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Did I do something wrong?

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  • Did I do something wrong?

    This is a hand from $50 Buy In PSo Tournament

    Just wondering if I played this one right or my bets were to small.

    Starting Chips $1000
    My Stack $975 His Stack $1900
    Starting hand #11935002
    Thief 21 dealt down Tc Td
    NewJane posts the small blind $10
    Turnaround58 posts the big blind $15
    kleetymo folds
    Cardster folds
    Barb3031 folds
    midas1 calls $15
    was folds
    Thief 21 raises $55 to $70
    NewJane folds
    Turnaround58 calls $55
    midas1 calls $55
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 8h 5d 4c ]
    Turnaround58 checks
    midas1 checks
    Thief 21 bets $105
    Turnaround58 calls $105
    midas1 calls $105
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 9c ]
    Turnaround58 checks
    midas1 bets $100
    Thief 21 raises $245 to $345
    Turnaround58 folds
    midas1 calls $245
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ As ]
    midas1 bets $530
    Thief 21 called time
    Thief 21 called time
    Thief 21 calls $455 and is all-in
    midas1 shows cards Ad 4s
    Thief 21 shows cards Td Tc
    midas1 wins $75
    midas1 wins $2,135
    midas1 won with two pair, aces over fours
    Thief 21 finishes in 41st place
    Starting hand #11935098

  • #2
    maybe raise all in on the turn? I still can't believe somebody would call your raise on the turn with bottom pair!?!? They got lucky, you'll have the chips next time around...



    • #3
      You bet just under 1/2 pot on the flop. A caller could be some one playing two overcards or someone milking a set. Since the board is a rainbow and only slightly scary (but I have seen raises called with 76s) bet the pot on the flop. That will destroy the value of the drawing hands, instead of merely denting it.

      The second caller is making the right play (with 4:1 pot odds) to call with a wide range of hands.


      • #4
        All-in or fold to the bet on the turn.

        A basic principle that most players break at PSO is that they flat call when that would then make the pot size around the same amount as what is left to be bet on the next round. Usually a no-no.