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Article - Old Post Needed

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  • Article - Old Post Needed

    I am working with an editor to freelance an article about PSO and the convention. While nothing will be reprinted without people's permission, I wanted to retrieve an old post started by DJExress and responded to by CrazyLegs relative to cerebral palsy.

    This was my pitch:

    Many years ago an academic named Robert Putnam wrote an article called "Bowling Alone." The premise was that face-to-face community interaction (like bowling leagues and volunteer work) was deteriorating. That we were becoming isolated - much of the blame was foisted on women entering the workforce. It got a lot of publicity and really put Putnam on the map.

    Also much has been written about how the internet has isolated people - not going out - staying at home alone in front of the computer.

    Story: There are many online communities - involving academic subjects to gaming. But these are not just subject/activity based - they are truly community oriented.

    I belong to an online poker community; Poker School Online ( a subsidiary of This is an Austin/England based company. After over a year with playing with these folks - I know more about them then their neighbors. In January we will have our first convention, where many of us will meet face to face for the first time. The setting is the World Poker Open in Tunica Miss., where all of the top poker players of the world will come together to play for some of the richest prize money offered by any sport.

    While we mostly know each other by our screen nick names - we have gotten to know each other as friends. We come from literally all walks of life and from all over the world. While most of our posts on the forum or chat at the table relates to poker, much of it carries over to world events, battling illness or job loss. We just recently learned that one of our player's songs (written 40 years ago) was recorded on Natalie Cole's new album - performed with Diana Krall. Oh and we do have our disagreements - some of then downright nasty.

    Probably the most poignant was a post from a player whose daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. A player named Crazylegs (a superb player) responded about how a couple found out their son had cerebral palsy and how scared they were. But how they supported and encouraged their son to participate in life to the fullest and what a truly rich life the son had today - and of course the son was Crazylegs.

    There are many possible community stories that may unfold at convention.
    - I have been offered to share a room with a woman from Kansas - who I've only known as ponygee. I have played with her online for two years.
    -There will be a golf tournament for a player named DJExpress who was laid up with cancer this year.
    -Many of the players have won some downright big money in national tournaments - two just coming off big wins at the World Poker Finals held last month -sort of a community victory for the school. We are hoping for more victories at the World Poker Open this year.
    - Oh - and I will be chatting Lou Krieger up to co-author a book. (btw - Lou knows nothing about this lol)

    If any of you have any thoughts along these lines, ie your view about PSO as a community, personal experiences, etc. I really want to hear from you.

    Amy the oil doe

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    Great idea Oil. I look forward to reading it.

    The crazylegs post on DJ was a pretty old post though, and I am not sure it is accessible now.



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      Great idea Amy. I am planning on doing an article as well for PokerPages - with player interviews, etc; but yours definitely touches on the heart a lot more than mine ever would. Look forward to talking to you there!

      Aaron (hazy)


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        If the post was made before a certain date, it may be lost. Don't forget about a month or so agop mark accidentally erased all the old posts.


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          :wink: Thanks for the mention doe, but you forgot to say how tuff I am at the tables lol.

          :lol: Has it really been 2 years?

          Terific article love to see it in print.

          ponygee :roll:


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            Thanks for the support all. That was just the teaser pony - there could be whole paragraphs about how tough you are at the tables!!

            I will be making up a short questionaire that I would like the Tunica attendees to fill out for background info. Response is voluntary.

            I CAN'T WAIT!

            oil doe