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Is it me or what?

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  • Is it me or what?

    I guess that maybe I might be over reacting just a bit. But here goes anyway...

    First of all let me say that the tournament was great and I had a wonderful time playing it. I also appreciate the opportunity that Mark and Tina have provided to me. The only problem that I have with the entire event is that a person that signed up and played his first tournament on December 18th (3 days before the Big One II) and won a sponsorship into the event only to win the thing is sort of disturbing. It is probably me and with all of the wonderful (outspoken) minds in pokerschool, I am quite certain that someone will put me in my place. I welcome that but at the same time value my own opinion. It just seems almost too improbable to me that someone who has not seen the likes of PSO's best players just rolls right in and then dominates the biggest event. However, I would like to thank PSO and the staff for everyting that I have learned here about tournament play, and let everyone here that knows me know that I appreciate everything that each and every person in here has taught me. I say this because I feel like there is a time when everything must come to an end and I feel like my tournament skills have come full circle and I quite honestly need to move on. I understand the game of poker and I am not writing this because I am upset or because of a bad beat. I am writing this simply because I feel like I am spinning my wheels at this school. It basically comes down to one simple thing and that is that people in this school do not respect the game of poker. Not that there is a certain way to play or that I should win every tournament, but I feel that when you have the best of it and put your chips in the middle, there should at least be a shred of a second that people might think you have a good hand and think about folding. Even yesterday with the biggest payoff that PSO has to offer, people played disgusting poker and were rewarded for it. It is because of this that I have decided to resign my pokerschool membership and will be happy to sell the rest of my annual membership if Mark will let me. If not, I will continue to play here and there just when I feel like playing for fun and I have to find a way to seperate PSO from live tournaments and ring games because they (to me) are not the same. Special thanks to gatorhb, blackaces, rggator, oil doe, szura3, freddieboy, sgtcyber, link, and all my other omaholics that I have enjoyed playing with over the last year. I have enjoyed every second of my time here and welcome anyone that knows me to contact me anytime and I will continue to keep in touch. In the famous words of Jim Carey (as the Riddler)......


    Had fun and wish all of you the very best of luck and a very happy holidays.


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    No Its Not You - Its NHLE

    I can't think of anyone I enjoy playing Omaha with than you. In fact I check the sign up list and when I see your name I know I am in for some top notch, well thought out, appropriately played, competition. So if you are playing less - your presence will be sorely missed by this player.

    But I, too, am a little dejected about some of the action on the site. Maybe I'm just better at Omaha and enjoy it more. But I think with all the growing interest in NLHE (maybe the rounders factor, maybe more television coverage of high dollar events) it has attracted every poker "wanna be," some who study the game and try to improve but many that apply the "any 2" bingo approach. While there is an element of luck in every tournament, some of our tournaments have degenerated to a point where luck is the prevailing factor. And unfortunately, I think this is starting to have some spillover in live tourneys and ring games as well.

    After the build up to the BOII, maybe things will settle down. In the mean time, I will be playing far less NLHE and try to get more of my poker fix at the Omaha tables. So I hope to see you there.

    oil doe

    P.S. I think the Grand is having an Omaha tourney the week we are in Tunica - hope to match wits with you on the felt once again.


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      I guess I must only fall in the "and all the other Omahalics" catagory LOL!! (I of course think I am the Queen of Omaha H/L but thats just wishfull thinking!!)

      But seriously, as Oil Doe said, I too would look to see if you were on the sign up list and if you were, there was no question at all to play or not, I WAS THERE and usually ended up on the same table with you. I enjoyed each and every one of those Omaha battles, when I was fortunate enough to be at the same table as the Omaha crew, you, oil doe, gatorhb, shadrack, pokerwidow1, sgtcyber, link, dreams, dh2, just to name a few. Actually these were some of my best times here at PSO. Mostly because I was able to enjoy the game (even the hands I lost) but also learn with out feeling like an idiot when I thought I had a str8 when in fact I had just read it wrong by using to many cards from the board "EMBARRISING" but always a laughing with me not at me experience. Well at least I hope it was LOL, hmmmm, heh who cares anyways it was funny. :lol: :lol:

      Well, without getting to mushy chino, I will miss seeing you around here but I also understand you have to do what you feel is best for you. So I wish you well and only the best in whatever comes your way and when you see gromyko, Please tell him I said Hi and that I sure miss him at the tables as well!! He certainly brought a lot of life and excitement to the tables that not many can compare! I am glad for all the fond memories I have from this past year and I have been very lucky to have known & played poker with so many incredible people as yourself Calvin, truely blessed! Ok, enuff Babbling on and on , geeshhh. :roll: :roll:

      Take good care Calvin and Happy Happy Holidaz to you and your clan!!! :P

      saneigy :arrow: :wink:


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        Chino, hope to see you at the tables at some point. I too am starting to drift toward Omaha where the bad play kills players in the long run.

