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    With all of the late entry-last chance stuff going on, I want to
    let every one to know about the outstanding early play of Rio Rita.

    I was fortunate to watch and play with Rita for the 1st 3 1/2 hours
    of the Big One. She worked her way slowly to roughly 35-40K at which time she took AQ up against AA. From the resultant 13K
    and a couple more minor setbacks Rio Rita reached a low of around 7K.
    A majority of the players I know (certainly including me) do
    some strange things at this point. Not Rita. Without changing
    her game she started back up. My last hand at the table was
    my AQ against her AK.

    I had to leave at this point....I can truly say that when I returned some 5 hours later I was not the least surprised to see Rio Rita
    as the 2nd place finisher.

    Great job Rita!!

    Mike W.

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    Rio Rita is a force!! For those of you who have not had the pleasure of playing with her (well the pleasure of having her pry your chips away from you), you have missed playing with a shrewd, calculating, and solid player. Her husband Joe All-in is another tough player. Playing a home game with these two is a truly humbling, but always enjoyable, event. Their love of the game and skill are hard to match anywhere.

    Rita played an incredible tournament and I was overjoyed to see it pay off.

    U go girl,
    oil doe


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      She deserved everysponsorship she won...and more!!


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        Congrats. Rio Rita.

        I am sort of a quiet person and don't post much, but I wanted to say congrats. and well deserved.

        When I joined PSO 7 or 8 months, I seemed to end up at a table with you quite often and in watching you play I remember thinking "How in the heck can I compete here".

        Now when I see you at my table I get a mixed feeling. On the negative side I know it is going to be a very tough table and on the positive side I know I am fixing to learn something.

        I sure wish cirumstances with the final 3 would have been different and you would have had a chance to get heads-up with more chips.


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          i finished the last couple hours on rita left, I have told many people that she played one helluva game. Her moves were very calculated and when she moved she did it with strenght. I felt very vulnerable with lion then scarz who wasnt there then rita. I did not see her attempt but one steal or what i took as a steal. I had to respect her. If she was in a pot I knew she had a hand. I honestly believed she played the best at the finale table. I am so happy that the bad beat of lifetime didnt happen in those last few hands. I know u had to be sweating.



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            Rita was one of my picks!!!

            Joe-all is a remarkable player who always seems to get the best of me, lol!

            They are a Poker Players nightmare, (I mean that in a nice way) but fun to be around as they snaggle your chips away...hehehe

            WTG RIO RITA!!!!!

            Good luck with how you use those $$$$

            saneigy :wink:


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              Oh, my gosh...thanks very much to all of you for the kind words. I am humbled by what I've read here and by all the private good wishes I've gotten. What a great way start to the New Year! My best wishes to each of you, in return!

              I have a great deal of respect for all the players enrolled in PokerSchool. Each one has a lesson to teach, and I have learned a lot playing here. I know that when I enter a tourney, I have to play my best, because it's always a tough table.

              I am touched by your remarks and observations, and I look forward to seeing each of you at the tables!!

              Thanks to Tina and Mark and all the staff at PokerPages for presenting such a great opportunity!

              Merry and Happy to Everyone!!
              (and Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us)


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                  One of the many who can be proud to say that his chips were part of Rita's success story. Good luck with the sponsorship cash, Rita.