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Last Chance-Big One-????

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  • Last Chance-Big One-????

    I had stopped playing here at Pokerpages last May or June.
    I had completely stopped playing any poker, and decided to get tuned up again the first week of Dec.

    Without the Last Chance tourney I wouldn't have had a seat in the Big One.

    I played in only one Last Chance event, 50+ players and took second. Had I known I would not have another chance at a "B" qualification I would have played the last couple of hands in that Last Chance tourney a bit different. SO I was stuck, and no other opportunity to win a higher qualification during these last couple of weeks.

    Consider to take home any sponsorship point money I would have to finish in the top 3 slots, an extreme long shot.

    So for me the Last Chance tourney served the purpose for which it was intended, it gave me access to a long shot, and for $15 chance at $10k, that ain't bad. Further, I had missed the fun and fellowship here at the Pokerschool, so the Last Chance made it a no brainier to re-new my membership.

    I more than got back my $15 because on Thursday, I had to drive 400 miles to pick up my UCLA student son. Every chance I get to go to LA I love to play at the Commerce club. My favorite game 15/30 wasn’t
    running at 11am when I arrived, so I played 9/18. 3hours later and almost $600 richer, I left to go pickup my son.

    The Pokerschool served it’s purpose, it tuned me up for live play. The Last Chance provided incentive to re-new my membership and enjoy the great camaraderie and great poker that is played here at the pokerschool.

    To believe that because you either purchased a annual membership or you have paid more monthly dues than a new member that you have more rights to higher levels of qualification is an error. You should only have more opportunities to win those higher qualifications, not exclude new members from having access to a higher qualification due to his new membership status or your greater investment. Could the structure be improved? Probably, but all-in-all I think the Last Chance tourney did exactly what Mark had intended.

    I am sure Mark would have loved a long time member who played through all the various qualifcation rounds achieve the ultimate success of winning the Big One II. BUT, from a marketing standpoint it is really great news that a totally new player can join the Pokerschool and a few days later win $10,000 in sponsorship money.

    As for me, thanks Mark for the great fun, I wish I hadn’t made a bonehead mistake that resulted in only finishing 19th, but I had tremendous fun and the experience will only make me a better poker player.

    ps. Top 20 players (not winning sponsorship money) should get a couple months memberships as a prize…….. grin……

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    Well said and played bro !

    And dont think for a second that I forgot how you swallowed all my stack (around 250k) just one hand before the crash with your AsKc vs my AhKd when 4 spades hit the board.

    (K x x flop - both went all in after the flop - 2 more spades wreck my day )

    Take Care



    • #3
      It was a lucky break... Back door a flush....
      I almost fell out of my chair, cause I was happy to chop that pot with you......

      Tough break for you...... but next time RIGHT!


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        cinnkid, not saying there should not be last chance tourneys, just make them somewhat realistic.