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    What is wrong with you people ?

    Lets see ...

    Just answer some of the questions below ;

    1-How many people did you play against in the big one II ?

    2-How many people did the actual winner of the tournament play against ?

    3-How much did you have infront of you when you started ?

    4-How much did the actual winner of the tournament had when the tourney started ?

    5-How much did you have at the end of the tourney ?

    6- How much did the winner of the tourney have in chips when it was all over ?

    Himmmm..... He won and you lost.

    Look, you all knew what you were in for, right from the start. It was obvious that people would be able to qualify at the last minute. It was clearly stated at the PS site. So I dont understand all the negative comments. Rather then congratulating the winner, you go into a pissing and moaning contest about how you were cheated and you feel dejected and blah and blah...

    Well let me tell you guys that even the best player in this school can not come close to being a "tournament" WCP ok... and on a given day, in a "single" tourney, the difference between a WCP and a regular player can be easily offset by the second most important factor in Poker, LUCK ! So first of all you can start your redemption by accepting this.

    (How many people play in the 2k-4k holdem cash game with Brunson, Chip, Ted and the rest ... and how many did play against Hellmuth, Chan, Nguyen, Flack and the gang in the WSOP paying the 10 K entry fee ???
    Answer : 20 - 650)

    What makes tournaments so appealing ? The chance to be able to go head to head with the best of it on a given day with the help of LUCK. Agreed ?? Thats what happened here yesterday. No matter who you were, what your ranking was, everyone had a chance to be on top and the one that had the combination of Skill+Luck+Balls had the victory. I and you all should salute him for that.

    I think the most important part of being a long term successful poker player is "BRINGING YOUR BEST GAME TO THE TABLE EVERY TIME YOU SHOW UP NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE". All of us can learn a standard of starting hands, when to bet and when to fold even read opponents by their facial pr physical movements but if you can not consistently apply it at the table then there is no use what so ever...

    As long as one single tournament result determines the prize winners, everyone will have a chance, an equal chance on a single tournament day no matter how long you have been with school.

    You want a better indication of long term success ? Then ask Mark to give out the prizes with a league of tournaments played over the course of a year. That would be the only way of coming close to the real thing.

    I would like to once again congratulate all the winners and wish them good luck with their winnings.



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    Well said :!:


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      Two camps on this one. What a surprise.

      Please read both my posts though.

      I LOVE this place.


      "It" Happens.

      Then make up your mind.

      IT IS A SCHOOL. Not a BINGO Parlor. That is my point.



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        BADGAMBLER, :wink:

        Hello & goodday. 8)

        Outstanding and insightful post. :idea:

        I think your handle is a misnomer. 8O ( should be: GOODGAMBLER)

        We all started from 10K chips & chairs. Some played good poker and some less. Whatever, they played 'their style' of poker. :lol:

        CONGRATULATIONS: All seven finalist 8)

        Poker: a game of people played with cards. Why is it so attractive: "on any given day, you can be a winner," even playing against the best in the world. :mrgreen:

        Their were many winners in this tournament. Congradulations to all who show good sportmanship in the face of adversity. You share the appreciation and admiration, from us all. :wink:


        I played my best game
        Another outstanding post by a winner.

        Where do you stand on the learning curve :?:

        Some of you still have some "learning" to accomplish.

        Mr Tom Hawk only won one prize. Why is this all focused on one player. Six others won a total of $19,000 this year. Where else do you get a freeroll at the chance like this?


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          Wonderful Post Gentlemen, well said!! I am including an earlier Post I made that may have been missed from a different thread:

          Posts: 150
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          Posted: 22 Dec 2002 08:39
          Post subject:


          Azhardballz said:
          May have been a little luck involved here somewhere along the line... I dunno.


          I would like to add that perhaps some skill was also involved, after all he did WIN!!!! Not to mention, he beat out over 500+ PSO players and the only way I can look at that is THAT IS ONE @#%% OF AN ACCOMBLISHMENT!!!

          Just my opinion you do not have to agree...

          BTW- wooooooohoooooooo Rio Rita wtg lady, I had you on my list for ones to watch out for and definite commpetition!

          Congrats to all the other winner's as well, and a special one to lion (I also had you on my list) well done!


