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QQ vs 33

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  • QQ vs 33

    This hapened in a Sat tonight just thought I would ask if maybe I am to aggressive?

    Blinds are 50-100
    My Bankroll 1850
    MrAmorist 1275
    player 3 2250 ( don't remember his name)

    My cards QQ
    Mr Amorist post big blind $100
    I 500 to 600
    Player 3 Calls

    Flop: 3 6 Q rainbow

    Mr Amorist Bets $200
    I raise All In
    Mr Amorist Calls All In
    I turn over my cards QQ
    Mr Amorist Turns Over 33


    River: 3

    MrAmorist wins with four of a kind.

    I don't know if its me or does this sort of crap happen often on this program?

    Maybe its happening so much to me because I am going all in after the flop too much in these sort of situations.

    Thief 21

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    set over set


    This is one of those anomalies that occur. Mr Hero hit the set he was going for. Great coup for you. You go all-in with top set.

    This all-n on the flop looks like you have probaly made a Top Pair with a good kicker and are betting to close out an over pair and maniac going for a str8 with the 6,3.

    Mr Hero calls the pot with exactly 1 out (huge under dog) and gets lucky.

    You made the correct play and got it in with the best of it. 8)

    One thing to remember, you won't be beat bad unless you get a dog to chase you (they find a bone now & again). Good players suffer more bad beats than others, because they start better, and get it in as a big favorite. There is no guarantee. :?

    My worse beat is similiar to yours: I raise on the button 3xbb holding AA. The small blind calls with A,J thinkning I'm stealing. The flop comes A,J,3; he checks top two pair. I make a small bet 3xbb to see if he'll call anything. He check raises me all-n. Of course, I have the nuts AAA and call. He about faints when we turn cards up. He must hit both his outs to win. If the turn is blank, he can't win. :lol:

    Turn- J, :evil:

    River-J :twisted:

    Nice hand sir. :mrgreen:

    This happens more often when you play a lot. We play many tournies and satillites so they happen more frequently time wise.


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      The outcome of this hand was unfortunate, make no mistake about it, but DO NOT let this bad beat get you down- your job here is to get your money in with the best hand and take it down when the other guy is calling with a worse one. To play winning poker, being the aggressor, not the caller, is the way to set about it, unless you're looking to set someone up.



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        I do believe this one belongs in the "Bad Beat" category. We all have them and if we want to hear them from others, we know where to find them.

        If your question about being "too aggresive" was serious, then this post belongs in the "Begginers" forum.

        Muck it


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          Thank You Busch and depraved. For your responses. I would love to hear your advice on a post i made yesterday in the beginners section. Muck It thanks for being the thread police what would we do without you? I mean come on how hard is it to just ignore the post and say nothing (like most people do when they see your posts) rather then belittling someone.

          Thief 21