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A little ridiculous, part II

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  • A little ridiculous, part II

    I started a new thread on this topic because I need some clarification.

    Please tell me I'm wrong, but am I to understand that you can earn a "B" qualification for the Big One II in the last chance events?

    If that is in fact the case, then I do not understand why those of us who only have an "A" qualification (and had to bust my hump to get that) can't enter these last chance events to try and improve.

    Someone please, PLEASE tell me this is not the case.

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    I believe it is the case. Players such as yourself only have the annual members tourney left. Why, I do not know.


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      I am quite surprised that there hasn't been more discussion raised over the editing of the rules (which initially stated that last chance events would be for "A" slots only) to allow players to earn "B" spots. Next year, assuming I decide to renew, I will make a copy of the initial information about TBO-3 to see just how it changes during the year.

      However, they always have the disclaimer that allows them to do pretty much anything they want to.


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        I totally agree with you JMason..I need some clarification too.

        I didn't enter the the round 1 event and I noticed the fun side could also enter. Do they play for the big one 11 also?

        If not, then why do this? The only logical answer to this is more student enrollment for those who qualified. It's pure marketing strategy. Unfortunately at the expense of your "busting your hump" as you stated.

        Please don't hold that against me because i came in first to qualify for the B inthe Last Chance event.

        My suggestion to you and to other students who are offended by this is:

        Ask Mark



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          The WPO Warm-up events are separate and distinct from The Big One II. See for more information.


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            I thought I had printed out the original rules but can't find them. I have just finished reading the current rules and it is true the last chance events can earn a B qual. I'm not positive if this was the case at the beginning. If it was, maybe it would have changed how much effort I put into trying to qualify.

            This just doesn't sound right to me. Last year I earned my entry into the Big One by winning a last chance event, and I recieved an A qualification (I can't remember, but I believe there were at least 90 players in that one). But I spent many, many hours during the preceding months trying to earn my way in, but just couldn't make it. So I have no problem with last chance entries.

            What I have a problem with is I can't play in them to try and earn that "B" when I only have an "A". Now, had I known that I would have a better chance of winning a higher qualification by just waiting until the last chance events, would I have just waited and not played as many tourneys (saving myself 100's of hours and frustration) during the previous 8 months? I don't think I would have because I like to play. But I don't know for sure.

            But I do know this for sure, something is wrong with this picture. I don't want to take anything away from those who earned their "B" spot by winning a last chance event, regardless of how many entries there were. I'm assuming they too spent countless hours during the preceding 8 months trying to win entry and had to rely on the last chance events. What bothers me is that there is a higher qualification granted in these events, and those of us with lower qualifications can't participate because we earned our lower qualification too early!

            I hope someone can explain how this makes sense and how this can be fair, cause I truly don't understand.



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              Thank you Joe for clearing that up for me..

              Sometimes my blondeness shows through.

              In that case, since I haven't been playing since August, I don't need to apologize for the Last Chance win.

              Good Luck at the tables next week



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                One simple solution is to make EVERYONE eligible for an "A" level prize.

                Then have the current round 2 and annual member events for a "B" qualification only. Allow non-qualifiers to buy-in with $1000 from the PSO bankroll.

                The weekend after the annual members event have an event where ALL "B" quaifiers can compete for a "C". Optionally allow non "B" members to buy in for $2000 of their PSO bankroll.

                The next weeked have event where "C" qualifiers compete for a "D" and allow "B" qualifiers to buy-in for $2000 and possibly "A" members to buy in for $5000.

                On the 5th Saturday in a month host a freeroll with "B" qualifications going to the top 5 finishers.

                Thoughts and comments?


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                  Originally posted by szura3
                  In that case, since I haven't been playing since August, I don't need to apologize for the Last Chance win.

                  You have no need to apologize for winning ANY last chance event. You complied with the rules as defined by PSO management. Those expressing their frustrations should plainly direct them to the PSO management who made the rules. Not to those who abided by them.


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                    The rules for the last chance events have been on the pokerschool site since it was announced. It was always clear that the last chance events would be only for those that had NOT already qualified. The reason for this was simply that I wanted them to produce NEW qualifiers. Allowing players that had already qualified to play them would not have achieved this for me.

                    In case anyone is unsure of the rules they are pasted below. The rules have not changed since the start of the promotion. The only detail that has been added is the actual times of the events and the actual number of B and A qualifiers from each event. I could not decide on the criteria until I knew how many qualifiers we would get from all the other events.

                    The rules stated clearly that the last chance events would provide B and A qualifiers only and would be for NON qualifiers only.


                    "How Last Chance Tournaments Work"

                    Last chance tournaments are for those members have not yet earned a qualification to the Big One II final event.

                    From December 1-18th, Last Chance Tournaments will be held 3 times per day.

                    3:00am CST
                    3:00pm CST
                    10:00pm CST
                    The first one will begin 3:00pm CST on December 1st. The last will be on December 18 at 10:00pm.

                    These tournaments will be No Limit Hold'em freerolls and only open to people who HAVE NOT QUALIFIED for the Big One II. The tournaments will have $10K in starting chips and will be the standard NLHE progression.

                    Prizes are:

                    1st place: B Qualification

                    2nd - 6th Place: A Qualification


                    The Rules

                    In the event of any disputes, all decisions made by PokerSchool Online, Inc are final.

