #8

                Welcome back buddy!!!! For those of you who have yet to "enjoy" playing against Pogue, welcome to hell. You are about to learn that Stuey has been re-incarnated......


                • #9
                  I just dropped down 1 postion to 8th in the Bankroll tables, hmmm I wonder why :twisted: :wink:
                  Welcome back Pogue

                  Tony D


                  • #10
                    Great next thing you know pool shark will be here too.


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                      Welcome back....

                      Mike W.