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A Truly Amazing Hand!!!

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  • A Truly Amazing Hand!!!

    This is what occured in a $50 NL Game on Party Poker:

    I'm sitting on about $200 in chips...
    Bug is sitting on about $90 in chips
    Owner is sitting on about $50 in chips

    I limp in with K :c: J :c: and limp into an unraised pot

    Behind me comes a raise by owner for $2

    Bug cold calls the $2

    I call for $1.75

    The flop comes:

    A :c: T :c: 5 :h:

    I bet open with a $30 bet

    Owner flat calls the $30

    Bug raises all-in and makes it $89

    (Now I know for sure that Bug has flopped a set. I know that Owner is definately going the rest of the way with his hand. I look at it and think about it. I have 12 outs, which gives me a 48% chance to win. Since I know Bug has a set, however, I know that he has a redraw to a full house. I have already committed $30. I now have no choice but to call with the draw)

    Owner calls all in with A :d: A :h:
    Bug turns up T :h: T :s:

    The board plays out:

    Q :c: 5 :d:

    I have a royal flush and am pushed back a pot of $240. The set of Aces finishes second with the set of tens finishing third. I couldn't believe it.

    A :c: K :c: Q :c: J :c: T :c:

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    well played!


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      Holy cow!!!!

      Very nice. I remember some posts by fillmore when he played in a similiar type game. He stated that he always raised $5.00 when he had AA. Owner failed to do that and you were able to see the flop for a "small" investment and capitalize on his mistake and your good fortune.

      Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!