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Last Chance...A Joke???

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  • Last Chance...A Joke???

    The PSO players have all worked so hard to Qualify for B2.... We have all had an equal chance to qualify, by earning an A,B,C,D in the last nine months..... I realizes we have all paid to be apart of this poker site.... Pokerpages is tring to be as fair as possible to all its students...
    I feel the Last Chance Tournaments are a good idea for anyone who has not yet qualified, or is a new member who hasnt played long enough to have a shot to qualify.....
    We know the rules were posted before hand, but giving a B ranking
    is wrong....... Last chance should only be used for A Qualifiers.... If A qualiers cant improve to an B, then Bs should not be given out in last chance Tournament..... I feel this way because it cheap-ins the hard work other players put in the last nine months to Qualify...
    I wish all players the best of cards in the BIG ONE 2.....


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    i have to disagree a little. to solve this problem is to do away with the event that produces 10 players or whatever (the 3am). I finished 4th in the event i got my qualification in and there was 45 players, you telling me that the winner shouldn't have gotten a "B?" That's wrong. Yes 7 entries and 6 qualifiers is bit rediculus, but keep in mind also,that there are going to be at least 350 players in the Big One 2, for the A to get any money he/she has to foninsh in the top 3 and st to get 10K.

    some people are not consistant enough yet to place in the top 15 or whatever in the leagues everymonth. If you look at the lists, it is the same people in the round 2 events everytime. every month i never made round 2, i either finished 1-5 off, or didn't play enough games to get to the next league to qualify. Or how about the members that just joined at the end of november and later, they don't deserve to get a chance.

    If you just used the leagues and not the last chance events, then u might as well not have The Big One 2 and just use a round 2 event, because that's all the poeople that will be in it. Which would decrease the amount of people you have to go through to win. I would believe mark wants as many people in it to make it more difficult to win, otherwise, he might as well just give the money away in the friday night $200

    Maybe in the future make the last chance events go by the number of players in the event as if it a money event. Ex. <9 only the winner, 10-17, top 2 wiunner gets B, or something like that.

    I hope i make sence.


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      As I said before............I only get to play two maybe three times a week, so the chances of me qualifying by normal(?) means are somewhat limited against those players lucky enough to play more frequently (which I envy greatly).

      So, have a thought for those of us who put as much effort as we can (playing time permitting) into trying to qualify. I don't begrudge anyone playing more frequently their more numerous(?) opportunities to qualify and I'm sure you don't begrudge me my opportunity to qualify either (which I finally did last week).

      I'm sure that Mark and Tina will have taken into account all the comments that have been made around this issue when they produce the format for BIG ONE 111.

      So, my very best wishes go to everyone who's qualified (whatever the route) and I look forward to seeing you there.