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How to beat an alien

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  • How to beat an alien

    This is certainly one of the more advanced topics we will come across at PSO - but it is perimount that I divulge this information. We cannot continue to allow aliens to run rampant in our poker world. I would like to quote INDEPENDENCE DAY, the movie:

    "We will not go quietly into the night."

    Onto how to beat a poker-playing alien. It's not as hard as it looks. At first the alien will have you believing that they are far superior to you, and at first glance it will seem that way. But Young Jedi, all is not lost. Here are the secrets, never before revealed. Come close kiddies... Listen. Learn. And beat the aliens!

    Alien trick Number One - is to complete their small blind any time there is a limper, or limpers in front of them. If the flop is all low, you can be assured the alien will bet, regardless of their cards. The trick to beating this play is to reraise. Alien's don't like reraises on their bluffs.

    Alien trick Number Two - is to limp or raise minimum in late position when everyone has folded prior to them acting. They do this because they know they will be last to act and when everyone who is scared of the alien checks he will of course bet and make them think he actually has something. All you really need to do here is beat the alien at his own game. Bet out. Alien won't expect that.

    Alien trick Number Three - is to limp after one early limper in late position. This is for the same reasons as above, and the wonderful thing for the alien is that the pot is even bigger. Again if you are the limper, first shame on you for limping with alien at the table but by God BET - aliens can be scared. They don't like pressure.

    Alien trick Number Four - a large raise or reraise. FOLD. Alien has something. Alien does not risk a lot of his chips if he does not have something goot.

    By applying this advice you too can beat an alien and do good for our great planet!

    P.S. None of the alien's plays per se are advanced, rather they are fundamental. However, the majority of alien hunters fail to pick up on them and are thus blown away into oblivion.

  • #2
    Great post hazy.

    I will print out and use in case of an Alien attack.



    • #3
      seems to me if an alien has found a strategy that can get him ranked in the top few out of a 1000 or so players then either it is a good strategy or there are 1000 idiots here.


      • #4
        Stalinski, I'm scaring myself here - but for once, I agree with everything you just said.


        • #5

          Do Aliens play alot of Heads Up matches??

          Tony D


          • #6
            Originally posted by thehazyone
            Stalinski, I'm scaring myself here - but for once, I agree with everything you just said.
            You are scaring me too. You are the 2nd person thats said that in the past few days. Im gettin worried. This just cant go on.


            • #7
              If you got bottom pair in a confrontation, be sure to get it all in...The only risk you take is that when you make trips on the river, the creature across the felt might have a better kicker. AA and KK are not monsters...stick with 62o and Q7o!!!


              • #8
                Devoted pupils.

                Apparently you haven't been reading my lessons enough - the aliens are still running rampant.

                This post is not in jest. Read, learn and beat the aliens.

                Men in Black Rulz.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by thehazyone
                  ....the aliens are still running rampant.
                  But hazy, I haven't even been playing.


                  • #10
                    There are many aliens, you're just one of em. You're one o da good guys though. We don't wanna laserphasernate you.



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