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D.B. and Superstition

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  • D.B. and Superstition

    Just read Doyle Brunsons section on "Superstitions" and what drivel. The man is without doubt a great poker player, but his sense of reasoning in some areas is a bit distorted. He says "I don't like to see women at a poker table.....I was raised to respect women and don't want to go into warfare against them" Sounds like a woman could take the "edge" of his game, and therefore have a nice add on him. He goes on to say..."I've never seen a great woman poker player, maybe because there a not a lot of women playing"....Well DUH...that's because until women began to assert themselves, the men kept them away from the tables. Look at the strides that women in poker have made in the last 10yrs. should give you some clue as to where they are headed. Just his reasoning that "he was taught to respect women" says a lot. Why would it be difficult to respect a woman and yet compete against her? Perhaps because his ego couldn't handle it ?????


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    He also wrote this in the 70's before the emergence of female poker players such as Jennifer Harman and Annie Duke.


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      On the topic of women.........

      Comming from a sports background. There was always a Mens & Womens team.

      Its nice to be a part of something where Men & Women compete on a level ground in regard to sex. Where skill with some luck are the deciding factors.



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        Women insist they are equal so why is it there are still womens only events in sports? This is a form of discrimination that should be stamped out forthwith.


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          why is it there are still womens only events in sports
          Because men and women are NOT equal, physically. We're practically two different species .

          Take the top 10 women basketball players in the world and put them against the top 10 men. Let them play 100 games. The women won't win a single one of them (assuming the men play at the same level they normally would).

          But, in a game like chess or poker, everyone is on an even playing field. In shape, out of shape, in a wheelchair... as long as you are able to think you are able to compete. The only question I've ever had about women playing poker: I believe that the average woman is much less aggressive than the average man (not in poker, in general). Men, by nature, are aggressive - which translates to the poker table a lot of the time. Women, by nature, are more passive - not wanting to "stir the pot". If a woman shows aggression, she's often labled a "b*tch" - which is why it's taken so many years for women to sort of come into their own and realize being a "b*tch" can actually be quite cool .

          So we are seeing the emergence of women more equiped to whip up on the men.

          But that doesn't change the fact that physically, women can't compete with men - it's not sexism, it's a physiological fact.

          goddess - I wouldn't fret to much over Brunson's writing - as it was pointed out - he wrote this in the 70s and was already an "old school" guy. Coming from a background of playing in basements and back rooms, needing to carry a gun for protection... he probably didn't find a lot of women in those games. It probably scares the crap out of him when Jen Harman sits down next to him (and they play quite regularly).


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            New post to a very old thread here, but I also just read the article and had to laugh a bit at how out of step Doyle's thinking was compared to today's standards. Even more funny that PSO includes that bit as part of their General Course of Study... I'm not so sure that article is going to make me a better player.
            I think Doyle himself would probably be the first guy today to say he was wrong on the whole male/female issue relative to poker. He has since been pretty public about his respect for Jennifer Harman at least. Incidentally, today he was knocked out of the NBC Head's Up tourney by... (gasp!)... a woman! Vanessa Rousso to be exact.
            As for myself, being a healthy guy and all, I couldn't think of anything more fun than playing at a table full of women.


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              We can't judge Doyle over what he wrote in the 70s.



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