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    well, i have been reading alot on the forum about all sorts of things. i agree with many and disagree with some. but i just wanted to say a few things here. last night after the big one, i was hanging out with wildbill and my wife, and we were all talking about PSO. and the most impotant point or comment that was made, was by wildbill ( i know it is strange, but he really does have some good things to , and i agree 100% with what he said. whether or not i win any points, whether or not i did well in the big one(which i didnt), and whether or not PSO ever sponsors me in a tourny, i get my 150 dollars worth here!!!!!!!!!!!!! between the forum, the teachers, the lessons, the books, the hand situations, the hand analysis, the good and bad opinions, and all the tournies i get to play, i get way more than my money's worth from PSO. hopefully people can look past the things such as last chance tournies, bad beats, and lucky play, and take out of pso what they have to offer for the majority of players! good luck to all and see you at the tables.......

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    Thanks for making one of the most constructive posts of the day and putting it all in perspective. We may all have differences of opinion (ain't that the truth), but we share a common goal - to learn more about the game we love. And all this from the man who probably had the toughest Saturday of us all.

    Have a wonderful holiday - and looking forward to finally meeting y'all in Tunica.

    Amy the oil doe

    P.S. Nice dig on wildbill


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      Great point Muzzey!

      TomHawk should only have one thing to say! (Scoreboard)!

      No matter how he got there he beat 553 other players!

      This is great experience in these tourneys you can learn a whole lot.

      And if you think you can enter a big event and there wont be players who play very bad or are maniacs then think again. How are you ever gonna learn to play against those types of players unless we have some in the school. Someones playing style makes all the difference in the world and if you just played against rocks on here all the time you would be a lost puppy if you ever enter a real event.

      Anyway thats just my opinion, you are all free to disagree.

      GL all.


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        very well said, jmuzzey.



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          Thanks Muzz! Hopefully even PSO'ers can't argue about that!


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            After I went to bed last night, having pillow talk with Bruce about the day's events, I told him that my annual membership had been deducted, and it looked like I was in for another year!! He said, " You certainly get your money's worth, Janie"

            That pretty much summed it up in a rather simple sentence. I get my money's worth. I didn't win sponsorship points yesterday. I have yet to win sponsorship points. But today, I got a warm welcome and some good vibes when I played a satellite with Babe60, DixielandMan, Grom, and Beeker. Playing here is like walking into a room of old friends.

            On countless other occassions, I have come on PSO and felt down, sad, or lonely. And who greeted me? BRWBALDY, or WILDBILL41, ZIPMAN. Pokerwidow, (heck, you could insert 900 other names here) These are things I can't put a price tag on.

            I have opinions on the outcome of yesterdays tourney which shall remain forever tucked away in my heart. But let me say this now to each of you who are there day after day ... THANK YOU.

            And HAPPY HOLIDAYS


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              I could not agree more. I have been an admirer of Jason Muzzey because of his demonstrated skill. This post of his just adds to my appreciation of him.

              I have never played no-limit poker until this school. In fact I have only been playing low-limit casino poker for three years, and not that many times. Last year I struggled here. This year was better because I have developed a style of play. I still have much to learn.

              I have learned things at PSO that I have never seen in books. I have not seen them on other on-line sites. The learning has been invaluable.

              I like jmuzzey's, muzzeyj's and wildbills' positive outlooks.

              My best to everyone. Have a happy holiday and a very happy New Year.

              Alden Chase (tyro)


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                Jane..You are such a nice lady and everything you said and say is always refreshing.

                I hope to meet you some day and we can talk! Have a Happy Holiday and a very good New Year!!

                And thank you jmuzzy for putting things into perspective for all of us here.

                Great posts!!!




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                  What a deal

                  Fun, fellowship, & competition (a chance to learn).

                  24/7 & 365 WOW.

                  150/365 = $0.41 per day hummm what can you get for that price?

                  Soda? no; Cup a Joe? no; Pack smokes? no; Pack Raisenets? no;

                  Phone call(1 minute)? no;

                  1 piece of candy? maybe if its a small piece, but that will not satisfy the hunger. :mrgreen:

                  I guest that leaves one thing :idea:

                  PSO membership: $0.41 per day :wink:


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                    AMEN JMUZZEY<<<< You said it all! what a great post. New Jane thats exactly what I said to my husband and myself, "SURE DID GET MY MONEYS WORTH" In fact I probably saved ten fold that amt. in a year by playing in PSO rather then going out and playing live every nite.


                    BABE60 :wink:


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                      I couldnt have said it better myself. Oh wait a minute, I did say it. Or part of it anyway. Jay, you give me too much credit and you are going to ruin my reputation. I just want to be one of the class clowns, sitting quietly in the corner waiting to make a smart-assed remark.

                      But, while driving to Arkansas today to spend Christmas with my parents and some of my sisters/nieces/nephews I realized that I left out an important part of the value of pokerschool. I have made friends here. (And I am POSITIVE I will add to that list in Tunica)

                      I have met a bunch of the pokerschoolers in my travels and everyone I've met has been a good person, and fun to hang with. I count as genuine friends Jay and Jen, zipman, Hukilau, Sailor Moe, Stricky, joybell, be lucky and yes, even Debonair. Others I have met have been great people, and with some more effort on my part would quickly join that list. And, I emphasize, I know that my list of genuine friends will increase in Tunica. If I knew I could come up with half the number of genuine new friends a year ago, for twice the money, I would have joined in a heartbeat.

                      I will wrap this up by saying to my current and future friends and to the people I may not meet or who wont like me when we do

                      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Play Goot! and above all, Enjoy your life. See you at the tables or in Tunica, or wherever we meet.



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                        Very good points guys, I said this with regards to all the complaints about the LC tournies before the BO II. Even if there were no promotions, monthly winners etc. I feel that I get more then my monies worth for all the reasons listed in the posts above. And the benifits of the community being built here.

                        Thief 21


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                          hey bill...what am I? chopped liver?



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                            A post we all agree with......... This is too weird.



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                              Great Posts.