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Defending the Slowplayed AA/KK

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  • Defending the Slowplayed AA/KK

    Does anybody have any information on how you can defend against someone who slowplays AA or KK? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Slow play back at them (provided you have position) if you have a read on them. Don't bet or raise (go to defensive mode = check & call until you hit (1) a set or (2) on the river with your two pair. You spring into action when he bets). Or check & fold.

    You would wait until the river with two pair to determine that the board does not have a small pair on board, unless you are against a player that is good enough to lay down AA with a bet or raise into him.

    You will reduce the size of the pots you win but increase the survivability of your stack (deep money: play small pots). If you become short you will have to adjust to 'shallow money/short stack' tactics (pick a spot and get lucky).

    You have to look at your "SITUATION" and adjust.
    Defense against AA/KK is to play weak-tight. Not always a good style of play for tournaments. You will not be up against AA/KK every hand. You give to many cheap or free cards to players if you misread their play. You may get to the river get all in to find out they hit a bigger set or bigger two pair.

    It all depends!


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      Being able to recognize which players will slowplay a big hand is the first step.


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        People who slowplay AA and KK preflop in tournaments often go bust when the BB or SB hits something big. Sometimes they catch someone with their slowplay, but more often the blinds take them out.

        Just be wary of people who limp either UTG or on the button in an unraised pot. Pay attention and soon you'll recognize it and be in a great position to pick off aces.

        Peace, Starrs


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          There is nothing wrong with slowplaying AA or KK. The big mistake is putting all your chips in if you don't hit it. (This move has cost me £3000 in one tournament - putting me out 3rd when i had an easy split of 1st 2nd) The guy who got 2nd with two blinds left always thanks me when I see him.

          I will call a habitual big pair slow player for the blinds or one bet - another favourite raise here in NLHE (yeuch) with any 2 cards as long as the money is deep. Because most of them cannot lay it down when they only have an overpair.

          Playing in the BIG ONE a player who hasn't made a call or a bet for the first hour - like me - raises 1 bet, I call with QQ thinking I am behind. Flop is Q 6 4. He bets the pot I call, turn a 5, he bets i reraise the same amount he reraises all in with AA. How bad is that? He's put in 1/20th of his stack ahead and the rest badly dominated and he might as well have turned his cards face up. Would have been the same result with 4 6, or Q4, or Q6 etc. FYI the river was an Ace but that happens, I'm not going to worry about 20:1 shots.

          If I slow play the big pairs and the board is ragged I'll bet and fold if played back at. If it's coordinated i'll check and fold to a proper bet, and if i hit my set I'll smile.


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            Originally posted by pastor
            .... and if i hit my set I'll smile.
            You simply must work on getting rid of that tell.


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              Originally posted by TrumpinJoe
              You simply must work on getting rid of that tell.
              It's why I can only play online