          A big welcome to you as a new member of PSO and 'CONGRATS" on winning the Big One II. My Best Wishes on your future in Poker!! Outstanding...

          SANEIGY whew now I can relax, Oh no Monday, Buschman, Me, Headsup Match, early, ohhhhhhhh man... :wink:

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              I agree with you, badgambler. I was also there while some of your play was being criticized and I think that some of it went beyond just venting over a bad beat. I understand that people do get mad and vent, as I sometimes do it. I don't think that the constant barrage of criticism by railbirds was warranted, however. Too bad for them.


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                Okay, so we're missing one major point here: This was NOT a major, life-like tourney in one important respect:
                In a "real" tourney you pay a buy-in in an attempt, in one shot, to win a percentage of the pool. Thus its understood and accepted that "anyone can win." In the BO2 we were playing a FREEROLL for a chance at something that the entire school strives to EARN: sponsorship points.
                So I think that what everyone is bitching about is not that someone won who played bad (and take it from someone with a lot of experience in playing bad; Hawks was pretty bad,) won the tourney, but more that with one fell swoop someone came out of left field and won what we've all busted our asses for.
                I think that everyone knows that anyone can buy into a "real" tourney, run over the field with the deck, and win the whole thing. But remember back when PSO started up and we all complained (well, I and several others did,) that there was no incentive to play good poker when all we were earning was play money? The sponsorship points were supposed to take care of that problem.
                It's hard to get back into the mode of playing well with an acheivable goal when something can happen as did in BO2.
                Rather than whine (and lord knows I've done enough of that around here) here are a few ideas that hopefully can alleviate the problems next time:

                1) Players in the Big One must be active members for at least one month and with a minimum of "x" tourneys played.

                2) No Post/Folding at the final table. A Player who wins a prize at the end of a tourney and is determined to have been on post/fold for an extended period of time will be moved to the lowest paying position in the final count and the other finishers moved up accordingly--REGARDLESS OF CHIP COUNT. Even easier: Post/fold is disabled at the final table. Disconnections can be dealt with if support is contacted by the disconnected player quickly.

                3) Alternative Payout Suggestion: Final prizes for the finalists in major school tourneys should be determined and paid according to a formula based on the cumulative ranking, length of time in school, <other factors I'm too tired and burnt out to think about> etc, of the players. Thus a new player who wins a big event would be paid a smaller but as-fair prize as the second or third (etc) players with more school experience. Yes, I know this is not a fair or accurate reflection of "real" tourney structure. Refer to my original point.

                Just my ante's worth. Thanks for listening.


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                  WPO is a freeroll. This was not, you have to be a paying member to play.


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                    Excellent post Badgambler....

                    As you know I busted you on a fluke when we should have chopped that pot........

                    I hope you get the next one....

                    I couldn't agree with every point you made......


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                      Apryl-- IMHO PSO is freeroll tourneys. It costs us to join the school; not to play in the tourneys. we "qualified" for the big one, but no money changed hands for entry and we put up nothing to play. Even with the play money for the regular school tourneys, I still think it's a freeroll. When i have to pay or exchange something in order to play in a tourney I'd consider that a buy-in. This is all strictly free stuff here. If you want to put it another way, we "pay" to play freeroll. There's a Zen Koan for you


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                        Take a poll of how many players are members here because of the Big One promotion. THose members paid $150-$180 to enter this event.

                        I'll go first. Me.


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                          Okay, I'll put it another way...if we all had put in, say, $100 real $$ to play in BO2 (or in any other SPECIFIC tourney here, NOT the general school fee,) do you think the outcome would have been the same, the field have been the same, or the level of play have been the same?
                          As I've said many times here at PSO, we can never take this place as being real as long as there's no $$ or risk involved in the play. We're going to destroy ourselves as serious players as long as we think otherwise.
                          Or as many of us used to remind people in AOL chat rooms before we moved on to real lives...THIS ISN'T REAL, PEOPLE!!!


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                            IT'S NOT????

                            OH NOO!!!!!


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                              As I've said many times here at PSO, we can never take this place as being real as long as there's no $$ or risk involved in the play. We're going to destroy ourselves as serious players as long as we think otherwise.
                              Which is why they need to come up with ways of giving the games meaning. Having a qualifying period that actually means something is one good way of doing this don't you agree?