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QQ EP WPO Round 1

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  • QQ EP WPO Round 1

    Please settle an argument.

    A player whose game I respect (and who shall remain nameless) said I should have raised less with this hand, and then played the flop.

    WPO, 55 or so players left. Blinds $800/$1600, $4400 dead money.

    I am one off UTG. UTG limps. I go all in with QQ. I have $16K. Table is loose, but what else would you expect.

    I get called by the BB who has KT. This is what I want. To more than double up and have only one caller.

    Well, you all know what happened....


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    Looks right to me :wink: :lol: 8O

    I'd have to guess that the average stack was much bigger than yours? Seems that way from the blind/ante levels ... If so, no point in messing around here, take the pot now or take your chances that there's only 2 possible hands that seriously out-gun you and 1 that's around evens.

    Raising less and leaving yourself some trivial amount of chips seems potty to me, but maybe I'm potty? ("potty" - English slang for 'crazy', 'doolally','bonkers')




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      With T$4400 in the pot a pot raise costs you T$7600 of a T$16k stack. That is half of your stack, move in. It's automatic.


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        Usually the best play Randall, related to a pot size raise and it being over 40% of your stack like trumpin joe said. Plus of course, it is the funside and you are likely to get called anyway.


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          Even if they think you shouldn't have gone all-in in a live tourney, there can be NO question that this is the right play in WPO fun side event! Seems like a no-brainer to me.


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              Well, I wouldn't generally raise that low hazy. I would say raising to 5k is an alternative depending on the exact composition of the table and UTG limper. I don't see the point on the funside though. No need to get cute IMO.

              Oh, and there's no need to point out that you are an idiot. We already knew that


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                  Originally posted by thehazyone
                  well raising 4K would have made it 5.6 to go.
                  Well, why didn't you say so

                  You are probably right then.

                  You're a funny man (when you want to be).
                  I am always being funny. People just mistakenly take me seriously sometimes, (though I admit bob was an exception in my later posts to him).