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Congrats Kaigim

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  • Congrats Kaigim

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    Steve, you beat me to it, I came here to post that, and saw your post.

    Kaigim won a $25,000 event at another internet site, netting over $6800.




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      Great stuff kaigim big WIN


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        This wouldn't have been possible but for the PSO. I'm very much grateful to PSO. All credit goes to PSO members from who I learned so much. I normally dont post a lot, but always a regular/very frequent visitor of the forum and read almost anything that vets my curiosity.

        May be I'll write a online trip report on it, once I'm back from Vegas(Planning a week's trip to vegas during the new year).

        Randy, our heads-up game(which you had won) definately helped me a lot at the final table when the game got heads-up.(tend to remember the games that I



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            Ahhhh yes, Congrats...well done. I had visions of this being a place to post my victory in this event....but alas, it was not to be. I was sitting pretty good early in the event (about 30th with 700+ still in), when on the BB I have JJ...player on my immediate right raises 100, one bet. I think at this point, a great place for me to limp in, see the flop and get away from a dangerous pp should I see the oft seen A K or Q on the flop...thinking this guy has at least one of those overcards, if not two. Flop comes down Jxx....WOOHOOO. I flopped top set...gotta love it !! Gonna double up here and be the tournament chip leader...let the games begin. My opponent, very obliging bet all in at this point.....easy call from me....I'm only wishing we had more Cards are revealed....yep, sure enough....he's slow played AA with his one bet raise....boy is this guy gonna be kickin hisself after this hand.
            Of course you know, by my whining tone of voice here....the river brought his much sought after him his top set and putting me and my set of Js on the rail.
            Yep, I did the "poker school" thing....I got all my chips in with the best hand..on the flop...and yes, he did the expected thing...rivered one of his two outs to take me out.
            Oh well....such is poker life.