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Thief 21's Top 5 List

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  • Thief 21's Top 5 List

    This is my Top 5 List-The five Most Intelligent Members of PSO

    This List has been carefully thought out and is compilied after reading hundreds of Posts in this forum.

    1)Trumpin Joe-I don't know where or how he comes up with half his stuff but it is amazing

    2)The Hazyone-Excellent opinions and evaluation

    3)Bruno- Very Good analysis and the only person here able to admit when their wrong.

    4)Apryllshowers-The best hand anyalisis i've seen

    5) Tina- Her post on the shuffle random thing, way over my head.

    Honorable Mention-Dreams, Shane, ironside, JMuzzey, Noodles

    Best Heads Up Player- Top2Pair

    PSO's Most sportsman Like Member- Unconditionally- BART M

    Thief 21

  • #2
    I just do simple math. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to apply it at the tables.

    Thanks for the kudos, but there are others here far better than I at situational analysis.


    • #3
      Thanx for the mention, thief! I feel honored. I'm somebody now!!

      I enjoy the games here at PSO, and have made quite a few "cyber friends." And, come January, I get to meet some of them in Tunica at the convention. Looking forward to it.

      And looking forward to more games here at PSO with you nice people.

      See you at the tables!
      -Bart M.


      • #4
        you forgot me.......just kidding......

        (the wannabe)


        • #5
          When is Bruno ever right?


          • #6
            I'd been muchest most cleverer than like what you did be thinking I'm am and all that, and I've best to prove of this........

            Apryll can you read my palm, and're wrong.

            Forsooth, thy forsake me and it snares like a blade of doubt, cutting me to the quick.
            Angered by the hopes spurned, I shall haunt thee for 2 score years, unless thine admitance of error is forthcoming, thou shall be chasened hitherto.

            So there



            • #7
              BART BART he's our man
              if he can't do it
              NO ONE CAN!!!

              GOOOOOOOOOO BART!!!


              • #8
                You can't see it, Jane, but there's a lot of "cyber blushing" going on over here!! :wink:

                Now I have to be good all the time...darn it!!

                -Bart M.