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Kicked out of 10:00 tourney

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  • Kicked out of 10:00 tourney

    did anyone else get booted from the 10:00 tourney?

    It wont let me back in.

  • #2
    I hope this doesnt happen tommorrow!


    • #3
      kinda thinking it


      • #4
        Yes, I was & also the 7 o'clock 08. Tiresome isn't it



        • #5
          im logged back in but my table doesn't open?
          How do I get back in my tourney?


          • #6
            how do i find my tourney???? it seems to have just disappeared completely!!!


            • #7
              The 9pm O8 in progress is not in the lobby when we log back in! What's up?



              • #8
                ba dum dum....


                • #9
                  We'll all be nuts if this happens tomorrow! Dang - wanted to get in some last minute practise.


                  • #10
                    If only it would have stayed down another 20 secs. I was in the 10pm NLHE. and suddenly am able to get back to my table. I am the big blind and have 33. The board is A-10-A-3. $50 bet to me and I have 10 secs left to act. And it is head's up. Well. What's a poker player to do? I commense to raiseing, and get reraised, so I pop it again, and He pops it again. So we kinda, well, you know, get it all in . I don't remember the river. I was staring at his A-10.

                    If only the server would have stayed down another 20 seconds. (Whine, Whine, Whine) I now have another mark in that "first one out" category in the PSO Detail thingee.

                    As Scarlett would say "Tomorrow is another day"

                    Shane aka Jeff.