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    Hello Folks !

    Just following up my earlier post, I thought I would just write down my BASIC ideas about how the school should format its' structure for the next year.

    Now, why did we all become a part of PSO ? Besides a different array of other reasons, the most popular one would be ;

    "We wanted to improve our game and become a better poker player... right ?"

    As I stated before, I think the most important part of being a consistent winner is bringing your A game to the table all the time.

    So PSO SHOULD and MUST force us to do so. How are they gonna do this ? Well for me, they should have such a structure that every result that I will get from every single tourney must count toward my ranking for the prize contest. (Not the best 20 results or the worst 20 results etc. etc.) I think this would definetly increase the quality of play and lessen the number of kamikazes appearing at the tables in all tourneys.

    What else ?

    I think a good poker player is someone who can play all variations of poker at ease with winning strategies for each type of game. So the school should force me to play and succeed in different varitions of poker such as omaha, stud and maybe draw in the future.

    Anything more ?

    We dont' want to be a victim of short term luck so while always a part of the rankings, one must play at least 500 tournaments a year of which at least should contain all different variations of games with different proportions. (150 Limit Holdem, 150 No limit Holdem, 100 Omaha High, 50 Omaha Hi-lo, 50 Stud etc.)

    Some people might say that 500 tournaments a year is a big ask but it is only a small fair indication of long term for tourneys plus if you dont have the time to play 1 or 2 tourneys a day then maybe the school can have something else to offer for you other then compete in this specific league.

    These are very rough ideas. There has to be some cons and pros and I am sure brilliant minds of PSO will come up with them...

    So get cracking folks and lets hear the goods..

    Take Care

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      Right about the time I was writing the end of the message, I had the same thoughts Hazy. Financially it would not be sound for PSO to setup the league in the exact way I described. I am not telling them that they should pay the entire prize money on a single league like that but at least some portion of the money should be distributed to the long time players and consistent winners in a league system which favours the long term winners rather then the crap shooters. (Dont get me wrong I am a crap shooter myself and a bad one at that.. )

      As well as being very decent/caring, Tina and Mark are very smart business people. Mark knew that he was not going to pay 100 k in full with the current field and qualification structure. I know 100k is a very attractive amount in terms of marketing but I just think that he can openly state; Ok this year I am going to pay 20 K and I mean it..... 10 K will go to the winner of our annual league and 10 K will be awarded to the winner of our end of the year tournament which all PSO members with a cumulative total of 50 % or above can attend. So now Mark can hook in the newly participants, as well as keeping the long term players, winners happy.

      And from a consumer point of view I do not think it would make much of a difference for us whether the amount that we are fighting for is a real 20 K or a magical/misty/uncertain 100 K...

      "Hımmm, how much ?? Only 20 K.. ? I think I will go and find myself a better school with a 50 K prize..." LOL



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        Good thoughts.
        How about :

        1. More sponsorship money for monthly leagues ( higher $'s throughout and more places paid). This will be an encouragement to long-term membership, but also an attraction to new students to stay and build up their points. It might also encourage kamikazes to, er, 'calm down' a bit.

        2. Some kind of monthly sponsorship for 'multi' events ( e.g. u gotta play at least 2 NLHE, 2LO8, 2PLO8, 2 stud. etc). Or (and why not) , minor BigOnes for Omaha and stud , with the sponsorship money having to go to an appropriate b+m event ?

        3. Less money up for grabs in TheBigOne III .

        All in all, I think PSO would benefit a lot by altering the balance of actual $$'s paid, which is currently heavily weighted towards the annual bunfight that is BigOne I'm pretty sure it'll help PSO towards its 'mission'. Long-term grinders will feel the whole thing is less of a lottery,while one-month-wonders might be encouraged to stick around long term.




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          I think that 500 tournaments a year is a little ridiculous. Even 300 a year would be asking a little too much. You would need to allow approximately 3-4 hours of your time, per tournament. Unless your entire life was dedicated to PSO, this is asking way too much. There are so many PSO Members with families, jobs that do NOT allow them to play while working, and others who just have "lives" in general, that would prevent them from bringing their "A" game to that many tournaments. It doesn't mean they aren't as dedicated to learning the game, or enjoy the game less than others.
          Looking back to when my children were younger, and when I had so many more responsibilities than I do today, I would think that 150 events per year would be a little more acceptable. Allowing for a "2 week vacation", this would average out to 3 events per week. You miss a week or 2, and then you make it up, maybe playing 4 or 5 a few weeks, when you do have a little extra time.
          Just my opinion!


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            Well as far as I can remember, there were members who played 100+ tournies in a month. I might be wrong though...

            500 can be achieved simply by playing 1 tourney per day in the week (1,5-2,5 hrs) and maybe 2-3 per day at the weekends. Plus I was just suggesting that number as a mere indication or a sample of long run in terms of tournaments. It could be anything from 100 - 1000 as far as I am concerned.


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                i would like to see PSO go to an exclusive bankroll system with no ranking log %' will force players to play for the money and the win and get rid of ladder moving (which i have done when near the end of the months as right now the only purpose is to play for sponsorship points). I am hoping they will scrap the %'s, but I have a feeling it is going to stick around. As for more points and payouts, any decision is fine with me, because it is their product and school, but I would like to see BR's reset, give everyone 5k or so. Take the added money out of ALL events and then use something like minpin's PPT ranking to determine monthly winners.



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                  With the announced addition of ring games how do you compare bankroll gain among school members???


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                    Originally posted by TrumpinJoe
                    With the announced addition of ring games how do you compare bankroll gain among school members???
                    Have seperate bankrolls/scoring sysytems. For tournaments, do what dreams said, an average profit per tourney figure. For ring games, do something similar to what I mentioned in another post a while ago.

                    Using a combined bankroll would be silly. One of their purposes at a school is to provide feedback, and the 2 types of play need to be seperated.


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                      Does a Limit Omaha have the same long term expectation (in big bets per hour) as Limit Hold'Em or Limit Stud?

                      How do you compare win rates of Limit HE to Pot Limit and No Limit?

                      How do you structure a system to incent players to broaden their experience in different games (which the TBO-2 leagues penalized)?

                      There are a myriad of challenges to building a workable bankroll based system that fairly measures ring game performance.

                      On tournaments, I have not studied the PPT to determine how affected it is by event size. Any effect would be the result of the PSO payout structure, however. Not of PPT itself.