        I agree about last night. See my post. "It" happens

        Cya at Tunica.



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          Because there are a variety of threads to chose from to express ones feelings about the BO2, and having read them all, and this is the most recent...I will post my rambling here. I will add, that I did not see the last 100 players, as I had to go to work, so a part of my statements are based on the judgement of others who's knowledge of tournament play I can respect.

          Perhaps we have seen the light of big number entry tournaments. As Geezer has said over and's a Lotto! A player finds himself in a seat for a major event and makes repeated "atrocious" and "fundamently bad" plays, and goes on to amass stacks and stacks of chips, until, finally, they win. Taking away nothing from the fact that he DID win, TomHawk, by his own admission has limited experience in poker, as a whole and in tournament play. ( I think his profile states he started playing in Nov.2000). He plays "by the seat of his pants", and the cards fall his way. Could he just as easily do this against the greatest of the greats? Of course he could. Does he need to know the "math and science" of the game? Apparently NOT. Do Marks ABCs of poker become relavent? I'm not so sure. I do believe they probably aided some of the top finishers in getting to where they ended up (ie: FreddieBoy, Lion, Andrew...players who we've all witnessed have had continued success), but the fact's ALL A CRAPSHOOT!
          Let me explain, that I do not make this judgement based only on the outcome of the BO2....I have watched for a year now, in live tournament play, two, of what I know from watching them play over and over, are some of the worst "fundamentally bad" tournament players win tournament after tournament here, locally in the casino. The latest one, winning a 10K seat in the WPO. These are two guys, in particular, that I have NEVER, EVER, seen book a winning session in a ring game. Yes, I know, tournament poker is a bit different than ring games, but the irony of it, to me anyway, is that they will take the same hands that one might be justified in playing in a ring game, and play and raise with them in tournament play, and end up, over and over again, making that "miracle" gut shot on the river, or other such miraculous plays.
          Why does this happen??? Poker gods favour them? They're just lucky?? They have great instincts about what is going to happen??? I don't believe it's any of the above. I think it's more a case of not knowing the difference, not analyzing the game or play or players, and simply TAKING A CHANCE...flying by the seat of their pants....rolling the dice. It certainly can't be said that their experience and knowledge of the correct play, has honed their instincts to act and react just doesn't show that to be the case. In the instance of the BO2, we can't attribute it to "reading the players", as TomHawk had NEVER even seen the largest % of the opponents he faced.
          Soooooo you see my really does all boil down to 1) getting a "lucky" seat.. 2) having no fear of winning or losing.. 3) having no preconcieved notions about what one should or should not do in a given situation.....and all the other things that we've spent the last year convincing ourselves are NOT the proper way to view reaching the status of a "Great" tournament poker player.
          Don't discount the fact that, Johnny Chan was a $2/4 $3/6 HE player before and until he won the WSOP. That Nani Donnalson (3x gold bracelet holder) was a $4/8 HE player before her first big win. These are facts, not fantasies. These were NOT seasoned, schooled professional players. They were recreational players with limited experience who hit the "big time" on that lucky day, in that lucky seat.
 say, what does all this mean. To some, I'm sure it means me, it means, continue to play... enjoy the commraderie of your friends here... enjoy the game for the fun of the game...hope and look forward to your "lucky" day....but the end....a tournament is all a game of chance. You will be a winning poker player in a ring game if you sustain the "rules" and "lessons" over a lifetime....but must be willing to roll the dice and let the chips stack where they may!!
          Enough said....maybe too




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            Oh Chino my Chino..You were one of the first people here to actually talk to me and encourage me to play.. We had a lot of fun time besides playing which only made it seem better even though i lost every hand.

            You make people feel comfortable and you are very kind.

            But I also understand what you have stated. I wish you well and if you are playing and I see your name I will always say hello and wish you well. It was a great year, but the year of INNOCENCE is way behind us now...but our memories will always be warm.

            Have a wonderful and your family