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Pokermats challenge

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  • Pokermats challenge

    When I first saw the Pokermants heads up event I was ready to go! I would love the opportunity to play in a heads up event. I entered as fast as I possibly could. Being of the male persuasion I entered before I read the rules. What a mistake! After reading the rules I discovered that this was a second chance event. I discovered that I would be required to place in a qualifying tournament in order to play in the main tournament. I don't have any problem with this except that there is a select list of people that are not required to qualify to participate. I think it is only fair that ALL and I do mean ALL participants that play the final event qualify for the event.

    Edit: I think giving the defending champ from last year an automatic qualification is fair.

    First of all there will be a qualify step this time and
    that will allow more people to have a chance to participate
    in the main event that will occur in Februari 2003 (32 seats)
    I don't think this is really an "extra" chance. All I ask is for a fair chance to qualify for the main event along with everyone else that wants to participate.

    Before I catch a lot of @#$% for complaining about the current format let me say that I appreciate the amount of time and effort that Pokermats is willing to dedicate to this endeavor. It is his tournament to run and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun for everyone at PSO. I became a member of PSO after the original heads up tournament started. I would estimate that 70%+ of all of the members at PSO started after the first heads up match. If you have the stuff that legends are made of then you should have no problem "qualifying" just as all of us other mortal players are required to.

    This is a call to arms to level the playing field. If the rules change to level the playing field then count me in.

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    Hi Cockroach,

    Thanks for this.

    You might remember that I asked you why you decided to withdraw (I was surprised because I considered you would have a real good winning chance) from the competition and your post has added clarity to your decision.

    I completely understand the point you're making and perhpas Mats will give some thought to it, because in my opinion (for what it's worth), the only person entitled to a "free ride" through the early round(s) is the defending champ.

    Anyway whatever the format, I'm going to give it a go because I missed out last time. I hope that I might see you there too.


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      In addition to the defending champion, I think that Mats is entitled to a free ride due to the work involved in organizing this thing.


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          OK Mats, that's cool.

          I'm gonna be there anyway, but I think Cucuracha made a valid point.

          But what I did forget to say was............

          THANK YOU

          for taking the time and trouble to organise another great event!!


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              Cockroach's reasons for withdrawing are my exact reasons for not entering.

              I don't have anything more to add than that. I would love to play, but only if it's a level playing field. I don't recall anyone getting a free ride at any big competition that I've ever seen.

              Best of luck in the challenge everyone, and it's a good thing you're doing Mats, just not for me. I'll be an interested observor from the sidelines.



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                The total prize pool is $64,000. Apparently, then only the 12 that win their qualifier will get in for $250. The 8 byes pay $2000 and the 12 who place 2nd pay $2250.

                Why not have all 104 pay $600 to enter? The prize pool is now $62,400. 1st and 2nd place in the qualifying round move into the final competition along with the 8 byes. Make the payouts as follows:
                First - $40,000
                Second - 15,000
                Third --- 5,000
                Fourth -- 2,400
                Total - $62,400


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                    I guess I'll join hazy and Cockroach watching this one from the rail.

                    I am amazed that PSO management agreed to such system.


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                      Too much!

                      I am amazed that some people care so much if they don´t want in it or disslike the structure?

                      Why not arrange a thing by their own?

                      You have 2 easy choice!

                      1.Join the fun

                      2.Keep your mouth shut and make your own tourney!

                      Sometimes it is too much of this, i talked to my girl i have meet
                      and she said it was so redicilous that some people try to change things i have created by my own.

                      If you don´t like it why do you need to to complain?

                      What did you do to make this a go?

                      Do you want to kill the fun?

                      The main thing is that it is all about fun and i suggest you read
                      szura3´s post about "why men go to war"

                      It would cost you $250 to join and what is the big deal?

                      There is no need to argue, just leave it like it is!

                      Take it or leave it...To me it seems that there is plenty of players
                      who appreciate this.

                      I am really thankfull for that and that makes me go on!




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                        Best of luck to everyone that chooses to join this venture.

                        Congrats in advance to the lucky 12 who only part with $250 to fully participate. You are the envy of your 20 other competitors.

                        Congrats as well to the lucky 8 who drew the byes. Your good luck means you must fork over 8 times the amount required by the lucky 12 who won the qualifiers.

                        Congrats as well to the 12 second place finishers in the qualifier. By finishing second you have earned the right to part with an additional $2000 of your PSO bankroll to continue.

                        Is there an 'smiley' for shaking your head in amazement?

                        I must sincerely commend Mats for this original concept. If it proves successful perhaps he should consider relocating to the states and peddling time-share condos or used cars.


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                          Pokermats, you are as always too damn quick to get defensive.

                          Some of us tried to make some suggestions while at the same time trying to compliment you on the time and work you are willing to spend getting this off the ground.

                          Don't take it as being critical, just take it as a suggestion.

                          I must ask though since you have brought it up at least twice...

                          How is this girly friend that you are sweet on is going to be able to buy into your tournament?

                          I just want the same deal that she is going to get :P :P :P :P :P


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                              Originally posted by thehazyone
                              I don't recall anyone getting a free ride at any big competition that I've ever seen.
                              I believe the now defunct Tournament of Champions Poker Tournament waived the qualifying requirements for all former WSOP winners and T.O.C. Winners. They all had automatic berths if my recollection is correct. Of course they had to come up with the buy-in.

                              However, notwithstanding the above, I also agree that this structure is unfair and as such I will not participate either.

                              Mats, don't take this post as an attack. I feel you can make up any rules you want for your tourny. But when you post those rules to the forum you have to expect some feedback about what people like or dislike about the structure. Whether you choose to incorporate any of those suggestions is totally your decision, it is your tournament.

                              Ricky Hard