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Blind Squirrels Find Acorns!!!

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  • Blind Squirrels Find Acorns!!!

    Starting hand #11598229
    BlindSquirrel posts the small blind $100
    Player 1 raises $200 to $400
    Player 2 raises $200 to $600
    BlindSquirrel raises $200 to $800
    Betting is capped
    Player 1 calls $400
    Player 2 calls $200
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 3d 2d Ad ]
    BlindSquirrel bets $200
    Player 1 calls $200
    Player 2 calls $200
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 7c ]
    BlindSquirrel bets $400
    Player 1 calls $400
    Player 2 calls $400
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 4h ]
    BlindSquirrel bets $400
    Player 1 calls $400
    Player 2 calls $400
    Player 1 shows cards Ac Qc
    Player 2 shows cards Ah Kc
    BlindSquirrel shows cards 2h 3s
    BlindSquirrel wins $5,600
    BlindSquirrel won with two pair, threes over deuces

    Or is this merely a demonstration of the awesome power of Mississippi Slick?

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    I see someone getting their stuff ready for a trip to Tunica. Brush up on the play with big hands. :roll:

    Mississippi-Slick is big in Tunica. That must be a Mississippi blindsquirrel. He played it perfect. :lol:


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      BTW, this was a Limit HE tourney.