                    Anyone that leaves Pokerschool Online prior to the final event of The Big One II will have 14 days to renew their membership or risk losing their qualification status.

                    Qualifications will be non-transferable. Valid ID (matching the registration on our database) will be required prior to any PokerSchool Online sponsorships being awarded.

                    If any form of collusion is suspected and proven to our satisfaction then those players involved will be disqualified immediately and will have their current qualification status canceled and account/s closed.

                    There is no benefit to any player achieving two qualifications of the same level (A, B,C, D), or different level. PokerSchool Online will recognize only the single highest qualification that a single member achieves.

                    It is intended for there to be 14 D qualifiers and 21 C qualifiers in the final event. If a player wins more than one of these qualifications then PokerSchool Online reserves the right to make available extra qualifications in that category by any method PokerSchool Online chooses in order to ensure that at least the above number of D and C qualifiers take part in the final event.


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                      Others have also stated that they believed the initial postings outlining the rules for TBO-2 stated that the last chance events would only be for "A" qualifications. I have no quarrels with the non-qualifier part as that concurs with my recollection of the initial posting.

                      If others had not shared my thoughts I would have assumed they were the product of a faulty memory. If I am in error I deeply regret those statements I have made concerning the change in rules.


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                        Originally posted by MARK
                        The rules for the last chance events have been on the pokerschool site since it was announced. It was always clear that the last chance events would be only for those that had NOT already qualified. The reason for this was simply that I wanted them to produce NEW qualifiers. Allowing players that had already qualified to play them would not have achieved this for me.
                        Quite right too.

                        Bit I think people are suggesting that for a long-term 'A' qualifier to be denied a relatively "easy" chance of a 'B' is somewhat unfair on the long-term member.

                        The example quoted the other day was good - a 7-runner event where 5 will achieve an 'A' and one a 'B'. Meanwhile an already-qualified 'A' may have no chance to improve during Dec unless they make a Round II event. On top of that, the original 'A' might have been hard work whereas this 6 of 7 'A' or better kind of demeans those efforts.

                        I think, Mark, that the thread is just suggesting some reform in the future where long-term effort gets recognised in due proportion.




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                          I have to confess, that perhaps I did not read EVERY word of the initial rules regarding qualification if they did in fact say that there would be "B" qualifications, awarded in last chance events. Or, perhaps I didn't fathom that these events would consist of only a handful of players and how much easier it would have been to wait and play one of these to attain the "B" qualification. I do believe, however, that even if I had known this, that I would have assumed that if there was a possible chance to upgrade a qualification, that any player who was elegible to upgrade could do so. After all, the Round 2 events are for that purpose, as well as the Annual Members Events. Those who already have "A" qualifications are not excluded from those events. I think the injury comes from the fact that competing against a field of 6,7 or 8 players for something that is now totally out of our reach, is very frustrating and feels like perhaps we got the short end of the stick.
                          I honestly don't know if the rules stated there would be "B" qualifications available thru last chance events, but I don't think, in the future, that should be the case. Most competetions only allow "Last Chance" entrants to compete at the back of the pack, as I believe should be the case here.




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                            Thank you all for your input.

                            Szura3, you have no reason to apoligize for winning and earning a B qualification. You played by the rules.

                            Mark, thank you for your clarification on the rules. As I stated, I was not positive they had changed or not. Now I realize it was my fault for not reading the rules completely. I should have looked for the loophole and took advantage of it. I'm not insinuating that any player who has earned entry did so by waiting for the last chance events, but if they did . Shame on me for spending 3 to 8 hours a day trying to win entry into the Big One II by trying to win one of the coveted monthly slots to make it to round 2 or playing against hundreds of others in the Annual Members only events, when I could have just waited for the last chance events. When I think of all the time and effort I waisted checking my league ranking, calculating what kind of finishes I would need to make it to round two, trying to decide if I should even play anymore for the rest of the month in hopes my position would hold up, etc., etc. But I did it, and I won my A qualification, and I breathed a sigh of relief. And then I realize I could have forgone all that effort and took a chance on getting a B qualification at the end of the year. Shame on me. Shame on me.

                            And thank you TrumpinJoe for your input, although I doubt very much if the changes for next year's Big One III will be much concern for me at this stage.

                            I'm gonna try one last time to upgrade my A qual by playing the annual events this weekend and if I fail, oh well. And I'll play the Big One II and hope I make it to the final 3. But I'll be doing it with a heavy heart and allot of disillusionment because for some reason it just doesn't make any sense.


                            "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."


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                              I've got to make one final post on this subject and then I'm done, maybe.

                              Like I stated above, since the rules clearly stated that the last chance events would provide a B qualification and would only be open to those who had not previously qualified, then shame on me for not recognizing this loophole and taking advantage of it.

                              But shame on PSO staff for allowing this loophole and generating a sense of unfairness. Because IMHO that's what this boils down to, unfairness. And since I doubt very much if anything can or will be done to correct this before Dec 23, then the whole tourney is tainted with unfairness.

                              But you've got my dues until March 2003, so I'll be here till then. Now I've got to go play the Annual Members event and try to upgrade my A qual against a field of 146.