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    I do not believe it is profitable to show one's had in hold-em, and untill recentlly, I believed the same was true in omaha. Unlike omaha, IMHO bluffing is very big in hold-em.

    Because of this there is not the same advantage as there is in concealing one's hand in hold-em. I've decided to try something in omaha that's new to me because it may keep me from playing something which I would be em-bare-assed for others to see. Of course, if my stack gets extremely low, or if it becomes short handed, then I may need to play some of the more marginal hands.

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    Jellow, are u talking about when 2 players are heads up and 1 or both is allin?

    if so, this is the way it is done in tourney play.

    if not, that is what the "muck hand" button is for. however, i do believe that if you are first to bet your hand shows anyway.


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      TO AHAL

      When I am playing hold-em, I allways click down below where it allows your hand to be seen ONLY when necessary. Sorry I do not recall the name of the button which you click on, but I guess you know what I mean,

      Before my new thinking, I also clicked that button in omaha, so other players would not see my cards. But now I don't click it, and they do get to see my cards.

      Number of players doesn't make a difference.


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        I do not see any advantage in showing your hand in omaha.

        So would you please tell me what you mean by doing it? I would like to know what you know and if there is an advantage I would like to use it.

        Thanks Jellow,



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          never muck cards be proud of what you play and when or just dont play them if i raise with 47o (i am with mussey on this powerfull hand) if we see a showdown you will see my 47o if i dont think there is any reason for players to see my winning hand then i will fold it (cause it aint a winning hand)

          when mucking losing hands what you are doing is leaving yourself open to making plays that you dont think are correct if you have no reason to play a certain hand in a certain way fold it dont just muck it after throwing good chips away on it.