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Last Chance Tournaments

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  • Last Chance Tournaments

    Is it perhaps time to reconsider whether or not the school needs Last Chance tournaments next year?

    - IMHO - NO!!

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    Join Dec 18.

    Play last chance

    Get a B

    Win the BigoneII

    Ask for a refund

    Free 10K


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      he cant leave untill after he spends the winnings or he loses it

      when is the 10k at WPO?


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        Let me tell you something Folks, this is called GAMBLING !

        You can just walk into a casino put a quarter in and win 1 million. What do you think ? Management gives jackpot to the ones who has been playing there fore 9 months. ?!??

        It is not like you own this place. Anyone can come in and join whenever they want. He played in the same 500 people field, he did not see other people's cards and as far as my time with him at the last 4 tables, he was quite e gentlemen as well.

        Once again.. a reality check, YOU ARE NOT SCIENTISTS OR GENIOUSES !!! You are poker players, a form of gambling with the skill factor involved more then the other games but thats about it !

        I am just tired of people bullshitting their way through this forum as if they have god given right to win every tournament just because they remember a set of starting hands. If cards dont' fall right, you dont' wint, thats' as simple as that !!

        So once again I salute TomHawk on a well played tournament and wish him luck withhis 10K. I hope he turns it into a MILLION !!!



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          Well Said Badgambler

          also, he had a disadvantage over everone, he's never played with any of u be4, and donesn't know anyone's style.


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              Amen Adam!

              BUT, I think he had an advantage NOT knowing anyone's style of play. He played his style and it worked for him...Hawk is new to the school, but is he new to poker? I think not.


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                I wonder when BadGambler is gonna figure out he likes to bitch about other people bitching.


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                  As I said in the other thread, kiss my righteous @$$. Get some reading comprehension skills, bury your head in the sand, and wait for BOIII.


                  • #10
                    When the whole scenario is repeated again lol